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Nevar Jahwary

Nevar Jahwary is a fitness instructor and personal trainer based in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He has over ten years of experience. With an associate's degree in exercise science and more than four years of experience in personal fitness and physical education instruction, Jahwary is well-qualified to teach. The strength and endurance speciality training for older adults, particularly those in the 50-65+ age bracket, is where Jahwary specializes, despite his expertise in the disciplines of cardiovascular and athletic fitness training and athletic performance. Clients benefit from Nevar Jawary's love for personal fitness as well as his significant strength and endurance conditioning knowledge, which he combines to assist them reach their physical fitness goals. Having worked as a professional personal trainer for more than ten years, Jahwary consults with each client one-on-one in order to discover specific fitness goals and construct specialized, intensive sessions that are tailored to the customer's health

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