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1,777 Added | 1 Magazine | 6 Likes | 5 Following | 203 Followers | @PERIBRAVOX2 | perito criminalista de campo y docente en Universidad Autonoma De Cd Juarez Chih. docente en la escuela estatal de policia del Estado de Chihuahua.

Criminal-mente: ¿Qué cuenta este libro?

<i>Aunque tuviera cien brazos y cien lenguas, y mi voz fuese de hierro, no podría enumerar todas las formas del crimen. Virgilio</i><p>Mi gran amigo Jesús …

Genetic tests reveal tragic reality of Atacama 'alien' skeleton

Mummified remains from Chilean ghost town revealed to be baby girl with malformations so bizarre they led to speculation over alien life<p>When the mummified remains of a six-inch humanoid were found in an abandoned mining town in Chile’s Atacama desert 15 years ago, speculation on its origins ran …

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These photos of prison cells around the world show how differently countries treat their criminals

Prison cells vary widely from country to country.<p>Prisoners in Norway, for example, don't have bars in their rooms and have access to musical instruments, DVDs, and video games. Meanwhile, in Malawi, a typical cell is squalid and packed with dozens of people.<p>The wide range of conditions reflects how …

Charles Manson

The ‘exorcism’ that turned into murder

Why was Vilma Trujillo killed?<p>By Vicky Baker<p>When a young Nicaraguan woman became mentally ill, the pastor in her village decided to carry out an exorcism to expel to her “demons”.<p>She was starved and so badly burned that she soon died, causing a national outcry.<p>I visited the remote village where the …

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Should A Criminal With Brain Damage Get A Lighter Sentence?

Whether or not we're ready, neuroscience is being used in court.<p>Deven Black was a suburban father, husband, and well-respected librarian who worked for New York City public schools. Then, in 2013, he was investigated for calling one of his female students “sexy.” Shortly after, he began to send …

bump-inthenight:Poor scared lil Ed

Poor scared lil Ed.


Immortalizing Human Scents as Memory Perfumes

Bodily odors are forever.<p>There’s a line in George du Maurier’s novel <i>Peter Ibbetson</i> that perfectly encapsulates the relationship between odor and …


List of songs about killers

<b>Ted Bundy</b><p><i>“Bundy” – Animal Alpha</i>• <i><br>“Murder Dividead” - Edge Of Sanity</i>• <i><br>“The Ted Bundy Song” – Macabre</i>• <i><br>“Ted, Just Admit It” – Jane’s Addiction</i>• <i><br>“Stay Wide Awake” – Eminem</i>• <i><br>“Anne” – Bloodbath</i>• <i><br>“Ted Bundy” - Mr. Morbid & Melph</i>• <i><br>“Bundy Beach”-The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers</i><p><b>Richard Ramirez</b><p><i>“Going Going Gone” – Exodus</i>• <i><br>“Killer” – King Diamond</i>• <i><br>“Night Stalker” – Macabre</i>• <i><br>“Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes” - Sun Kil Moon</i>• <i><br>“Where Evil Dwells (Richard Ramirez)” – Church of Misery</i>• <i><br>“Rock Around The Clock, Richard</i> …

The remains of Ted Bundy victims Lynda Healy, Brenda Ball, Susan Rancourt, and Roberta Parks found at the Taylor Mountain Site

What's The Absolute Worst Way To Die, According To Science?

Death is, by default, unwelcome. Most demises triggered by the natural world are relatively uneventful, but nature can be cruel and spectacularly …


Acapulco: The resort killed by drugs, guns and gangs

It comes after the country revealed nearly 30,000 people were murdered last year - the highest number in 20 years.<p>The CIA says the violence levels …


Study Finds Pork And Human DNA In Vegetarian Hot Dogs

American hot dogs are often greeted with deep suspicion by almost everyone that eats them, with the nutritional content assumed to be as low as the …


Human Skulls Are Being Sold Online, But Is It Legal?

Last month, eBay banned human bone sales. But it’s still happening on other websites, and lawyers and academics are starting to take notice.<p>In 2011, an archaeologist in the United Kingdom picked out one of the many human skulls sitting on his shelf. The 17th-century European male was missing most …

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A bloody shot from one of Richard Ramirez’s crime scenes.

Así se debatió en Argentina si la mujer debe votar o no

Cordialmente invitados!


• John Wayne Gacy worked as a mortuary attendant, where he would spend his nights among dead teenagers. He was soon fired, after other workers found some bodies undressed.<br>• Gary Ridgway loved having sex with his wife during picnics. He would take her to the places where his victims were found.<br>• Dennis Nilsen used to pretend he was dead and masturbated, while looking at the mirror.<br>• Jeffrey Dahmer was considered undeniably eccentric, and classmates took note of how suddenly studious he became when it …

Death as Entertainment at the Paris Morgue

In the late 19th century, tourists flocked to see bodies and guess how they got there.<p>In August 1886, when curious Parisians opened up the newspaper</i> …

The 19th-Century Sham Medicine That Saw Oracles in Orifices

Phrenology (and surgery) below the belt.<p>The Muncie Surf Sanatorium stood three stories high on the northern shores of Muncie Island, a few miles from …

Biometrics: The pinnacle of Payment Innovation Shows Promise for the Future

How many times have you attempted to log into an account – whether a credit card account, email server, social media platform or online subscription …

Life Line by tboersner


<b>Mihály Zichy</b>

Sex offender's sentence delayed so he can finish university

<b>A student convicted of sexually exploiting a 13-year-old could return to campus after a judge delayed his sentence so he could finish college.</b><p>More than 40,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, to expel Connor Neurauter, 21.<p>The junior …

Unsolved Child Murders by Emily G. Thompson

My book is finally available to buy! It was actually published last month but it kept selling out and I wanted to give you guys a good choice of where to purchase from to try and get the best deal. If it sells out in any of these websites, they all give you the opportunity to order and they’ll send it out once restocked!<p>I’d like to thank everybody for the wonderful support, generosity and encouragement over the preceding years. Never in a million years did I think I could be capable of writing …


Atlas of Legal Medicine by Dr. Eduard Von Hofmann (1898)


Man pronounced dead by three doctors 'starts snoring' in mortuary hours before post-mortem

A prisoner certified dead by three doctors was reportedly found to be alive just hours before his post-mortem.<p>Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, an inmate at a …