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The NDR The National Douchebag Registry (NDR) was created for use by the entire online community as an anonymous listing service of those unique individuals that contribute their own special brand of character, the kind of character that just makes you want to reach out and hug the @#$% out of them! So in honor of these special people, The National Douchebag Registry was created as an online registry to help them remember just how truly appreciated they are! The rest of the human race or, “less fortunates” wanted a way of expressing our undying gratitude towards these truly gifted individuals and, in addition to, establishing this Official National Registry, we thought it only fitting to provide the means by which these ever growing individuals could receive their very own certificate, to proudly display, and privately admire their true distinctiveness. If requested, the Recipient will not be made aware of the origination of the gift through the NDR or any of its affiliates. So, People of these Grea