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Historic New York City Townhouse Renovated Into A Modern Urban Home

Blending the old with the modern is indeed a tricky task, and often renovations and makeovers demand a certain sensitivity towards the existing …

Inside DJ Tanner's Real-Life Home Makeover

Candace Cameron Bure shares a peek inside her house.<p>When you think of celebrity home makeovers, your mind probably goes to custom-made furniture, window treatments, wallpapers, and more that will cost you thousands of dollars. Well, think again. Candace Cameron Bure (you know her best as DJ Tanner …

The Great Arctic Melt Opens Up A Lot Of Questions

Can we answer them before it's too late?<p><i>The Great Melt: This animation of images taken over time by NASA satellites shows Arctic sea ice declining for the past 30 years. The year to year rate of decline 11.5 percent per decade. Via The Bridge. Image Credit: NASA/Goddard Scientific Visualization</i> …

Scientists Spy 'Magic Island' On Titan, Saturn's Strangest Moon

As if Titan, the Saturnian moon with mountains, dunes, rivers and lakes made of flammable hydrocarbons, wasn’t weird enough, now researchers have spotted an “island” in the middle of its second-largest lake that seems to appear and disappear.<p>Rather than an island of magic or any other sort, the …

Waves Discovered on Saturn’s Moon Titan?

Wildlife<p><b>Surfers rejoice! Fresh waves are still out there to conquer—on Saturn’s moon Titan. There, astronomers report a first sighting of waves rolling on an alien sea.</b><p>Using its cloud-penetrating radar, the international Cassini spacecraft team mapped the frigid surface of Titan, the ringed …

Winners of International Earth & Sky Photo Contest!

This year’s winners were selected from images taken in 55 countries during 2013 and 2014.<p>The EarthSky team has a blast bringing you daily updates on …


APOD: Lisbon Honey Moon (2014 Jun 21) Image Credit & Copyright: Miguel Claro Explanation: The Sun set on Friday the 13th as a full Honey Moon rose, captured in this well-planned time-lapse sequence. Lisbon, Portugal's Christ the King monument is in the foreground, about 6 kilometers distant from camera and telephoto lens. During the days surrounding today's solstice (June 21, 10:51 UT) the Sun follows its highest arc through northern hemisphere skies as it travels along the ecliptic plane. At night the ecliptic plane is low, and the Full Moon's path close to the ecliptic was also low, the rising Moon separating more slowly from the distant horizon. Northern moon watchers were likely to experience the mysterious Moon Illusion, the lunar orb appearing impossibly large while near the horizon. But the photo sequence shows the Moon's apparent size did not change at all. Its light was initially scattered by the long line-of-sight through the atmosphere though, and a deeper reddened color gave way to a paler gold as the Full Moon rose into the night. Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page #APOD

Watching the solstice sunrise

On the day of the June solstice, the sun rises and sets farthest north for the year.<p>Sarah Little-Knitwitz wrote at EarthSky Facebook on June 21, 2014:<p>…

APOD: Persistent Saturnian Auroras (2014 Jun 22) Image Credit: J. Clarke (Boston U.) & Z. Levay (STScI), ESA, NASA Explanation: Are Saturn's auroras like Earth's? To help answer this question, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Cassini spacecraft monitored Saturn's South Pole simultaneously as Cassini closed in on the gas giant in January 2004. Hubble snapped images in ultraviolet light, while Cassini recorded radio emissions and monitored the solar wind. Like on Earth, Saturn's auroras make total or partial rings around magnetic poles. Unlike on Earth, however, Saturn's auroras persist for days, as opposed to only minutes on Earth. Although surely created by charged particles entering the atmosphere, Saturn's auroras also appear to be more closely modulated by the solar wind than either Earth's or Jupiter's auroras. The above sequence shows three Hubble images of Saturn each taken two days apart. Starship Asterisk* • APOD Discussion Page #APOD

What Will We Eat In 2050?

I remember my first “American-style” fast food. Burger King opened a location in Liverpool and I went out with some friends to check it out. I remember little details like queuing at right angles to the counter rather than snaking along the wall as was typical at the local fish and chip shop. I …

Without this equation there would have been no internet

It showed how to make communications faster and take up less space on a hard disk, making the internet possible<p>This equation was published in the 1949 book <i>The Mathematical Theory of Communication</i>, co-written by Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver. An elegant way to work out how efficient a code could …

Is This the Best Use of Neutrals, Ever?

The soothing power of simplicity.<p>This modern and relaxing beach house decorated by Rob Southern reveals the soothing power of simplicity.

17 Beautiful Blue-and-White Rooms to Inspire You

Interior Design

Sale Shopping Guide: The Best Deals in Design, Week of June 16, 2014

Sales from 10-50% off at Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, ABC Carpet & Home, and more.<p><b>This week's home design sales from around the web:</b><p>10% off full-priced furniture purchases $750 and over with code FURN10 at Z Gallerie.<br>• 15% off all accents at Ethan Allen.<br>• 15-20% off in-stock beds, sleepers, linens, …

Before & After: An Apartment Goes From Drab To Majorly Fab

You won't even recognize this place.<p>Architect Daniel Flebut and Essential Design + Build brought space originally constructed in the 1930s into the 21st-century. Talk about a transformation!<p><i>The living room before...</i><p><i>The living room after...</i><p><i>The kitchen before....</i><p><i>The kitchen after...</i><p>Live In A City? …

The Best Gardening Instagrams Of The Week


Articles about dwell design source met lofts los angeles on - Dwell

America’s largest design event celebrates its most successful year yet.<p>The Monogram Modern Home will be joining thousands of architecture and design enthusiasts at Dwell on Design LA, America’s...<p>Our flagship event celebrates ten years with a focus on universal design, resiliency, energy, and …

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This Household Item Will Make You Prettier

This simple upgrade will help perfect your beauty routine with just the flip of a switch. This piece originally appeared on<p>In the case of your morning makeup routine, the most important beauty booster isn't actually your makeup—it's your light bulb. Every cosmetic product advertises …

17 Beautiful Blue-and-White Rooms to Inspire You

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14 Colorful Ideas for Your Bathroom

Don't overlook this space in your house.<p>Don't overlook this space in your house — add some color, whether it's through tile, wallpaper, or even your towels.

Interior Design

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10 Unexpected Combinations Between Modern Chairs And Country Tables

Whether it’s intentional or not, old and new come together all the time in our home’s interior designs. The contrast is always strong and not easy to …