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The Father of Modern Chemistry Proved Respiration Occurred by Freezing a Guinea Pig

Guinea Pigs

Scientists make major breakthrough in molecular data storage

Researchers from the University of Manchester have discovered that storing data using a class of molecules known as single-molecule magnets is more …


A new study suggests it rains solid diamonds on Neptune and Uranus

Here’s a headline that’s sure to make jewelry-lovers and solar system researchers alike a little starry-eyed: Scientists now believe that the giant, …


Synthesizing Pure Graphene, a ‘Miracle Material’

Formed deep within the earth, stronger than steel, and thinner than a human hair. These comparisons aren’t describing a new super hero. They’re …


Was the Origin of Life a Fluke? Or Was It Physics?

Understanding the origin of life is arguably one of the most compelling quests for humanity. This quest has inevitably moved beyond the puzzle of …


Scientists capture first X-rays from thermonuclear supernova - Futurity

"What we saw suggests a density about a million times higher what we thought was the maximum around" type Ia supernovas.


Physicists Caught A Rare Neutrino Interaction With The Smallest Detector Ever

Of all the particles in the world of particle physics, neutrinos are by far the shyest. They don't like to socialize with other particles, and …


New liquid-metal membrane technology may help make hydrogen fuel cell vehicles viable

While cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells offer clear advantages over the electric vehicles that are growing in popularity (including their longer …

Fuel Cell

Unprecedented levels of nitrogen could pose danger to Earth’s environment

A farmer and tractor tilling soil. New research finds that humankind’s contribution to the amount of nitrogen available to plants on land is now five …


A Bacterial Messenger Molecule Extends Healthspan

E. coli that make indoles protect older worms, flies, and mice from frailty.


Study finds parallels between unresponsive honey bees, human autism

Honey bees that consistently fail to respond to obvious social cues share something fundamental with autistic humans, researchers report in a new …


Researchers discover biological link for chronic fatigue syndrome

Researchers at Stanford University have discovered a possible biological indicator behind chronic fatigue syndrome, a disorder doctors have struggled …


Scientists have figured out what the world's first flower looked like 140 million years ago

Although most species of plants on Earth have flowers, the evolutionary origin of flowers themselves are shrouded in mystery. Flowers are the sexual organs of more than 360,000 species of plants alive today, all derived from a single common ancestor in the distant past. This ancestral plant, alive …


Bacteria could be key to freeing South Pacific of mosquitoes

Islands in the region could be rid of the biting insects within a decade.<p>The South Pacific islands have long drawn sailors and tourists seeking …

French Polynesia

To Find A Cure For Blindness, These Scientists Are Mimicking Fish Eyes

Using an anticancer drug, researchers have grown new neurons in the retinas of mice–a big step toward curing many forms of blindness in humans.<p>Retinas, the image sensors of the eye, don’t heal after damage from an injury or a genetic disease—at least not in mammals like humans. But the retinas in …


Wind power supplied 124% of household electricity needs in Scotland from January through June

Wind power in Scotland is soaring again. The renewable energy source generated 124 percent of Scottish home electricity needs during the first half …

Renewable Energy

400-Year-Old Physics Mystery Is Cracked

<i>Editor's Note: This story was updated at 1:30 p.m. E.T.</i><p>The mystery of tiny teardrop-shaped glass confections that can survive a hammer blow, yet …

First Support for a Physics Theory of Life

Take chemistry, add energy, get life. The first tests of Jeremy England’s provocative origin-of-life hypothesis are in, and they appear to show how …


Chemists deduce the correct structure of the A and B baulamycins

(—A team of chemists at the University of Bristol has correctly deduced the correct structure of the A and B baulamycins. In their paper …


Catalyst can split water into atoms for less - Futurity

A new catalyst can split water into hydrogen and oxygen without expensive metals like platinum.


Stem cell brain implants could 'slow ageing and extend life', study shows

Researchers hope to launch human trials as breakthrough shows hypothalamus controls ageing, with treated mice remaining fitter and living 10-15% longer<p>Scientists have slowed down the ageing process by implanting stem cells into the brains of animals, raising hopes for new strategies to combat …

Atomic discovery opens door to greener, faster, smaller electronic circuitry

A key step in unlocking the potential for greener, faster, smaller electronic circuitry was taken recently by a group of researchers led by UAlberta …

Quantum Mechanics

11 billion-dollar mega-projects that will transform the world's greatest cities by 2035

The world is rapidly urbanizing. The United Nations predicts that the number of people living in cities could double by 2050 — to 6.5 billion.<p>To accommodate growing populations, cities like Paris, New York, and Tokyo are building more housing and public resources, including parks, schools, and …

Urban Design

A Team of Scientists Just Made Food From Electricity — and it Could be the Solution to World Hunger

The Electric Bioreactor Farm<p>Finnish researchers have created a batch of single-cell protein that is nutritious enough to serve for dinner using a …


New solar panels with built-in batteries make off-grid living easy

Solar might be the future, but few people and businesses can afford to invest in the technology. This is why SolPad’s latest innovation is so …

Clean Energy

Building a genome from scratch: an interview with Dr. Leslie Mitchell

Quantum dots that emit infrared light open new window for biological imaging

For certain frequencies of short-wave infrared light, most biological tissues are nearly as transparent as glass. Now, researchers have made tiny …

Quantum Mechanics

After 25 years of trying, why aren’t we environmentally sustainable yet?

In 1992, more than 170 countries came together at the Rio Earth Summit and agreed to pursue sustainable development, protect biological diversity, …


Meet the fixer: This urban farmer grows in tight spaces.

In Louisiana, more than 18 percent of households didn’t have access to healthy food in 2015 (the national average is 13 percent). In urban centers …

Scientists Think Dark Energy Might Be Just an Illusion

Dark Energy: Captivating and Confusing<p>Dark energy and matter, two hot-button subjects of physics that have captivated and stumped enthusiasts and …

Dark Matter