Avatar - Rachel Paradis (Ph.D. I/O Psychology)

Rachel Paradis (Ph.D. I/O Psychology)

Rachel, President of Caribbean Affordable Charter is an entrepreneur at heart and a passionate scientist with a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational (I/O) Psychology. In 2004, she became an entrepreneur as an independent consultant in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and co-founded this charter business with Captain Art.  She also taught various courses in psychology at two Canadian universities and worked as an Internal and External Senior Consultant and consulted for a number of important organizations including the National Defense of Canada, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Public Service Commission and large private sector organizations. She has also earned a professional certificate as a professional coach. Having recently completed her Ph.D. in Psychology, she is now fully dedicated at continuing building this charter business and her Industrial & Organizational Psychology Practices. Finally, she is fluent in three languages (French, English and Spanish).