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The worst Pokemon Go cheats exposed

POKEMON GO encourages people to walk through the real world in order to catch ‘em all, but some players are proudly and publicly cheating the system.

A Pokemon Go smartwatch app needs to happen - Pocket-lint

Pokemon Go has basically taken the rulebook and thrown it out of the Window. It's seen huge interest around the globe and really shaken up mobile …

Pokemon GO: Evolving Pikachu into Raichu and ELECHODE EASTER EGG!



Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go Evolving RARE Pokemon Spree Ep.3! SLOWBRO, NINETALES, MACHAMP, CHARMELEON + More!

Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go

POKEMON GO - Catching Pokemon In 1st Class

Pokémon Go


Pokémon Go

POKEMON GO - IV CALCULATOR!! | +Blastoise Evolution!! | +6 x 10km Eggs!! [12]



Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO - THE ULTIMATE RAGE!!! (Devil Eevee)

Pokémon Go

Nintendo 3DS sales up 80% year-over-year on Pokémon Go success

Nintendo had a very good month in mobile gaming, according to NPD Group’s latest data. The 3DS won in both hardware and software sales for the analyst firm’s latest tracker report, with the 3DS and its family of systems (including New 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS devices) up 80 percent for July this year …

Pokemon Go spurs lifestyle changes, business boom as it rolls out in Asia | Reuters

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Asian fans of smartphone game Pokemon Go are hunting out the best telecom providers and network gear to overcome the hurdle posed by patchy network signals in their race to capture virtual cartoon characters.<p>A passenger plays the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go" by …

The Internet Reacts To Pokémon's Biggest Loser

Last night’s episode of <i>Pokémon XYZ</i> sure is good at eliciting opinions from the internet.<p><b>[Note: The article has spoilers]</b><p>As <i>Kotaku</i> first reported, Ash …

U.S. State Dept. Pokémon Go tweet about unexploded bombs sparks backlash

A DoS tweet about unexploded remnants in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos recalls the millions of bombs the U.S. dropped<p>The official Twitter account of the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs sparked backlash this week with a tweet about bombs left over from past American wars …

How gym battles work in Pokemon Go

Is Pokemon Go stealing your battery life as you battle to be the best and claim your rightful place? The augmented reality Pokemon game is topping app store charts and game servers are melting under the stress of so many people desperate to catch 'em all.<p>Unfortunately, there is very little …


UPS Driver Saves Puppy After His Owner Abandons Him In The Middle Of A Busy Street

UPS driver Jason Harcrow never intended to become a hero, but when hewitnessed someone drop a puppy from his car onto the middle of a busy street, he …

17 Things Only Dalmatian Pup Parents Understand

There are dogs. And then there are Dalmatians. Here are 17 things only Dalmatian pup parents truly understand.<p><b>1. The spots. Ohhhhh the spots.</b><p>They’re …

Pit Bull Of The Week: Meet Maisie Moo, A Pocket-Sized Cow With A Huge Heart

Meet Maisie Moo, a pocket-sized cow with a huge heart. Miss Moo was first rescued in California, but then taken in by a Dachshund Rescue in British …

Tour of America Day 1 - Hittin' the Road

• We are recapping each day of our Dog Friendly Tour of America, so you can check out where we have been, what we saw, and what we did. Hopefully this …


It's 'Take Your Dog to Work Day': Have You Thanked Fido Today?

Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>Today, Friday, June 24, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. And, beyond all the jokes about animals running wild in the halls, the occasion gives us a good opportunity to consider -- seriously, now -- the link between entrepreneurs and their …

June 24th is Take Your Dog To Work Day

Mark your calendars, the 18th annual Take Your Dog to Work Day event takes place Friday, June 24th. Giving new meaning to the phrase “working like a …

No One Is As Happy As This Shiba And His Poodle Sister At The Playground

If you ever wanted to see what pure joy looks like, all you have to do is buy a plane ticket to Tokyo and find the local playground where a Shiba Inu …

Five Keys To Summer Road Tripping With Your Dog

It’s one of the most sacred of all summer institutions: the summer road-trip. Whether you have a plan in mind or decide to just pick a direction and go, there’s no feeling quite like packing up your car and hitting the open road. You can do this on your own — if you thrive on solitude — or you …

BOB ESPONJA CALÇA QUADRADA 2014 - Jogo Inspirado no Desenho Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada

Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada - Jogo do Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada - Game Bob Esponja

Cena épica de Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada #1

SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton's Robotic Revenge - O Início - Bob Esponja Calça Quadrada gameplay

Selena Gomez takes Carpool Karaoke to a roller coaster and drive-thru

Sometimes, you need to have a little fun to break up the day.<p>In yet another unusual rendition of James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke, Selena Gomez decided …