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45 Best Travel Blogging Tips

After nearly five years working as <b>professional travel bloggers on Contented Traveller,</b> we feel confident in sharing these <b>45 Best Travel Blogging Tips</b> …


22 Ways to Save Money when you Travel, with lots of hints

How to save money when you travel, is a commonly asked question. The better question is probably, <b>how to make yourself financially secure before you</b> …

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10 Things to do in Bali When It Rains

It rains because Bali is a tropical island, and these are 10 Things to do in Bali When It Rains. Every year in Bali, between December and April, is …

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27 Do's and Don’ts when Visiting Australia

Australia is a safe country with a good and free health system, a good and free education system, and a larrikin approach to authority. Australia is …

Are People with Tattoos Allowed in Onsen in Japan?

As frequent visitors to Japan, and as very frequent onsen users, we are often asked by readers, are people with tattoos allowed in onsen in Japan? …

How to have your own Internet System on a Cruise Ship

The internet on cruise ships is notoriously slow, and notoriously expensive, but this post explains <b>How to have your own internet system on a cruise</b> …

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What to Pack for a Ski Trip to Japan

<b>Ever wondered What to Pack for a Ski Trip to Japan?</b> Check out how I packed, and it only weighed 10.6kg or 23.3 pounds. As veterans of skiing in …


Can YOU Survive a 3 day Comedy Cruise?

Let me ask you something about a comedy cruise. <b>Can YOU Survive a 3 day Comedy Cruise?</b> Do you have it in you to accept the muscular spasms from …

The Highlights of our year as Travel Bloggers

The wonderful thing about being travel bloggers is that we have no idea of what our year will look like, and I guess that is totally true with life …

Serendipity is important for travellers, and for life in general.

<b>Serendipity is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it.</b><p><b>To get that ‘isn’t that sweet’ moment out of the</b> …

Don’t be afraid to ask a question?

Don’t be afraid to ask a question?<p>If you don’t ask, then you already know the answer. It is no.<p>If a baby cries, they are asking for something, and …

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What are Media FAM Trips?

First of all, you may wonder <b>What are Media FAM Trips?</b> A Media FAM trip is a Media Familiarization trip, offered to media on behalf of an organization …

24 hours in Dublin

Let’s face it, 24 hours in Dublin is never going to be enough time, but if that’s all you’ve got, then here is how to make the most of it. <b>24 hours in</b> …


Why You Must Visit Dingle in Ireland

You must visit Dingle when you go to Ireland. Everyone loves Dingle, including the Irish, because there is a lot to love about this seaside town on …


V is for Vanuatu – 10 compelling reasons to visit

Vanuatu is your archetypal paradisiacal tropical island that is not too overrun by tourists. While some cruise ships make fleeting stops on one side …

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Skiing in Japan – 6 of the Best Places

<b>Skiing in Japan – 6 of the best places to go</b><p><b>Japan has become a must ski and see destination</b>, well known for its deep, deep powder, reasonable prices …


Cobh, Ireland – don’t rest on your laurels.

I have made no bones about the fact that we were charmed by Ireland, but I do have a message to Cobh, Ireland – <b>don’t rest on your laurels</b>. We loved …

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