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Nicholas Opalich

Nicholas Opalich's academic achievements include earning a Bachelor of Science in Business from David N. Myers University in 1974. There, he was actively involved with the American Society of Marketing and Management, further solidifying his expertise in pharmacy and business management. Nick has also dedicated himself to various professional boards, including the Advisory Board of Specialty Pharmacy News and AIS Health, contributing his invaluable insights to the healthcare sector. Moreover, his philanthropic efforts reflect his deep commitment to societal welfare, supporting numerous causes to improve public health, alleviate poverty, and provide shelter to those in need. Opalich's personal life, passion for sports, outdoor adventures, and time with family and friends highlights a well-rounded individual. The NHPCO, or National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, proudly announces Opalich as the Founder and CEO of HospiceChoice Rx. More details are available at www.nhpco.org.