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Supporting Children’s Transition to Adulthood

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all …

Agatha Christie

Nobel Explorers

TOGETHER WE EXPLORE, TOGETHER WE THRIVE<p>Online Camp That Prepares<br>Students For The Real World<p>FIND YOUR PROJECT<p><b>What is Nobel Explorers?</b><p>Nobel Explorers …

World Economic Forum

Parenting a teen with ADHD

<i>Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a complex syndrome involving a myriad of symptoms including hyperactivity, inattention, forgetfulness,</i> …


Soft Skills Students Acquire and Master

Nobel Explorers is an online camp for middle- and high- school students, designed to help them explore and acquire skills for their future careers …

School Stress: High Achievers Vs Low Achievers - Ways to Deal With

Children, especially adolescents, frequently deal with significant stress during their school years. They usually cite academic requirements, school …


The amazing things art does for students

<b>Things children and parents alike can learn from art</b><p>Enjoying art for art’s sake is a noble goal we should all aim for, as it unquestionably enriches …

National Endowment for the Arts

"Coaching Is the Universal Language Of CHANGE & LEARNING." - CNN

<b>What our Coaches can help you with</b><p>Our Coaches apply strategies to help clients develop and foster good habits that can significantly improve their …


Healthy Self-Esteem – How to Build It?

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.”<i>–</i>Michel de Montaigne<p>Self-esteem is “how a person feels about him or herself, …


Logic Gates Design To Build Machines in Minecraft

Description<p><b>Course Description:</b><p>Ever felt the need to design your own city from scratch? To your luck, Minecraft and logic design can be used to build …

Computer Architecture

How to Motivate Children to Study? Check 4 Ways To Boost It Up!

“I’m tired. I’ll do it later.”<p>“I’ll do it tomorrow.”<p>“It’s not such a big deal!”<p>“I’m going to my friend’s now, but I’ll do it as soon as I get …


Helping Children Succeed: What Works and Why?

<i>Parents usually resort to more study time, tutoring and advanced classes when they want to help their children achieve their academic goals. This</i> …

Self Control

Benefits and Risks of Social Media - What Can Parents Do?

Children nowadays have a way of connecting and interacting continuously with friends. They use various electronic gadgets, play games with people …

Social Media

Test Anxiety - How We Can Help Students and Parents?

<i>“What? I don’t know this one! I didn’t study it. The very first question and I don’t know the answer! And it’s happening again… my heart’s racing…</i> …


How To Tame Your Fear Of Public Speaking and Public-Speaking Anxiety

Have you ever experienced dry mouth, trembling, difficulty breathing, or your voice starting to shake during public speaking?<p>Racing heart, sweating, …

Public Speaking

10 Important Reasons Why Children Should Take Up Sports

When children are engaged in activities which align with their particular interests, their psychosocial development is enhanced. They not only learn …

Teamwork for Children with Learning Differences - One Step At A Time!

The cornerstone of good teamwork is <b>cooperation</b>. This is a skill which requires practice to master, and some need more practice than others. The best …


Cultivating A Sense Of Gratitude - Benefits Of Feeling Good!

Gratitude is the emotion we experience when we <b>notice</b> and <b>appreciate</b> <b>gifts</b> that have been given to us in our lives. These gifts are frequently …


Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

Here comes a valuable reminder from Confucius! Remember to learn and remember to think – both are necessary to make you a wiser person.

Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

All of us feel at times like we are not accomplishing enough, like we are not where we should be by now. But nothing big happens overnight. Take the …

Team-Building Activities For Teens to Develop Teamwork And Trust

We had such a great response from our first article on team-building activities for teens that we’re back with more ideas!<p>Team-building activities …

Team Building

Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

What helps YOU stay positive?

The Effects Of Sleep On Performance - Helpful Tips For A Better Sleep

In this day and age, sleep could be considered a luxury for many of us. Whether you have to study, work, or do chores, sometimes it’s difficult to …

Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

Many people say there is great power in art and creativity. Do you agree with Victor Pinchuk? Share what you think!

How To Learn Faster


Free WEBINARS For Parents - Claim Your Spot Now!

<b>Select The Webinar</b><p><b>Improve Executive Function and Help Your Kids Make Decisions</b><p>Executive function is essential to everyday life. It enables us to plan …


To raise brave girls, encourage adventure

Gutsy girls skateboard, climb trees, clamber around, fall down, scrape their knees, get right back up -- and grow up to be brave women. Learn how to …


Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

"The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change."<p>- Carl Rogers

Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

Our Nobel Connector, Nancy, and her boothmate, Luisa, are at our booth at the Lone Star State School Counselor Association Annual Conference. Come …

Bullying: How to Recognize it and Build Resilience?

Bullying is a very emotional topic for kids and parents alike. Unfortunately, we are used to hearing about bullying incidents that mostly happen …

Nobel Coaching & Tutoring

"It always seems impossible until it's done."<p>- Nelson Mandela