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Monumental 1,320-Ton Sculpture of Chinese War God Watches Over the City

An enormous, commanding 1,320-ton sculpture of the Chinese god of war, Guan Yu, was unveiled on July 11th in China’s Hubei province in Jingzhou city. Guan Yu, was a Chinese military general who had tremendous martial prowess during his time, and was deified as a god of war after his death. He is …

Cult heroes: Kool Keith – oddball schemer at the heart of hip-hop's weirdstream

From time-travelling alien doctors to polyrhythmic ‘pornocore’, Keith and his 58 alter egos show his rap peers what it means to stand out<p>Hip-hop stars such as Future and Kanye West may have weirded out the rap mainstream significantly over the last few years, but for all their mini-dress wearing, …

Dangerous Pokémon-Themed Ecstasy Pills Look to Cash in on Pop-Culture Craze

As the Pokemon Go craze continues to gain momentum around the world, ecstasy pill manufactures are cashing in as reports state that there is an …

Finally, there's an update on Gorillaz' new album

De La Soul Share New Song “Royalty Capes”: Listen

Back in May, De La Soul announced a new album called <i>and the Anonymous Nobody...,</i> which is due out August 26. Their latest release from the album is called “Royalty Capes.” Stream it below via <i>The Fader</i>. “Royalty Capes” follows the Snoop Dogg-featuring track “Pain.” The album also features David …

Though the street artist Sainer may be better known for his giant murals, he has also proven his artistic skill on the smaller scale of the canvas. Check out more of Sainer's paintings here: http://hifructose.com/2013/11/03/colorful-canvas-paintings-from-the-street-artist-sainer/

Check out some photos from Augustine Kofie's studio as he prepares for his upcoming solo show at Breeze Block Gallery in Portland: http://hifructose.com/2013/10/31/inside-the-studio-of-augustine-kofie/

(Etam crew) SAINER “HIGH HOPES” for Galerie Itinerrance Paris, France, 2013 photo: Benjamin Rataud

Mars-1 last appeared in hi-Fructose vol.26. Get one here before they are gone: http://store.hifructose.com/collections/back-issues/products/hi-fructose-volume-26-pre-order

Chris Mars : “The 13th Hour” Group Show at Last Rites Gallery- now on Hi-Fructose

Greg Coulton's detailed typography is executed with good old fashioned pen and paper. See more of his work here: http://hifructose.com/2013/10/06/hand-drawn-typography-of-greg-coultan/

Marco Battaglini Recontextualizes Renaissance Painting Techniques- Now on Hifructose.com

Nelio x Xuan Alyfe New Urban Collaborations - Somao & Avilés, Spain

Share this article<p>Rom Levy<br>• November 1, 2013<p>Xuan Alyfe just sent us a series of nice pictures from his newest collaborations with the Lyon-based artist …

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Banksy in New York pictures

Unexpectedly Gruesome Drawings of Cute Cartoon Characters

Artist and freelance graphic designer Pez created this remarkable series, called <i>Distroy</i>, in which the many cute cartoon characters whom we have grown to know and love are transformed into unexpectedly gruesome illustrations.<p>With just a graphite pencil on paper, Pez creates incredibly detailed …


Street Artist Blasts Streaks of Color in Stunning Portrait

French street artist Hopare recently spent a weekend completing an eye-catching wall mural for the Cergy Soit Street Art Festival that features a spectacular medley of colors. Located in Cergy, a commune in the northwestern suburbs of Paris, the vibrant graffiti work offers a lively feast for the …


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Mexico, at the Royal Academy

This daring show sheds light on the many fine artists – native and foreign – who thrived in revolutionary Mexico in the early-20th century, says Alastair Smart.<p>If they awarded a quetzal-plumed crown for the year’s boldest, barmiest exhibition, my vote for 2013 would undoubtedly go to the RA, for …

Another pic from our visit with @keepdrafting yesterday @whitewallssf #structurallysound

Medieval Bling: Skeletons Encrusted in Jewels and Gold

In a forthcoming book titled <i>Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs</i>, Los Angeles photographer Paul Koudounaris brings …

Marcello Barenghi’s photo-realistic illustrations come to life right off the paper! 

Marley Marl On The Bridge Wars, LL Cool J And Discovering Sampling

Marley Marl is one of the most important people in hip-hop history. He's the one who figured out how to sample — how to get pieces of songs off vinyl records and into a drum machine. More than 30 years later, and 25 years after his first album, 1988's <i>In Control Vol.</i> <i>1</i>, he sat down with <i>Microphone</i> …

R.I.P. Reggae Artist and Producer Prince Jazzbo

Prince Jazzbo, the reggae artist, DJ, and producer known for his work at Jamaica's Studio One, has died of lung cancer, Stones Throw reports. He was 62.<p>Born Linval Roy Carter, Prince Jazzbo was perhaps most famous for his appearance on Lee "Scratch" Perry's 1976 record <i>Super Ape</i>. He also ran the …

Listen to Diplo’s Sky-Scraping Call-to-Arms ‘Revolution’

Between Major Lazer rocking major festival stages and trying to set a twerking world record, Diplo has cemented his ubiquity in 2013. But on October …


15 Tasteful Stars Wars Prints and Posters That Won't Get Torn Down By Your Girlfriend (list)

Are your office, bedroom or living room walls bare? No problem! Just add some Star Wars artwork to them and you’re all set! We’ve compiled some of …

Evade Unlawful Handcuff Restraint With The TIHK Key (video)

Getting arrested isn’t fun, obviously. But what if you’re unlawfully handcuffed for no good reason? Most likely, you won’t do anything if you’re …

How Much Does It Cost To Be Superman?

I grew up reading Superman comics in the ’80s. I see art from Dan Jurgens or Jon Bogdanove and I immediately get all misty. So, being a huge dweeb, I …

Hot off the press 3 different designs at The future copp yours there if your in the area!

Minneapolis MN caught up with one of the best humans on earth and crew @joer35 and Irish_one miss the good old days!! #26arrows #par_one #paroe #BM #graff #graffiti #fam #goodtimes #MN #Minneapolis #traveler #travel