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21 Jokes Only "Teen Wolf" Fans Will Find Funny

Grumpy Cat is Derek... Derek is Grumpy Cat...!


Inside The Terrifying Fifth Season Of "Teen Wolf"

Executive producer Jeff Davis breaks his silence on what's to come: Who's in, who's out, and who's returning to Beacon Hills?<p>Over the last four seasons, the impossibly attractive high school heroes of <i>Teen Wolf</i> have squared off with werewolf hunters, a vengeful kanima, one seriously evil …


Some very important 'Teen Wolf' spoilers (in honor of the new season)

MTV’s <i>Teen Wolf</i> is going to be SO BIG this year that it needs not one but TWO nights to kick off its fifth season. That’s right, the fun in Beacon …


Trust me, if anyone’s gonna get us out of this, it’s Scott. Can’t believe I just said that. You know, I actually used to be the one with the plan. Well, or at least a plan B. Now I don’t know. Now I’m thinking maybe you were right. <b>You know, maybe… maybe we are pretty much useless.</b> Maybe all we really do is show up and find the bodies. I don’t want to find my father’s body.

Isaac is literally that puppy who destroys the house while you're at the store getting milk because he thinks you're never coming back



Why 'Teen Wolf's' hero Scott McCall is so unique

<i>Teen Wolf</i> hero Scott McCall is one-of-a-kind, and it’s not just because he has superpowers.<p>In an age of anti-heroes, Scott stands out because he’s …

'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Cast Photo - Exclusive!

The seriously hot cast of <b>Teen Wolf</b> gets together for this brand new group photo, given <b>exclusively</b> to <b></b>!<p>Three weeks after saving the lives …

effy fucking stonem.

#wcw @kScodders aka Effy Stonem God, she's beautiful & talented 😍😘 can't wait for her new movie with Dylan O'Brian 😁👌

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"I'm Katie Fucking Fitch...." - Skins - Georgia Lester's (Writer) Top 5 Moments


You started so interesting.You were in control of the scene.You were somewhat an oracle.You knew which direction we should go. Then come the writers …

Elle Fanning Stars in Shocking Short Film About Bulimia

<b>Elle Fanning</b> arrives at a dance studio in her sweats on Thursday afternoon (December 19) in Studio City, Calif.<p>The 15-year-old actress stars in a new …

'The Walking Dead': Watch a deleted scene with Lori as a zombie!

Okay, let’s be honest: Rick Grimes went a little nuts last season on <i>The Walking Dead</i> after his wife Lori died. He started hearing things and then …

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