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The fattest squirrel i've ever seen just stole an avocado from my trash

That's it...I'm done..I am done buying things for my cat.


Dammit, Jack. [video]


Fool me once, shame on me.

In Soviet Russia…[video]

In Soviet Russia…[video]

Scottish Fold…morlike Scottish Bowld. [video]

Scottish Fold…morlike Scottish Bowld. [video]

Fast-acting Coach Saves Gymnast -Twice

(YouTube link)<p>Italian gymnast Sara Berardinelli takes to the uneven bars at L'International Gymnix competition last weekend in Montreal. Her coach …

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TV Spot For Pixar's INSIDE OUT - "Brain Freeze!"

Oreo Flavor Combinations You Can Make That Will Rule The World

The Oreo is one of those classics that needs no improvement and is best enjoyed simply, with a glass of milk. Still, from time to time, we can't help but search for new ways to consume America's favorite cookie.<p>We dabble in the different flavors -- some are better than others -- and we may or may …

Help! My dad turned into a cat!

Yet another <b>feline</b> made rounds on Japanese internet when his owner uploaded a picture of him <b>behaving like a worn-out middle-aged man</b> at home, …

‘Cuddle Clones’, A Company that Uses Uploaded Images to Make Plush Replicas of People’s Pets

<i>Send us a picture of your pet, we’ll send you a Cuddle Clone.</i><p>Cuddle Clones is an online company that seeks to “capture the emotional connection …


46 dogs & 11 other animals rescued from suspected puppy mill

Photo Gallery<p>WARM SPRINGS, Ark. — Nearly 60 animals were rescued from a suspected puppy mill in Warm Springs, Arkansas.<p>Forty-six dogs, some of which …

Texting this phone number will get you 'anything you want as long as it's not illegal'

What if you could text a number and get anything you want?<p>That's the ambitious goal of a new startup called Magic, a text-messaging-based concierge service that promises to pull strings, place orders, and schedule deliveries all so you don't have to.<p>Magic doesn't have a dedicated app. It instead …

Piggybacking robot feeds you tomatoes while you run

We might have a new winner for the "world's silliest wearable" award. Japanese juice vendor Kagome has teamed up with the mechanical artists at Maywa Denki to build Petit-Tomatan, a piggybacking robot that feeds you tomatoes (which reportedly help your "antioxidant power") while you're running. …