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This Archaeologist's 88,000-Year-Old Finger Bone Discovery May Rewrite Human History


Large 'Hole' in The Sun Will Cause a Geomagnetic Storm and Flashier Auroras

Neighboring Star Proxima Centauri Roasts an Exoplanet With a Solar Flare

New Study Says Our Eyebrows Evolved to Give Humans More Subtle Communication Skills

Communication Skills

A Fossil Collector's Giant Icthyosaur Jawbone Discovery Just Solved an Ancient Mystery

Full 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Shows Off Even More Young Lando and Chewbacca

Star Wars Anthology Series

Northrop Grumman is Blamed For The Disappearance of Mysterious Government 'Zuma' Satellite

It's Your Last Chance to See 'Jupiter's Triangle' in the Night Sky Til 2030

The Strangest 3D Printer of All Time Just Solved One of Space Exploration's Biggest Problems

3D Printing

An Astrophysicist Says Isaac Asimov's Legendary Sci-Fi Planet 'Kalgash' Could Be Real

Isaac Asimov

New Survey Finally Explains the Real Reason There Are So Many Flat-Earthers

Flat Earth Society

Is the Buzz Aldrin Lie Detector Test UFO Story a Hoax? Astronaut Says 'It Was Not an Alien'

Lie Detection

British Antarctic Snowfall Study Deepens the Mystery of Global Warming

DARPA Develops an Experimental Brain Implant Which Can Improve Your Memory


The Hubble Telescope Finds a Light Warping 'Einstein Ring' in Distant Galaxy Cluster

NASA Shows Off The Unfortunate Crash Test Dummies Who Ride in Test Vehicles


NASA's First Mission to The Sun is Entering Its Final Preparations Before Launch


An Artificial Intelligence Learns How to Navigate Cities Using Only Google Street View

Google Street View

The Matara Crater on Mars Has Amazing Gullies That Look Like a Painting


New Atlantic Puffin Research Sheds Light on Their Fluorescent Beaks


A Ring Inside the Small Magellanic Cloud Conceals a Well-Hidden Neutron Star

Here's How New York City Would Look if Stars Were Visible in the Night Sky

SpaceX Can No Longer Broadcast Video From Space Due to an Archaic Law


AI Scientists Sound the Alarm That This South Korean University May Start a Killer-Robot Apocalypse

Global Warming Is Killing Coral ReefsScientists Say Sunscreen Could Save Them


'Zombie' Raccoons Are Terrorizing This Small Ohio Town in Broad Daylight


NASA Just Launched Human Sperm Into Space for a New Experiment


Dark Matter Discovery: New Research Reveals It 'Doesnt Interact With the Universe Around It'

Dark Matter

The First-Ever 'Affordable' Luxury Space Hotel Will Open in Low-Earth Orbit in 2022


Drones Help Archaeologists Find 50 New Ancient Nazca Lines in the Peruvian Desert

Land Art