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Mapping the Creatures Living Beneath Our Feet

The ground beneath us is alive, very alive. A single gram of soil (about a fifth of a teaspoon) can contain thousands of species of bacteria, and millions of individual cells. It might also be packed with fungi, microscopic worms, and other strange creatures like tardigrades and rotifers.<p>A new …

On #Friday, I bring my #lecture "On The Trail of #BigCats: #Tigers, #Cougars and #SnowLeopards" to #Breckenridge, #Colorado. Bring your #cubs! Just click on the link in my bio for tickets. #catstagram #catsofinstagram #kitty #kittens #kitten #cats #cat #cub #instagood #wildlife #wildlifephotography #photogram #picoftheday #photooftheday #incredible #mom #moment #capture #natgeo #nationalgeographic #denver

Snapchatting Everest: A Bittersweet End for Social-Media-Savvy Climbers

The story of two American mountaineers attempting to climb Everest without oxygen, scrupulously documented on Snapchat, has ended with a summit, a failed push—and no Snapchat from the top of the world.<p>Cory Richards, a National Geographic photographer from Boulder, Colorado, made his first summit of …


Meerkats Mysteriously Know to Outgrow Rivals – Phenomena: Not Exactly Rocket Science

Meerkats are icons of cooperation. These mask-eyed mongooses, so beloved of natural history documentaries, live in colonies of up to 50 that groom each other, keep watch for predators, fend off invading snakes, and babysit each other’s young.<p>But their societies are also marked by competition and …

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Why I Love Mornings in the Bush

<b>I love to wake up in the bush to the chorus of a new day.</b><p>My mind is clear from a night of rest and the morning bird song carries far in the fresh air. It’s like nature is broadcasting in Dolby Digital, and my senses feel almost superhuman.<p>During a walking trail in the Luangwa Valley in Zambia, I …


For four days straight, this female leopard seal tried to feed me penguins. I never tire of telling the story of my encounters with these incredible animals, and this one, especially, will stay with me forever. #sealeopard #picoftheday #naturesfinest

6 Dead on Everest: What Went Wrong This Season

Mount Everest

First American Woman Completes Full Everest Summit Without Oxygen

They say that reaching the summit is only half the climb. And if that’s the case, it’s possible that Melissa Arnot just became the first American woman to climb Mount Everest without using supplemental oxygen.<p>Arnot reached the summit of the 8,848-meter / 29,029-foot mountain on May 23, achieving a …


The Race to Find Fish Feeds That Don’t Bankrupt the Ocean

Wild fisheries are stable at best and declining at worst. That means we need aquaculture to meet the world’s growing demand for protein. And to feed the world sustainably, the industry has to figure out how to feed farmed fish without using wild fish stocks.<p>Fish feed stood out in our Fish 2.0 …


Invasive Ants Eradicated from Tiritiri Island

Ants are often an unwelcome pest species, particularly on islands, and so its great news this week that one of the world’s worst invasive ant species – the Argentine ant, has been successfully eradicated from Tiritiri Island. Argentine ants were first discovered on Tiritiri Island in 2000, and …


Trekking from the ocean to their nesting sites, sometimes for several kilometers, emperor penguins face a multitude of dangers- from leopard seals, to calving icebergs, to extreme storms. More than 30% of emperor colonies are under threat from disappearing sea and glacial ice. Together, we can take swift and serious action to stop climate change and ensure that we continue to share the planet with these incredible creatures. #Antarctica #emperorpenguins #picoftheday #sealegacy

Is Zootopia Creating Demand for Pet Fennec Foxes in China? (SPOILER: Probably Not)

You might have heard that Disney’s newest blockbuster, <i>Zootopia</i> (titled <i>Zootropolis</i> in some European countries), is driving a “huge demand for fennec foxes as pets” in China. What you probably have not read is the evidence to support such headlines. And the reason for that is simple: there isn’t any. …


Proof Is on the Move

We decided it was time for bigger images and more seamless access to the amazing stories happening across all of National Geographic, so we’ve moved to a new home.<p>Come join us at We look forward to seeing you there!

