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A Passing Star Shook Our Solar System 70,000 Years Ago

Back in 2015, astronomers first learned that a nearby star came within 0.8 lightyears of our own solar system about 70,000 years ago. During that …


MIT Designs a Robot Fish to Explore the Waters of Fiji


'Rariphotic Zone' Ocean Discovery: Biologists Identify Otherworldly New Fish Species in Caribbean Near Curaao Island

Biological Species

Author William Poundstone Says Humans Only Have 730 Years Left Before We're Extinct

Nvidia Just Invented an AI That Creates Photorealistic Fake Celebrities

Celebrity Gossip

Is Vladimir Putin a Time Traveler or Immortal Vampire? This Conspiracy Video Makes the Case

Did Vladimir Putin order the death of Alexander Litvinenko? What about Sergei Skripal? Was the Russian government involved in swaying the 2016 …


Marine Biologists Just Found the Key to Saving Coral ReefsShark Feces

Uber Ratings for Humans: Bad 'Social Credit' Will Get You Banned From Trains in China


'Rogue Moons' May Be as Common as Stars, Cornell Scientist Discovers

SpaceX Shows a New Look at Their Dragon Capsule and Uniforms


Ohio State Scientists Just Created an AI That's Better Than Human Beings at Reading Emotions


Hubble Telescope Photographs 12 Amazing Galaxies and Nebulae

Hubble Space Telescope

The Higgs Boson May Already Be Devouring the Universe, as Stephen Hawking Predicted

Higgs Boson

Melting Glaciers Have Reached the Point of No Return, Climate Scientists Warn


Quantum Physicists Create New Electronic Material: Next-Gen Electromagnets Inspired by Japanese Kagome Basket Weaving


Aliens in Ancient Egypt? Helicopters Found in Hieroglyphs at Seti I Temple Baffle Researchers


Northern White Rhino Extinct? Last Living Male, Sudan, Dies in Kenya


Data Mining Is Out of Control at Facebook, Former Employee Sandy Parakilas Reveals

Data Mining

Eyewitness Video Captures UFO Laser Battle Above Area 51

Area 51

Trappist-1 Can't Support Life: Scientists Discover Exoplanets Have Too Much Water


Quentin Tarantino's 'Star Trek' Film Might Not Be R-Rated After All

Quentin Tarantino

NASA is Open to More Spacecrafts Powered by Plutonium

For their most important missions, NASA will sometimes create a power source from their very limited supply of plutonium-232, a rare and radioactive …

Space Science

Is This Asteroid Laser Test Proof Scientists in Russia Are Perfecting a Secret Doomsday Weapon?


ESA Announces When and Where China's Rogue Space Station Will Crash to Earth

Space Station

History of Mars Oceans Rewritten by Giant Volcanic Eruption Discovery


'Oumuamua Origin Discovered: Asteroid Came From Tatooine-Like Binary Star System


Scientists Worried Walmart's New Robot Bee Patent Could Hurt Earth


Here's What Aliens Will Actually Look Like, According to Scientists

The biggest problem with imagining what aliens will look like is the fact that all we know is the Earth. We've seen life develop in millions of way, …

H.P. Lovecraft

Peru 'Alien' Mummies Debunked? Expert Says They're a Tomb Looter Hoax


The Mystery of Why Supermassive Black Holes 'Feed' on Stars Has Been Solved