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Put on this playlist featuring Harry Styles, Lorde, and more when you drive to the beach: http://clique.bz/YK1D34j

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Happy birthday, Ariana Grande! 🎈Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration, light, and really good dance music.


Obsessee. 17,778 likes · 82 talking about this. We are a collaborative community for and by #RadVoices. Art, style, activism + more. Get involved! …


Despite the fact that one of our favorite actresses (and imaginary BFFs), Peyton List has over 11 million Instagram followers, she never imagined …

One LGBTQ Activist’s Coming Out Story—and Why She Doesn’t Think “It Gets Better” Always Applies

No two coming out stories are the same, and to whom and what you choose to share are decisions only you should make. For 22-year-old Christianne …

Where You Spend Your Money in 2017 Matters—Here’s Why

I used to be that girl who made you feel bad for going to Chick-fil-A because it was run by individuals with anti-LGBTQ+ views. But, years later, my …

How I Learned That Feminism Doesn’t Have to Mean Choosing a Career Over a Relationship

Before we dated, we hadn’t really thought about how hard it would be on us—and especially not on him. Being a full-time musician in a relationship …

Why It’s Totally Ok to Not Text Someone Back

There’s this assumption that just because you know my seven digits, you own some stake to claim my time. Even if no response is necessary, a text …

“I Want to Be More Like Her”: The Handmaid’s Tale Star Madeline Brewer on Her Timely Role

“While I’ve had my share of auditions for the ‘lithe and sexy blond bombshell’ or the female character who’s a vehicle for the leading man’s eventual …

Why Black Girls Shouldn’t Just Stick to Black-Girl Beauty, According to A YouTuber

“There’s definitely a pressure to conform in the YouTube and internet community. It’s tempting to do what everyone else is doing because so many …

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And it shines through. // Lupita Nyong'o

This Book Got Me Out of a Creative Rut

The summer before I studied abroad in Paris, I was feeling stuck. So much was about to change, and I still felt like my brain was humming from the …

How Playing a Princess Helped This Iranian Actress Become Even More of a Feminist

“Playing a princess, like I’m doing in my next role on Still Star-Crossed, is what you imagine it to be. Everyone calls you princess on set, and …

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Shouts to Tina Fey for keeping it 💯 and reminding us that the only beauty standards that matter are our own. HBD, queen! 🙌

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A couple weeks ago at the premiere of Everything Everything Movie, I asked star Amandla Stenberg how to turn activism into action: “People …


Because we're all the same, no matter what. #LoveIsLove #IDAHOT


Queue up this playlist featuring Leon Bridges, HAIM, Drake, and more for your next road trip: http://clique.bz/iomIJQr

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You decide. // Ruby Rose

Why Feeling Like You Have to Prove Something Is Okay

Often we set markers for ourselves, goals we wish to reach that somehow prove we’ve grown or are progressing. Sometimes, however, we underestimate …

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Be you unapologetically. // Janelle Monáe


We caught up with Empire's triple threat Serayah and brought along our #ObsesseeCam. Here's what happened next...

How Glossier's Eva Alt Didn't Need a College Degree to Land Her Dream Job

I’ve spent most of my life training to become a professional ballerina. When I was 15, I moved to Massachusetts on my own to study in Boston Ballet’s …

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Shine right, shine far! 🌟 // Tyra Banks

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It's your call. // America Ferrera


Being anxious is rough, but there are ways to remind yourself that stress doesn’t define you! Save this graphic for some things to do/remember next …

Serayah Opens Up About Confidence, the Word “Diversity,” and Learning to Love Her Natural Hair

Whether you’re a television buff, radio head, pop culture addict, or just a person with an iPhone, you’re fully aware that Serayah is the queen of …

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Remember your purpose. // #RupiKaur

Why I Chose a “Traditional” College Experience Over NYC—Even Though I’m Pursuing Fashion

I knew I wanted to be in the fashion industry in some capacity. I just wasn’t super sure of what (and where) I wanted to study. Indiana was very, …


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