Sending our pollution problems down stream

I was planning to travel to St. Martin and Saba for vacation recently. I was excited to go scuba diving again, swim with the turtles, and to once again explore the underwater world that I work to protect. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t take off. Still, I had the days off, so I decided it was an …


Recent Everest Summits, Tragedies Mark Return of “Normal” Climbing Season

After three consecutive years of major disasters, Mount Everest’s entrenched commercial climbing culture has returned to the world’s tallest mountain. The story of Everest 2016, for better or worse, appears to be that business as usual has returned.<p>Thus far, there have been nearly 400 recorded …


Bucking the Trend: Lion Recoveries on Community Lands

<b>By Fred Nelson</b> <b><br>Maliasili Initiatives</b><p>The news on lion population trends across Africa in recent years has been consistently gloomy. Lion numbers are estimated to have declined by more than 40 percent during the past two decades, and up to an additional 50 percent decline is forecast for the next …


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Although to many it may not seem like much, this is one of my favorite photographs. Krill, a small crustacean, is the base of the food chain in #Antarctica and is the principal food source for penguins. With an increased commercial fishing interest in Antarctic krill, it is imperative that we protect this vital ecosystem in its entirety—from large to small. @sea_legacy #photooftheday #environment

Ten Out of Ten BioBlitzes for Bug Scientist Gary Hevel

Smithsonian entomologist Gary Hevel is the only scientist to have attended every one of the ten annual BioBlitzes organized by the National Park Service and the National Geographic Society in the run up to this year’s NPS centennial.<p>As he did for the previous BioBlitzes, he brought with him …


Earth Conservation Corps Raptor Is Wildlife Ambassador at National Mall BioBlitz

Ronnell Blakeney is a team leader with Earth Conservation Corps, an organization with a mission “to empower our endangered youth to restore the Anacostia River, their communities and their lives.” The Anacostia is a tributary of the Potomac River that was so polluted from development and industrial …


Stone Faced ~ Everywhere is mystery. Messages revealed in movement. Sweet bird songs envelope the entrance to the 9th century Shopan-Ata shrine where the legendary Sufi, Shopan-Ata, is buried in an underground cave in the remote Mangystau region of Kazakhstan. @natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #kazakhstan #mangystau #shopanata #rock #face #cave #burialchamber #birdsongs #mysticism #stanmeyeronassignment #onassignment @ Kazakhstan

Photo Essay: Dacha Season Kicks Off in the Russian Countryside

The “dacha,” or country cottage, is a cultural institution in Russia. The tradition began during the Soviet Union when dachas were given as rewards to good workers.<p>The communities were organized by profession. In St. Petersburg, my friend Katya took me to her grandparents’ dacha. They worked as …

Soviet Union

Nationwide BioBlitz Records 6,481 Species in 126 U.S. Parks

Thousands of observers fanned out across 126 U.S. National Park units yesterday and today in a mammoth BioBlitz held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Park Service. For the 24-hour reporting period between midday Friday and midday today, experts identified 6,481 species of plants, animals …


Something Fishy in Washington, D.C..

<b>By Amy Werner</b><p>Today is World Fish Migration day, a day best celebrated by raising awareness of the importance of open rivers and migratory fish, exactly what Rock Creek Park did at a 2016 BioBlitz fish identification on May 20.<p>The urban oasis of Rock Creek Park in Washington D.C., is often viewed as …


With the highest biodensity of life anywhere on Earth, #Antarctica is an unparalleled ecosystem. Despite being one of the coldest and harshest regions on the planet, it is teeming with life. I never get tired of staring out on these beaches and witnessing the spectacle of life! #nature #photooftheday #picoftheday #environment #sealegacy

Bertie and I will be doing a #FacebookLive session from Mexico on the #NationalGeographic #Facebook page at 11 am EST! Come hang. #wildlifephotography #hangout

Togo Slippery Frogs Feared Extinct; Found Living in Hidden Waterfall in Africa

<b>Recent decades have not been kind to amphibian populations throughout the world. As amphibian declines and extinctions keep escalating at an unprecedented rate, it comes as a breath of fresh air when something is discovered that was feared to be lost forever.</b><p>In February, I began working on a …


Photo by @TimLaman. I’ve been sharing my unpublished images from this ultralight airplane shoot along with #TL_WildlifePhotoTips over on @SanDisk for the past several days. Go check out tips and more photos of the incomparable Raja Ampat Islands by following @SanDisk, and read about my experience shooting from this plane. Thanks @SanDisk for this opportunity. Your memory cards have served me well for many years in all kinds of wild places. #SanDiskExtremeTeam, #RajaAmpat, #Indonesia, #sponsored.

Beer Company Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings to Save Marine Life

Every schoolkid knows that those tough plastic rings that hold six packs together can end up choking birds or sea turtles if they fall into the ocean, as so much of the world’s trash does. Now, one craft beer company has launched a new way to tackle this problem: fully edible, compostable six-pack …


Opinion: “Nature Has Its Rights” – Fighting for the Grand Canyon Like Martin Litton

We need more fighters like Martin Litton.<p>We all have the opportunity to experience the Grand Canyon, in no small part because of one man’s vision and his refusal to compromise. Without Martin’s will and determination to protect it from proposed dams in the 1960s, the Grand Canyon could have faced …