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11 National Parks That Are America's Best Kept Secrets

You'll want to go to there.<p>Channel Island National Park consists of five islands off the coast of southern California. The islands are so isolated that they house over 150 unique species of plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.<p>Voyageurs National Park boasts beautiful …

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Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 Soundtrack

Chinese cave graffiti reveals 500-year tale of disaster, conflict and CANNIBALISM

Chinese cave graffiti reveals 500-year tale of disaster, conflict and CANNIBALISM: Ancient inscriptions also offer grim predictions of the</b> …

Climate Change

Artist Creates Tiny Detailed Paintings Inside Eggshells

<b>Turkish artist</b> Süreyya Noyan has chosen a very delicate medium for her artwork. By carefully cracking open eggs and cleaning out their insides, she …

Some fruit flies are surprisingly self-aware - Futurity

A virtual reality scenario that gave fruit flies the ability to control their surroundings shows that some are more self-aware than others.

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Culture<p>A very scientific investigation into the world of hotness and evil.<p>By Anna Peele14 hours agoView More<p>Entertainment<p>On his new album, the Texas …

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Jupiter assembling: planet 96 light years away hints at how gas giants form

Astronomers find 51 Eridani b, an infant at 20m years old that is still cooking and throwing off clues about methane-rich biggest planet in Earth’s solar system<p>Astronomers have taken a photograph of a young planet beyond the solar system that may reveal clues as to how planets such as Jupiter are …


New study could explain why your dog gets so excited to see you

But new research shows this facial focus isn't limited to primates; man's best friend is wired to recognize faces, too. Dogs have long been known to show a behavioral response to faces, but a recent study discovered that dogs have a specific spot in their brains that reacts to faces.<p>In the study …


14 incredible national parks around the world

From the grassy planes of the Serengeti to the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard, these are the parks that are worth traveling the world to see.

39 Ice Cream Treats You Need To Eat Before Summer Is Over

Or bathe in, your choice.

Ice Cream

Intricately Folded Pages Transform Hardcover Books into Standing Sculptures

Japanese artist Yuto Yamaguchi transforms hardcover books into sculptures by simply folding their pages. Without using scissors, he crafts the bold designs by intricately creasing each page so that together, they appear as one cohesive form. Yamaguchi's excellent craftsmanship produces smooth …