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Mitochondrial DNA

Scientists Regenerate Nerve Fibers After Spinal Cord Injury

Scientists have been able to show that by treating spinal cord injuries in rats with a specific protein already found in the body, they can encourage …

Cancer Vaccine Delivered Via Coated Bacteria

A vaccine placed inside a bacterium, which in turn is wrapped in tiny polymer particles, has been used to stimulate rodents' immune systems to attack …


ChIP-Seq Animation Biol3006


G-Protein Signaling


E. coli Infection Strategy

<b>More About Pathogenic E. coli Infection Mechanism</b><p>Watch this three-part animation to see the molecular tricks that an infectious strain of <i>Escherichia</i> …

Antigen presentation and CTL

Summary<p>How a cell infected by a virus signals cytotoxic T lymphocytes to kill the cell before the virus replicates and spreads.<p>Animation:(Duration: …

Molecular activity in Aplysia long-term memory

Summary<p>Long-term memory requires the activation of CREB, turning on specific genes that support new synaptic growth.<p>Animation:(Duration: 01 min 39 …

Molecular activity in Aplysia short-term memory

Summary<p>Short-term memory relies on serotonin activating a protein kinase to modify existing synaptic strength.<p>Animation:(Duration: 02 min 30 sec)

Molecular basis of early LTP (short-term memory)

Summary<p>Early LTP (short-term memory) depends on a calcium-dependent protein kinase to strengthen an existing synapse.<p>Animation:(Duration: 01 min 27 …

Molecular basis of late LTP (long-term memory)

Summary<p>Late LTP (long-term memory) involves dopamine activation of CREB to support new synaptic growth.<p>Animation:(Duration: 57 sec)

The molecular cascade in bacterial quorum sensing

Summary<p>Quorum sensing regulates gene expression by a protein phosphorylation cascade that controls transcription.<p>Animation:(Duration: 03 min 20 sec)

The LUX operon controls light production

Summary<p>A single transcription factor controls this operon, which contains five genes necessary to produce bioluminescence.<p>Animation:(Duration: 02 min …

Structure of Dengue Virus

• Animation<br>• Chemistry of Life<br>• Proteins<br>• Diversity of Organisms<br>• Virus<br>• Organismal Biology<br>• Infectious disease<p>This is a part of Viral Outbreak: The Science of …

Cloning an Army of T Cells for Immune Defense

<b>Cloning an Army of T Cells for Immune Defense</b><p><b>Introduction</b><p>The cells of our immune system discover and destroy foreign invaders that enter our bodies …

Cancer and Cell Fate in the Intestinal Epithelium

Summary<p>Disrupting the normal processes of differentiation and maturation of the intestinal epithelial cells can lead to cancer. Also available in …

Protein Digestion and Absorption

Microbiology of human cells - Intro page

This site presents my knowledge of human cell microbiology. The content is composed of my own descriptions supported by lots of videos and …

Protein Transport (Mitochondria)


Protein Trafficking


Cell membranes 1 - The Fluid Mosaic model for AS Biology


T-Cell Activation


Expelled - Cell Animation


A better economic model

Connect our economy to its <b>real</b> goals.<p>Our current economic model is based on "growth". This philosophy makes no sense in a world where our needs, once …