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49 Flips | 1 Magazine | 3 Followers | @PeterFogarty | I am a Educational consultant who has a passion for learning about E Learning apps in the classroom. My current personal project is detailing the top 100 E Learning apps teachers need to discover and use. I am of course excited that I have discovered Flipboard through my research. I am a primary school teacher, with 15 years of teaching experience and always looking for new things to discover and share with my class.

The Why and How of Using Facebook For Educators – No Need to be Friends At All!

If you are one of those out there that believe that Facebook has no place in the classroom, then, well maybe this post isn’t for you. But please …

100 Ways to Use Facebook in the Classroom —

Back in 2009, we wrote a popular post, 100 Ways You Should Be Using Facebook in Your Classroom. Now almost three years later, educators are still …

Facebook (classroom and instructional uses) | Emerging Education Technologies

Facebook in the Classroom

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Wordpress in the Classroom: Best Practices

Introduction<p>In experimenting with a number of different grade levels and desired outcomes, a best practice regarding blogging at Durham Academy is …

WordPress in the Classroom

WordPress is a great fit for the classroom, from elementary schools straight through to post-secondary institutions. Edublogs, a large …

Marketing – Create your stunning website

Create your stunning website<p> powers beautiful websites for businesses, professionals, and bloggers.<p>NEW Business plans now offer access …

Class Blog: Engaging Students in Reading and Writing



Dropbox In The Classroom: 4 Great Uses

Dropbox cloud-based service does more than basic storage jobs for educators, with no IT help required.<p>12 Open Educational Resources: From Khan to …

Free Tools Challenge #17: Using DropBox &

<i>This is the 17th post in the “30 days to using the best of the web’s free tools for educators” series. Be sure to subscribe to the Teacher Challenge</i> …

Dropbox: A Superb Classroom Tool

When I mention Dropbox to friends and colleagues, I usually get one of two responses – a knowing smile and nod, or a puzzled and quizzical look. …

Dropbox for the classroom


Dropbox vs Google Drive

Google Drive


Educational Technology: Using Evernote in Your Classroom

Hi there! My name is Kate Peila and I am an elementary school teacher from Montana. I am passionate about integrating technology into the classroom …

The Epic Evernote Experiment

I will be keeping a running journal of all things Evernote as I roll out a complete Evernote Environment in my classes that will be utilizing a class …

Evernote For iPad: 6 Ways Students Can Use Evernote In School

Last week I wrote a post entitled: “<i>The iPad College Checklist: 8 Essential Apps For Students</i>.” In my post, I included <b>Evernote for iPad</b> on this list …

Using Evernote for education




Teaching with Technology - Unleashing the Power of PowerPoint

<b>PowerPoint Tips Design Keys for Classroom Presentations</b> ( PDF 872K)<br>This handout focuses on hot tips for creating effective classroom presentations …

PowerPoint in the Classroom

<b>Instructor Alert</b> This tutorial is provided free of charge. If you are using this material for classroom use and would like to support future updates, …

PowerPoint - 15 Ways it can be used in the classroom

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Professional Development For Teachers

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Google Search | About Google app

Google Search | About Google app