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Odis Jones grew up in Detroit, Michigan. With a football scholarship, he received his BAS from Central Michigan University in sociology, followed by his Master’s in public administration from Western Michigan University. Jones has spent the last 30 years of his life managing cities and helping economies grow from both a city and state perspective, both in the economics department as well as developing utilities and water server capacities. From 2000 to 2004, as their city manager, Jones made Obetz, OH, the logistics hub of the Midwest. Next, as the CEO of the Columbus Urban Growth Corporation, he helped redevelop the Gowdy Field in Columbus, OH, into a business park. In 2008, he helped rebuild the skyline in Paterson City, NJ, over four years. Jones then returned to Ohio to help redevelop the waterfront in Cincinnati. In 2013, Jones served as the CEO of the Public Lighting Authority of Detroit and led the effort to relight the city of Detroit, MI, by rebuilding the city streetlights and electrical grid. More