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The first graphene jacket is here, and it’s magical

And it only costs $695.<p>At $695 a pop, Vollebak’s new graphene jacket isn’t for everyone. But if even half of what its creators promise is true, it could be worth every cent. According to the company, it shares many of the magical properties of graphene–absorbing heat and then warming you up over …


The Best & Worst Economy Seats To Select On Australian Domestic Flights

Have you ever checked-in to your flight early, carefully studied the seat-map and chosen the best seat in the house? Have you also sat down smugly in …

Air Travel

Rick Steves: Discovering the wonders of Santorini

The words "Greek Isles" evoke visions of sun-bleached houses shoulder-to-shoulder against a hillside with a mesmerizing view of glittering blue water. But with more than 200 Greek islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas, where do you start?<p>Chances are, Santorini is the island you're …

European Travel

Egyptian students design car that runs on air

CAIRO (Reuters) - A group of Egyptian students has designed a vehicle they say will battle rising energy prices and promote clean energy by running on nothing but air.<p>The undergraduate students, who built the vehicle as part of their graduation project from Helwan University just outside Cairo, are …


How Musicians Make Money — Or Don’t at All — in 2018

The buzziest word in music this year is the one that used to be the most utterly boring.<p>Copyright — ownership of songs and albums as creative works — …

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Novel compounds turn old cells young again in promising new anti-aging research

A new study from researchers at the University of Exeter has shown how three specifically designed compounds can target the mitochondria in older …

Clinical Trials

A world-leading technologist on what the year 2038 will look like

Currently Senior Maverick at <i>Wired</i> magazine, <b>Kevin Kelly</b> helped launch the magazine and was its executive editor for its first seven years. He has …

Artificial Intelligence

9 vital vocal processing tips

<b>Recording, arranging and processing vocals isn't meant to be an easy task, what with them being central to the vast majority of tracks that feature</b> …

Music Production

shuffdad:Chemical City Coupe at Beatersville Car and Bike Show in Louisville, Kentucky

Chemical City Coupe at Beatersville Car and Bike Show in Louisville, Kentucky.


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6 of the Best: Audio Analysis Tools

<b>They might not be the sexiest plugins you’ll own, but audio analysis tools are absolutely vital to mixing with a sonic context. Given that more and</b> …

Music Production

‘Electronauts’ Is A Surreal VR Music Production Tool For Any Skill Level

<b>Survios enlists the help of EDM’s biggest names for this mind-bending musical experience.</b>Thanks to the success of both Raw Data and Sprint Vector, …

HTC Vive

Joshua Smith is turning our decaying streetscapes into hyper-realistic miniature sculptures

In an era of bigger is better, Joshua Smith is sculpting hyper-realistic buildings small enough to convince you otherwise.<p>The Adelaide miniaturist …


8 Tips for Building Synth Sounds from Scratch

An article with advice for building your own synth sounds.The post 8 Tips for Building Synth Sounds from Scratch appeared first on Pro Audio Files.

Music Production

The 10 Best All-Around Reverb Plugins on the Market

Reverb is one of the three most essential tools for an audio professional. Along with EQ and compression, a little dose of the right reverb can …

Music Production

New Zealand rural blogger Marty Todd's genius 'free power' idea

A Kiwi rural blogger has revealed an ingenious method to generate "free power".<p>Marty Todd became famous online for his 'Angry Ram' videos, which …


Sebastian Maluska's pop-up rooftop tent converts any car into a camper

As a student of the renowned art and design univeristy ECAL, designer Sebastian Maluska has come up with some seriously innovative designs, and his …


6 of the Best: Inspirational Books for Musicians

<b>If you spend enough time doing anything you’ll eventually become tired and bored of it. At one point or another we’ve all looked up from our computer</b> …

West Side Story

Breathtaking Bridge In Vietnam Has Just Been Opened And It Looks Like Something From Lord Of The Rings

A bridge outside Da Nang in Vietnam is wowing visitors with its elegant design – seemingly being held aloft by two giant stone hands.<p>Known as the …


10 Tips for Better Beat Programming

<b>Pretty much every tune hangs around a great beat, but if you don’t have access to a drummer then, fear not, your DAW has it all. However, it’s very</b> …

Music Production

Audio Go-To Plugins - 28 Weeks of Post Audio Redux by Woody Woodhall

<b>Editor’s Note: “28 Weeks of Post Audio” originally ran over the course of 28 weeks starting in November of 2016. Given the renewed focus on the</b> …

Music Production

11 Mixing Tips for Panning Music with Intention

by Nick Messitte, iZotope Contributor July 25, 2018<p>Plenty of articles cover the logistics of panning—we even provide a good one here, which gets into …

Music Production

The 10 greatest drum breaks of all time and where to hear them

<b>The drum break - an intro or interlude in a song where there is no other instrumentation playing apart from the drums and/or percussion - is one of</b> …

Rap & Hip-Hop

Illustrator Turns Strangers Into Anime Characters And We Can’t Get Enough

We are all the stars of our own story and one illustrator is showing people what they would look like if their story was on the pages of a comic …

Comic Books

The First Digital Art Museum Has Come To Japan And It's Stunning

The world's first digital art museum has opened its doors in Japan recently. The Tokyo-based museum offers visitors an interactive art experience …


Couple Takes It Upon Themselves to Turn Ocean Trash into Prosthetic Limbs for Kids That Cost Only $45

Laura and Chris Moriarity have had no expertise in ocean pollution or making prosthetic limbs—but they passionately believed they could tackle both …