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Personal Pronouns Chinese Beginners Tutorial 4


Basic Expressions 4 Chinese for Beginners


"Who" "What" Where" "When" & "How" | Mandarin Chinese


Learn Chinese: Lesson 9 - Shopping


Talking About Sports in Chinese

Asking About the Weather in Chinese


Ordering Food in Chinese Resturants | Learn Chinese Now


Telling the Time in Chinese | Learn Chinese Now


11 Things You Need To Know About Organizing In A Small Space

Computer Models Show What Exactly Would Happen To Earth After A Nuclear War

Cheery happy times<p>You've seen what a nuclear winter looks like, as imagined by filmmakers and novelists. Now you can take a look at what scientists have to say. In a new study, a team of four U.S. atmospheric and environmental scientists modeled what would happen after a "limited, regional nuclear …

Proof That One Change Can Completely Transform A Room

You don't have to invest in a full-fledged makeover just to get a new look!<p>You don't have to invest in a full-fledged makeover just to get a new look! These 11 rooms prove that one tiny thing can have an enormous impact.

6 Ways to Bring Good Luck to Your House

Common good-fortune beliefs.<p>These good-fortune beliefs and feng shui practices could bring a little luck into your house. For more, see what designs could bring bad luck to your house.

Feng Shui

Best And Bargain Ideas

Christmas is closing in and there is no time for messing around. So if you need a single source for the best and budget picks in every consumer technology category you have come to the right place. Let’s get straight into it.<p><b>Smartphones</b> <i><br>Best: Apple iPhone 5S</i> (~ $649 unlocked)<br>Apple continues to get …

Ambitious Project with Stop-Motion Photography and Oragami

Japan is ahead of the curve in many ways, and advertising is no exception. Apparently the Japanese facial tissue market has been tough recently (who …

Male and female brains: the REAL differences

The recent study which “confirms” the differences between male and female brains has been roundly criticised by neuroscientists. However, there are some genuine differences that cannot be denied<p>Unless you’ve been trapped in a lead-lined sensory-deprivation chamber this week, you’ve probably heard …

This is What the Sky Would Look Like if the Moon Was at the Same Distance as the ISS

We’ve shown off some interesting videos/photo series in the past that highlight different fictional skylines. For instance, you can see what it would …

Interesting Photo of the Day: Seemingly Sad Frog

Being able to capture emotion in a portrait is a good part of what makes an image good. This holds true for animals as well as people. While it’s …

3 Quick Sunset Photography Tips

In today’s landscape photography photo tip, we will discover three more ways to get better sunset photography.<p>“Biển Ke Ga” captured by Trandinhkhiem …

How to Develop and Share Photos with Lightroom

Photographers have long favored Photoshop for editing digital images. Because the software is so powerful, many artists don’t much consider other …


Photoshop Tutorial: Retouching Shiny Skin

Without a makeup artist at your disposal, even a great portrait can be ruined by shiny skin. So if you’re looking through the results of your most …

First Evidence Found of a Comet Strike on Earth

Comet exploded 28 million years ago over Egypt, new study suggests.<p><b>Saharan glass and a brooch belonging to King Tut provide the first evidence of a comet directly impacting Earth, a new study claims. The finding may help unlock some of the mysteries surrounding the birth of our solar system.</b><p>About …

Weekend Project: Build a False TV Wall | WIRED

Just because you rent, that doesn’t mean you can’t own the living room. It does, however, mean you can’t punch a trillion holes in the wall to mount …

A Lush, Colorful Kitchen With William Morris Wallpaper

A William Morris print steals the show.<p>The exterior of the Long Island house was done in an English Lutyens style, so designer Stephen Sills gave the kitchen the same feeling. The William Morris print steals the show, but <i>all</i> the carefully considered details make it work.


52 Landscaping Ideas for a Stunning Backyard

These dreamy spaces will leave you starry-eyed.<p>Tiny courtyards or sprawling lawns, these outdoor escapes make the most of their surroundings. Plus, get more amazing backyard inspiration!

8 Stylish Rugs Under $500

None of these sacrifice style or break the bank<p>The right 5' x 8' rug can make a statement in any room — and none of these sacrifice style or break the bank.

10 Surprising Ways to Add Color to Your Home

DIY Project: Super Simple Knitted Bracelets

I love to knit, but I’m gunna be real: I’m no expert. Sure, I can knit a pretty long, beautiful scarf without too much error, but that’s basically …