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Actually prefer the instagram effect than the actual edit. Hmm

@akitching 💛

Decisions.. (@akitching)

Lana Del Rey H&M

Gaga, Harrods FAME Launch II

Charlotte Free (Part of a Uni Project)

Lana Del Rey H&M II

Happy Gagaween! 

Gaga and Tara at the Halloween Rave

High Princess

Audrey Kitching (Part of a Uni Project) @akitching 💗

Charlotte Free (Part of Uni Project) last one of these! Didn't get a chance to draw today.

Born This Way, Nick Knight Out-take

Lana Del Rey VII

Happy New Year! 🍸🌟

For Tara Savelo, Happy Birthday! 💗

Gaga, 'NerdFace' (unfinished)

Gaga, 'Nerdface' 8)

Lana Del Rey, Numéro Tokyo

For Tara Savelo (unfinished), may start this one again

For Tara Savelo 💚 (didn't like my first version so much)

Tara Savelo (first version) I didn't expect the unfinished version of this to get so many likes! Thanks everyone.

(I'm back!) Recovering in style <3

Marina and the Diamonds 💘 L.O.V.E

Still in progress..

'She's a Killer Queen'

Happy Birthday Lana Del Rey!

Heavy Metal Lover (I think I have a thing for circle backgrounds) 90,000 followers! What! Thanks to all of you who follow my work on here, extremely grateful for the support & kind words!

Gaga, NYC Pride Rally

Strawberry Gaga