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Holiday feat. Mr. Jay

that was a goooood nite..

this some chicken ahdobo ( hope I spelled it rite) I made... it was good thou.

luv my veggies..

the salad they pay me to make... ummm it is good I say.

just a Lil Sunday luv...

a better shot of Christmas dinner..

just classic!

Christmas dinner...

baked chicken with gravey, rice, and squash..

they go ape shyt ova my cucumber salad

the finished product....

my second turkey... it came out juicy as my wife booty... lmao!

my dressing.... actually my first...

bake mac n cheese...

smutherd pork chops, rice & gravey.. spinach on the side..

if you chicken drummies... u get it...

Belive Me (U bytch U)

I Aint Worried Bout It.. by Scum Bagg feat. Mr. Blak N Mile


Ever Again

These Dayz... by Nik Winsel

T.K.U by Nik Winsel

Dis Shyt Cray Z

Morning Glory (check)

A Rappers Bluez by Nik Winsel