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Backyard Gardener

There is hardly anything which can be compared to living or working at a clean and green place. Everyone wants to live and work where they can get …


How to Make Compost Tea—and Why You Need It

Any gardener worth his or her salt knows the benefits of good compost, but what about compost tea? Here are some tips on how to make this effective fertilizer and disease inhibitor, and why no gardener should go without.<p><b>Composting has long been recognized</b> as a crucial building block for healthy …

Food-gnashing compost container tops Grommet awards

In a battle of product pitches, between biodegrable cat boxes, sensory toys, toothy compost bins, and other gizmos, two products emerge victorious.<p>The Ecotonix Green Cycler is a compost container for a new age. It doesn't just sit around in your kitchen, silently holding your vegetable scraps. It …


Save Money and Start these 14 Perennials from Seed (Garden Therapy)

How to grow a grapevine from a cutting. 1.) Cut off 8 inches of branch. (Particularly one that has 3 to 4 nodes) 2.) Place cutting in pot with soil. (If you have rooting solution, I recommend that. Follow directions of what the rooting solution says, if either to soak the cutting in the solution or just dip the end of the cutting in it) 3.) Water the cutting that is in the pot and keep it fairly moist. 4.) Keep the cutting in a warm place until it buds (particularly keep somewhere with temperatures of 60-80 degrees) -Cutting should bud anywhere between 1 to 3 months. -This is great to do if you prune your grapevine every year, you can take those branches and replant them and get more grapevines. -Enjoy your new grapevine!