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Reality Check: What do the changes to Canadian gun laws mean for you?

The Canadian government unveiled new legislation on Tuesday that will tighten controls over the sale and licensing of firearms, including provisions …


If You Drive a Gas-Powered Car, the End May Be in Sight

New lithium-ion batteries can solve the only real problem with driving electric. Your smartphone will be better too.<p>Lithium-ion batteries are going to get better--a whole lot better--over the next few years. As they do, the only real reason for driving a gas car will gradually disappear.<p>As an …

Electric Vehicles

Keep stomach calm with ginger, fennel seeds

Make it a habit of having one spoon of fennel seeds after every meal. It will surely give you remarkable health benefits. Chewing the seeds or making …

Alternative Medicine

See the incredible 57-year evolution of US spacesuits — and new models that will soon protect NASA astronauts

Space may be the final frontier, but it's also inaccessible — and deadly— to human beings without a good spacesuit.<p>For 57 years, NASA and US companies have met the call to protect high-flying astronauts who risk their lives in the name of exploration.<p>From the silvery suits of the 1950s and 1960s …

Space Exploration

This Russian Sub Is Called the 'Black Hole' For One Terrifying Reason - Warrior Maven

Airbus wants to bring down a defunct space station with a giant harpoon

Junk in orbit around the Earth is becoming a bigger problem every year. Space agencies are tracking some 7,000 tons of debris, adding up to more than …

Space Exploration

10 Things You Should Not Refrigerate

Certain items are at their prime when stored at room temperature.

Country Lifestyle

Ancient Humans Had Sex With More Than Just Neanderthals, Study Shows

There's another mysterious species in our ancestry.<p>We rarely portray Neanderthals, our close relatives, as telegenic. Museum exhibits give them wild …

Papua New Guinea

17 healthy foods that can actually cause you more harm if you overeat

1/<p>Broccoli<p>First off, it's worth highlighting that most people don't even come <i>close</i> to getting as many vegetables as they should in their daily diet, …


If Your Employees Can't Answer This 1 Simple Question, They're a Lot Less Productive Than You Think

Nothing is more powerful for tracking productivity than these 6 words.<p>Want to know a dirty little secret in business? Everyone loves being busy.<p>Don't believe me? Try walking into your office and asking all of your employees this one simple question:<p>"What results did you achieve today?"<p>More often …

Time Management

A Chinese shipbuilder accidentally revealed its major navy plans

Nuclear submarines, giant aircraft carriers, robot warships.<p>For a brief moment, the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), put online China's next big naval projects (but quickly pulled them down). The revelation, of which screenshots were taken before censors intervened, provided a …


Here's More Secret Netflix Codes to Uncover Hidden Categories

An easier way to find the movies or TV shows you want to watch.<p>Searching for the content you want on Netflix isn’t all that easy due to the streaming giant’s recommendation algorithm. Fortunately, a hidden list of numerical codes exist to help users better find the movies and TV shows they actually …


The Same Spider Seemed to Evolve Over and Over Again in Hawaii

There are 14 different species, but they're all pretty much the same.<p>The Hawaiian islands are the world’s most isolated landmass, approximately 2,361 …


I drank fire cider for a week — and I'm never drinking coffee again

Apple cider vinegar has been touted as the remedy for everything from dull skin to dandruff, so it's not surprising that fire cider, an apple cider vinegar drinking tonic, has been catching on too. Fire vinegar, as it's also known, is not unlike a shrub (a fruity, vinegary syrup you mix with water …

Alternative Medicine

The US Navy has put to sea the first-ever F-35 aircraft carrier — and it's a big warning to China and North Korea

The US Navy made history on Monday by putting to sea for the first time ever an aircraft carrier with F-35B jets.<p>And by deploying them in the Pacific, it's a message China and North Korea are sure to hear loud and clear.<p>The US Marine Corps's Fighter Attack Squadron 121 deployed aboard the USS Wasp, …


The ‘Alfa’ Attack Submarine Was Ahead of Its Time - Warrior Maven


New Navy Multi-Function Ship-Fired Laser Attacks Drones, Conducts ISR

Lockheed's HELIOS Ship-Fired Laser to Give Navy Advanced Multi-Function Laser Weapon for DDG 51 Destroyers

Lockheed Martin

Creative's new Super X-Fi audio tech is frigging mind-blowing

The company known for Soundblaster finally has a new killer product, and you'll probably want one too.<p>When Creative called me up to ask if I was interested in hearing something incredible, I was skeptical but curious.<p>After all, this was Creative we were talking about, the creator of the …

Consumer Tech

We might have figured out how to make ourselves resistant to space radiation

Humans want to be an interplanetary species. Stephen Hawking wants us to become an interplanetary species. Elon Musk wants us to become an …

Space Exploration

4 Anti-Inflammatory Supplements Doctors Swear By To Get Rid Of Fat Fast

Sometimes weight loss reaches a plateau. DO NOT give up! All of the hard work is paying off. You’re eating healthy and working out consistently. This …


Car negotiating secrets for people who hate to haggle

Looking to buy a new or used car? If you don't ask for these incentives, you're missing out. USA TODAY

Kelley Blue Book

How to lose weight like a pro even if you’re a beginner

How to lose weight like a pro even if you’re a beginner<p>Planning how to lose weight and getting to the gym to execute your plan can be a daunting …


How Defective Guns Became the Only Product That Can’t Be Recalled

Thomas “Bud” Brown makes his way out the back door and stops a few steps to the right, raising a trembling arm, pointing at something. It’s where he …


Vegetarian Protein Is Just As 'Complete' As Meat, Despite What We've Been Taught

“If you eat a dish with black beans, you’re not getting complete protein. You have to add another kind of bean to get the same kind of protein you’d get from meat.”<p>This suggestion came from a generally well-informed acquaintance of mine while we were on a long car ride, making me wonder if the …


The Army says its next-generation assault rifle will pack a punch like a tank's main gun

The Army claims its new assault rifle will unleash a hailstorm of specially-designed shells with as much chamber pressure as a battle tank to tear through even the most advanced body armor — and if all goes according to plan, the soldiers will get them to play with sooner than they thought.<p>The …


14 Mistakes Inventors Often Make

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must be willing to fail -- over and over and over again. If you're failing, you're learning.<p>Over the years, I've made a lot of mistakes. Naturally: I'm an entrepreneur.<p>To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must be willing to fail -- over and over and over again. It's …


Mirrors have revealed something new about manta rays – and it reflects badly on us

Humans make huge use of marine vertebrates, but manta rays may pass the self-awareness test and other fish potentially could too. Ethically, where does that leave us?<p>As a shark biologist, I enjoy nothing more than going scuba diving with sharks in the wild. However, I realise it’s an immense …

Manta Rays

China's hypersonic aircraft would fly from Beijing to New York in two hours

The double-wing plane just aced wind tunnel tests at speeds of nearly 5,600 miles per hour.<p>A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have tested a hypersonic plane in a wind tunnel to speeds of Mach 7, or 5,600 miles per hour, according a paper published (PDF) in the Chinese journal</i> …


How to lose weight fast: 8 ways to drop 2 kg in one week

How to lose weight fast: 8 ways to drop 2 kg in one week<p>How to lose weight is a quest several brave men and women venture onto. But few end up …