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Healthcare and Hygiene: Two Ways to Help Women Get Into Work

One is modernizing community healthcare in Zimbabwe; the other builds affordable toilets in Vietnam. But English Sall and Camilla Hagen, two …


Why an Arab Stabilization Force Would Destabilize Syria

The deployment of an Arab force in Syria, at a time when most regional states have started to reduce their involvement, would risk direct …

Middle East

Goldman Prize Goes to Activist Who Fought Deep-Sea Industrial Trawling

Claire Nouvian, one of the winners of this year’s Goldman Environmental Prize, has successfully battled to protect marine life from destructive …


Long Road Still Ahead for California’s Delta Tunnels Plan

Despite getting a financial boost earlier this month, California’s project to build two new water tunnels still faces big regulatory and legal …


Ugandan Maids Face Abuse in the Gulf Despite New Safeguards

Uganda has lifted a ban on its citizens going to Saudi Arabia and Jordan as domestic workers. But human rights groups say abuse is still rife.


Report: Climate Change Is Driving Precipitation ‘Whiplash’ in California

California already has one of the most variable climates and the swings between extremes will become more pronounced with unchecked climate change, …

Climate Change

Deeply Talks: Making Sense of the Syria Strike

Syria Deeply’s editors weigh in on this month’s missile strike by the U.S., the U.K. and France in the latest installment of SD’s Deeply Talks series.<p>…

Middle East

The Man Swimming Across the Pacific Ocean for Science

Next month, Ben Lecomte – who swam across the Atlantic in 1998 – will begin his attempt to swim from Tokyo to San Francisco to raise awareness about …

Pacific Ocean

‘A Distant Dream’: The Slow Road to Equality for India’s Women Farmers

Failed by flawed government policies and left out of development programs, women farmers around India are coming together to demand fair treatment …


Taking a Fair-Trade Approach to Gender Equality at Work

As a growing number of governments and employers look to tackle inequality in the workplace, Chris Grieve of the EDGE Certification Foundation says …

Fair Trade

Deeply Talks: What Western Snowpack Tells Us About the Water Year

How bad was the snowpack across the West this winter and what will that mean for farms, cities and wildlife? John Fleck of the University of New …

New Mexico

Fighting Ocean Acidification With Underwater Forests

As the ocean’s pH drops, scientists are studying whether kelp and seagrass can create refuges to could help marine life survive acidifying waters.


Rethinking What Is Driving Rising Anemia Rates

Iron supplementation has been the traditional response, but experts say there is a need for a wider range of coordinated interventions.

Human Rights

Using Existing Health and Food Systems to Combat Rising Obesity Rates

Justine A. Kavle, a nutrition expert with USAID, calls for programs to help people make healthier food choices, including clearer nutritional labels.


Gender Gap in Bank Account Ownership Hasn’t Shifted in Seven Years

The third edition of the World Bank’s Global Findex has shown no worldwide progress on women’s financial inclusion, despite strong gains in India.

Gender Equality

Why This Insurer Wants to Put the Spotlight on Growing ‘Ocean Risk’

Chip Cunliffe, director for sustainable development at XL Catlin, a global insurance and reinsurance group, explains why his company is hosting the …

Global Warming

How California Water Suppliers Are Getting Earthquake-Ready

Californians know another “big one” will be coming someday. In preparation, the state’s major water suppliers have been working to seismically …

San Francisco

Scientists: The Great Barrier Reef as We Knew It Is Gone

A new study finds that the extreme coral bleaching event of 2016 devastated the world’s largest coral reef and is dramatically altering coral …

Global Warming

Gold Barred: In Rural Kenya, Women Banned From Mining Their Own Land

Mining for gold can provide a solid livelihood for many living in Kenya’s Kakamega county. But customary beliefs prohibit women from entering the …


If You Understand History, Colorado River Shortages Are No Surprise

While some problems on the Colorado River are the result of drought and climate change, Congress set the course for serious trouble in the watershed …


The Women Selling Beauty Secrets From a Region Best Known for Boko Haram

The beauty practices of Nigeria’s north are finding a new home in the country’s big cities, and providing an economic alternative for women from the …


Seabirds Aren’t Keeping Pace With Climate Change, Scientists Warn

An international team of researchers finds that seabirds aren’t shifting their breeding times as ocean temperatures rise, which risks putting them …


Desalination in Las Vegas? Faraway Ocean Could Aid Future Water Needs

The Southern Nevada Water Authority expects growth to outpace current water supplies by 2037. Investing in seawater desalination is one option the …


In Bangladesh, International Donors Help Build a Domestic Focus on Nutrition

Donors can be instrumental to getting malnutrition on national agendas, and they must also build relationships with government officials and …

Human Rights

What Red Lines And Foreign Intervention Look Like for Syrian Civilians

Alaa, a civil society worker who has been in Damascus since the start of the conflict, weighs in on the impact and the perception of civilians on the …

Middle East

Kenyan App Developers Harness Technology to Take on Gender Gaps

From apps that tell women the police’s obligations in rape investigations to classes that teach internet literacy, Kenyan developers offer women …

Sexual Health

Race to the Bottom: Impact of Deep-Sea Fishing Severely Underestimated

Scientists recalculated historical catch data to find that bottom trawlers that scrape the seafloor with huge nets may be killing far more fish – and …


Poll Shows Support for Safe Drinking Water Fund in California

Hundreds of thousands of Californians still lack access to safe drinking water and proposed legislation would help fund solutions. Recent polling …


For Many Syrians, Missile Strikes Will Have Little Impact

Some Syrians were expecting larger strikes on Syria in response to last week’s suspected chemical weapons attack. Others were hoping for no response …

Middle East

Expert Views: Impact of the Syrian Missile Strike

Saturday’s missile strike on Syria may temporarily deter the Syrian government from using chemical weapons but it will not alter the trajectory of …

Middle East