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Room for Improvement in Radiology Reports | Diagnostic Imaging

It’s no secret within the industry or health care, as a whole, that the radiology report is the main way you convey your thoughts and diagnosis about …

The illusion of communication

<i>“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”</i><p>—George Bernard Shaw<p>We’ve moved from analog and film to digital …


Informatics and Patient Outcomes in Radiology

How informatics and inform and improve patient outcomes in radiology, from ACR 2016.


Precision oncology demands fluency in drug toxicity by radiologists

A team of Harvard radiologists is advising fellow rads to bone up on imaging-evident drug toxicity so as to shed their reputation as providers of a …


Radiologists Take On Bigger Role in Diagnosing

The doctors who interpret imaging scans have begun working more closely with physicians who make medical decisions for patients at NYU Langone Medical Center<p>One of the top radiology departments in the country is trying a simple but unusual arrangement: Radiologists play an active role in helping to …


Will AI soon put radiologists out of a job?

July 11, 2016 -- Are radiologists really "wasted protoplasms" -- as allegedly described recently by a CEO of a medical imaging start-up company -- …