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The Problem With The Post-Bungie Halo Campaigns

<i>Halo</i> used to mean quality. Its campaigns were all heroic military sci-fi, full of brilliantly-designed levels and enemies. The multiplayer was some …

Call of Duty

What if the Cryptarch is Illuminati? and other mysteries of Destiny pondered

The Grosjean Bros., the YouTube satirists notorious for their weird-ass "Skyrim 2012" series, were totes going to get around to satirizing <i>Destiny</i>. Then life got in the way. Then <i>The Taken King</i> got in the way. But, as promised, they finished the job — and they weren't crowdfunded, so you can't call …

Fireteam Chat Ep. 37 - Exotic Madness - IGN's Destiny Show - IGN Video

This week Destin, Jose and Fran discuss why they loved the Black Spindle quest, their favorite exotics so far, and why The Taken King deserves a 9/10.

You Haven't Discovered All of Destiny's Secrets Yet, Bungie Says

Destiny's Taken King expansion has been out for more than a week now, and some fireteams have slayed its newest enemy, Oryx, and reached the new level cap. So what's left to do in the game?<p>"Plenty," according to Bungie. The Taken King is just one part of Destiny's "Year Two" content, the developer …

How to get Destiny: The Taken King's best gear in the least time, guaranteed

Get better gear, faster<p>When you hit level 40 in <i>Destiny: The Taken King</i> — which only takes minutes if you plan for it — and complete the <i>Taken King</i> campaign, the game presents you with an array of choices that may seem bewildering to new or returning casual players.<p>It doesn't help that <i>Destiny</i> now …

Destiny: Do We Like The New Raid? - IGN's Fireteam Chat - IGN Video

Destin and Sean raided all day on the first day it launched and had some thoughts about where it ranked compared to the other missions.

You could play the most difficult Super Mario Maker level, or you could just watch this video

Super Mario

Hilarious Madden glitch has Arizona and Carolina trying to recover a fumble for 10 minutes

I’m a Detroit Lions fan, so I had a ton of fun watching them self-destruct over the weekend. But at least they didn’t spend nearly 10 minutes chasing after a fumble.<p>The gamers over on the Aimless Adventure podcast have uploaded a hilarious clip from Madden NFL 16 that has the Carolina Panthers and …

Super Mario Maker: every Amiibo and special costume

Playing a Mario game as Mario is so passé. I’m onto this whole new thing of playing as Isabelle from Animal Crossing. You’ve probably never heard of it.<p>But you can watch me (and my wife — see if you can tell who has the controller when) trying out each of the suits in a level someone made just for …

Unique Exotics, Swords and Other Weapons in Destiny: The Taken King - IGN Video

Jose and Sean discuss what The Taken King will mean for Destiny's loot game and what kinds of weapons might be seen in the expansion.

Super Mario Maker: 5 Fun Levels and One Troll - IGN Video

Jose and Brendan get one hundred and ten percent trolled at the end of a Super Mario Maker level.

Destiny's Taken King Exotics First Impressions - IGN Rewind Theater - IGN Video

Xur took over Destiny's Instagram feed to show us some new exotics we can expect to acquire on our journey through the Dreadnought in The Taken King.

7 of our Favorite Destiny Fixes in The Taken King - IGN's Fireteam Chat - IGN Video

We list seven of the ways that Destiny will be majorly improving once The Taken King expansion hits in September.

27 Major Destiny Changes in The Taken King

Today Bungie held a steam showcasing a lot of the major changes coming to Destiny with Year 2. Year 2, if you were unaware refers to September 15th, …

Destiny: The Mission Changes in Taken King - IGN's Fireteam Chat - IGN Video

There were some huge changes to the UI that were revealed in the Bungie update this week. Here's what we think of them.

Bungie Details the Content in Destiny's The Taken King Expansion

What's in the box?<p>Developer Bungie has revealed the contents of Destiny's upcoming The Taken King expansion.<p>In a recent blog post, community manager …

New Destiny Subclasses Explained Even Further

At Sony's press conference at E3 2015, developer Bungie announced a new expansion for Destiny called The Taken King. One of the most intriguing additions coming in the expansion is a new subclass for each character type. The Warlock, Hunter, and Titan will all receive a new set of moves, skills, …

Destiny's New Subclasses Detailed During E3 2015

Destiny is getting a new expansion this fall called The Taken King. One of its biggest new features is a trio of subclasses being added to the game, and developer Bungie's website has revealed some details on their new moves and skills.<p>Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans each have two subclasses which …

Screentendo can turn almost anything on your computer into a Mario level

When I start daydreaming online, I’ve found myself wondering why I can’t control a little Mario and make him jump around the eBay ads for crap I looked up two weeks ago. Well, it turns that out that I can.<p>Developer Aaron Randall has coded together something that he calls Screentendo. This is a Mac …

Destiny: Analyzing the House of Wolves Details - IGN Rewind Theater - IGN Video

Destin takes a look at the preview trailer and breaks down all of the little details that were teased within.

New Destiny Video Reveals House of Wolves' Final Boss and More

Bungie on Friday released a new behind-the-scenes preview video for Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves expansion. Though we already learned a lot about the DLC earlier this week, the nearly six-minute video does have more for Destiny fans to enjoy.<p>On display in the video are House of Wolves' new …


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Platform Game Devious Dungeon 2 Launching Tomorrow On The App Store

Devious Dungeon 2, the sequel to the platform game developed by Ravenous Games launched last year, is going to be released soon on the App Store. The …

Apple iOS 8.3 Will Have 300 New Emojis, Including Racially Diverse Options

Emojis are small digital images that are accessible through virtual keyboards used for expressing emotions on smartphones, tablets and PCs. If you enjoy using emojis on your iPhone, then you may be happy to hear that 300 more have been added to the keyboard in iOS 8.3. The current set of emojis …

Watch us conquer a few of Titan Souls' bosses without embarrassing ourselves too much

We've played <i>Titan Souls</i>, Acid Nerve's super-difficult boss fighting action game, enough at events to take down its first handful of foes confidently — but what happens when we move beyond that tutorial stage of the game? I will tell you what happens: We get obliterated, over and over again, for all …

21 small game studios worth watching in 2015

Independent games are like those weird after-hours parties held in vast, empty warehouses where anything that can happen, does. As the costs and risks of creating AAA-games such as <i>Call of Duty</i>, <i>Destiny</i> or <i>Halo</i> rise, more developers have stepped to the side and now attempt to build innovative, wild …

10 Famous Comic Strip Characters Drawn In The Style Of 10 Different Cartoonists

Have you ever thought of what your favorite comic character would look like if it was drawn by another cartoonist? Finish artist Jaako Seppala …