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Three more little festive works-in-progress. The trees need decorating, and I think we're due another gentle snowfall before they're finally ready for off.

'Warren Cottages' #NewtonFerrers, visited by a customer & her family for 40 years. Delighted to say they love it!

Have to say the best thing about craft fairs is the people you meet. When they find out you're the 'driftwood lady' or 'Mrs Drifting' as a customer has started calling me (I like that ;-) they talk about their own findings, their favourite beaches, and I hear their stories. Which is what it's all about, really. Pieces on their way to new homes - and really chuffed to meet a group of Indian tourists who all wanted their pic taken by my stand (they didn't buy tho - but I didn't mind!). They are hard work...and I'm not sure I'll do many more as if you're not careful you end up in a 'production line' trying to make enough stock. That's not what 'Project DownTime is about'. It's all learning. Happy Monday folks! xxx

Drying the nets on Rubble Rock ;-) Found this fabulous multi-layered piece of brick rubble on a shingle beach near Barrow-in-Furness. Who knows what it used to be ....but I thought it deserved to be a home to another little home. Rubble Art, now there's a thought...

'Drying the Fishing Nets'. A peaceful little shack on its driftwood promontory by the shore of a glittering sea.

Up in the chilly early morning sunshine finishing this little darling. She's the sister ship of the Dusky Rose in my profile pic and was a commission from a customer at Multicraft Cabin. She has no name yet - that's down to the little girl in whose bedroom she will begin her journey through life. A ship of dreams, I think ;-) The gorgeous fabric that makes her sails is by Sophie Allport Ltd. xxx

Proper autumn now. Lovely misty morning and a robin's trill piercing the fresh air. Just finished this piece, a bit smaller than my two others. A quiet, solitary little shack. I think those inside it will still be able to hear the clunking and plopping of the water under the shelving island. xxx

My Sweden-inspired lake-side huts. The footbride bridge linking the two little communities is in complete defiance of all health and safety regulations. I want to dabble my feet off one of the rocky coves ;-)

Another Sweden-inspired piece. Am no painter but am very pleased with the colours of the lake - acrylics in blues and greens, layered and and swirled with lots of water, quick-dried with a hairdryer ;-). This is 'House among the Islands' and is cocking another snook at health and safety with that footbridge to the boat! xxxx

Just stocked up in our lovely shop, Fabrication. Call in and say hello! We're in The Light, #Leeds

Finished this early today. Made with driftwood, reclaimed wood and gorgeous Fat Quarter fabric. The chimneys and large tree pot are made from bits of old clay fishermen's pipes found in Whitby and Tobermory. I'd love to know their back story. Love the mossy worn look of that driftwood roof. The fence needed to be white, for some reason. xxxxx

A DownTime construction project. No cranes, scaffolding or pneumatic drills here though. And they all have names - but who lives in them? If only they would say ;-) xxx

A Solitary Life..... (Inside there is an armchair, a quiet radio listening to the Shipping Forecast and a face lit by the glow of a freshly-filled pipe. I think I see smoke curling from the chimney ;-)

I don't know who lives here, but I DO like their bed linen ;-) #driftwood

So, who lives in a house like this?

For some reason, this makes me feel quite emotional. Something about the sea, and the solitary isolation of the shabby, old spire...standing guard. Strange how bits of old wood can become so filled with character. (or perhaps I've been in my 'studio' - aka bedroom 2- a bit too long!!). Anyhow, I'm calling this piece 'Old Sentinel'... xxx

Summer Washday - sittin' on the swing, thinkin' about life... xxxx

Drifting DownTime at Fabrication, Leeds. xxx

Delighted with these new pendant cards. They arrived just in time for my week in the main shop window at Fabrication . Excited...and a wee bit nervous!! xxx

Just spinnin' around.... ;-)

When you wake at 5.30am and there's no going back to sleep, it's a good time to sort through little pieces of Lindisfarne loveliness ;-) xxx

Treasures from Lindisfarne (Holy Island)...

Seaham sea glass heaven!

Pendant made from five translucent sea glass gems in subtle greens, cream and a fabulous rare, cobalt blue, collected from the tideline in Whitby and Boggle Hole in North Yorkshire. Beautifully smoothed by sand and sea...

Sea pottery - perfectly imperfect treasure. These gorgeous pieces from Islay - note the wing on the back of the main piece...a bird? An angel? Guess we'll never know ;-) xxxx

From the Isle of Islay...