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15 Baby basset hounds that will make you feel bundles of joy

1 /14: Life's a basset hound beach<p>1/14 :Life's a basset hound beach<p>Share<p>Tweet<p>Pin<p>2 /14: Just look at these sweet eyes<p>2/14 :Just look at these sweet …


Hero dog returns home from vet after dust-up with burglar

SEATTLE -- A dog who scared away a would-be burglar returned home on Wednesday after recovering from surgery.<p>Egypt, a 6-year-old labrador mix, cut …


Pomeranian Puppy Getting Out Of Cage

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10 Quick Facts About Whippets

Blink once and these fast little pups are gone. Learn more about the spunky English racing dog.<p>1. THEY’RE SUPER-SPEEDY.<p>Whippets are the fastest …

New York Times

Here’s how women can use ‘gender judo’ to get ahead at work

A recent essay by Jennifer Lawrence on Hollywood’s gender pay gap has revived the discussion about women negotiating salary and navigating the …


3 Reasons To Just Stop Trying To Be Happy Already

Listen up.This blog post will be a little different. It's going to be a little harsh even. So expect some form of controversy.Let me say it: <b>Just stop</b> …


Justin Bieber's Dad throws family dog off 2nd floor balcony

Justin Bieber’s father Jeremy Bieber is being publicly accused of throwing their American Bulldog, Karma off of a second story balcony. The two were …