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This Tiny Farmhouse on Wheels Makes 250 Square Feet Look Lavish

If the tiny home movement and <b>Fixer Upper</b> fandom had a lovechild, it would be this 250-square-foot mobile farmhouse, built by Handcrafted Movement founder Matt Impola. With more than a decade of construction experience, Matt's new venture focuses on creating one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate …


Nobody wants your filthy house, and other tips for selling your home from the 'Property Brothers'

When it comes to getting the best price for your house, there might be no higher-profile experts than Drew and Jonathan Scott, the personable hosts of several HGTV series including the long-running "Property Brothers."<p>The 38-year-old twins started their real-estate ways while still in college, …

11 Foods That Crush Cravings

Squash your appetite before it gets out of control.<p><i>This article was adapted from</i> The HD Diet <i>and provided by our partners at Rodale News.</i><p>A food is considered hydrophilic if it fills up with water and, in turn, fills you up, satisfying your appetite. The term originated from the Greek words for water …


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Kinetic face sculpture is moved by the wind

Aug 2, 2015<p>Did this remind anyone else of the Andross "shield face" boss in StarFox for the N64? :)<p>Aug 2, 2015<p>Yes, really cool.<br>...and a bit creepy<p>Aug …

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Painting artist Konstantin Razumov.

鸟类绘画 By hongde jiang

LINKS<p>DISCLAIMER<p>None of the images, work or art displayed here are our own, and we are really thankful to all of you who have created and represented …

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The Great Wave off Kanagawa

👋~ Art by Linda Bergkvist

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Cyndy Boss

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Its luks so natural ...<p>Sep 23, 2015<p>É ja serio por qualquer tipo outro é isso porque ainda mais eu não sei bem a<p>Sep 24, 2015<p>This is so relevant in …

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A la plage les peaux narguent le soleil à fondre de cramoisi, A la plage les ...

A la plage les peaux narguent le soleil à fondre de cramoisi,<br>A la plage les yeux virevoltent derrière des verres opaques papillons de l'oubli<br>A la …

Honey Butter Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream ハニーバタートーストの作り方 - OCHIKERON - CREATE EAT HAPPY

Mobile homes: More than just a box on wheels

Mobile home - EBS block-expandable building system block

The Classic American Vacation You Need To Take This Summer

An Airstream trailer is a vintage icon, and it's sure to set the stage for a memorable, out-of-the-box vacation<p><b>An Airstream in Andalucia, Spain from $155 per night.</b><p><b>An Airstream in Savannah, Georgia from $95 per night.</b><p><b>An Airstream in Ashland, Oregon from $100 per night.</b><p><b>An Airstream in Malibu,</b> …

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Cedar Hill Manufactured Home Virtual Tour at Palm Harbor Mesquite Texas

Mobile Home Owner Finance homes for sale owner financing