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Apple Accidentally Releases Images of New iPads

Apple appears to have accidentally revealed images of both its new iPads, the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 ahead of its Thursday event, an unusual …

IPad Air

First Ferrari 458 Speciale A Auctioned Off for $900,000

It’s become something of a “thing” for any automaker to send the first example of a hotly anticipated new model across the auction stage, much like a sacrificial lamb, to be purchased by someone wielding entirely too much excitement for the car <i>and</i> too much money. Okay, so maybe the buyer is the …

Sports Cars

30 minute ice-packs could be key to burning away body fat, say scientists

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Scientists are a step closer to creating the memory eraser from “Men in Black”

Of all the cool gadgets in science fiction, one of the niftiest is the memory-eraser stick that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones wield in the movie <i>Men in Black</i>.<p>Now such a device is a step closer to reality. Researchers at UC Davis have successfully erased specific memories from the brains of mice…by …

The Brain

Guardians of the Galaxy animated series announced, first poster and teaser released

It’s been rumoured for months, and now it’s finally official. Following the blockbuster box office success of <b>Guardians of the Galaxy</b>, Marvel Studios …

NASA Stumbles Upon A Dead Star That's 10 Million Times Brighter Than The Sun

Think our sun is bright? NASA says its NuSTAR space-based X-ray telescope has detected a dead star that pumps out as much energy as 10 million suns.<p>"You might think of this pulsar as the 'Mighty Mouse' of stellar remnants," Dr. Fiona A. Harrison, professor of physics and astronomy at the California …