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Transparency in the Intelligence Community | The Federalist Society

On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence Clapper announced a plan to implement a new set of transparency principles for the Intelligence …


نعم لفرض هيبة الدولة وعودة الامان

المتحدث باسم الرئاسة الروسية ديمتري بيسكوف: موعد انتهاء<br>العمليات الروسية في سورية يتوقف على الوضع في مجال مكافحة<br>الإرهاب فيها.<p>*عرين الأسد *

Jeb Bush: Rubio Should Be Showing Up To Work | CNBC

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Debt limit: Some key questions about borrowing, default

The Penguin Books story laid bare (even the naked board meetings)

Allen Lane, while knighted for services to literature, was never much of a reader. Were brothers Richard and John written out of their own bestselling story?<p>Eighty years ago, three brothers – Allen, Richard and John Lane – founded Penguin Books in London. The brothers planned the venture in …

A Saudi prince was caught in a huge drug bust at the Beirut airport

Saudi Prince Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin Abdulaziz and four other Saudi citizens have been detained in one of Lebanon’s largest drug busts, according to local media and security sources cited by the Telegraph. Authorities at the Beirut airport seized 2.2 tons (2 metric tons) of an amphetamine called …

Please share - if you care ☺ Paper 187 – The Crucifixion As Jesus saw his mother, with John and his brother and sister, he smiled but said nothing. Meanwhile the four soldiers assigned to the Master’s crucifixion, as was the custom, had divided his clothes among them, one taking the sandals, one the turban, one the girdle, and the fourth the cloak. This left the tunic, or seamless vestment reaching down to near the knees, to be cut up into four pieces, but when the soldiers saw what an unusual garment it was, they decided to cast lots for it. Jesus looked down on them while they divided his garments, and the thoughtless crowd jeered at him THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 187, sect 2, para 8 – Leer GRATIS en Spanish قراءة المجاني باللغة العربية في Available FREE in many languages at

Please share - if you care ☺ Paper 187 – The Crucifixion At about half past nine o’clock this Friday morning, Jesus was hung upon the cross. Before eleven o’clock, upward of one thousand persons had assembled to witness this spectacle of the crucifixion of the Son of Man. Throughout these dreadful hours the unseen hosts of a universe stood in silence while they gazed upon this extraordinary phenomenon of the Creator as he was dying the death of the creature, even the most ignoble death of a condemned criminal 187:3.2 Standing near the cross at one time or another during the crucifixion were Mary, Ruth, Jude, John, Salome (John’s mother), and a group of earnest women believers including Mary the wife of Clopas and sister of Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene, and Rebecca, onetime of Sepphoris. These and other friends of Jesus held their peace while they witnessed his great patience and fortitude and gazed upon his intense sufferings THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 187, sect 3, para 1-2 – Leer GRATIS en Spanish قراءة المجاني باللغة العربية في Available FREE in many languages at

Please share - if you care ☺ Paper 188 – The Time of the Tomb This Friday night, after the Passover supper, about midnight a group of the Jewish leaders gathered at the home of Caiaphas, where they discussed their fears concerning the Master’s assertions that he would rise from the dead on the third day. This meeting ended with the appointment of a committee of Sanhedrists who were to visit Pilate early the next day, bearing the official request of the Sanhedrin that a Roman guard be stationed before Jesus’ tomb to prevent his friends from tampering with it. Said the spokesman of this committee to Pilate: “Sir, we remember that this deceiver, Jesus of Nazareth, said, while he was yet alive, ‘After three days I will rise again.’ We have, therefore, come before you to request that you issue such orders as will make the sepulchre secure against his followers, at least until after the third day. We greatly fear lest his disciples come and steal him away by night and then proclaim to the people that he has risen from the dead. If we should permit this to happen, this mistake would be far worse than to have allowed him to live 188:2.3 When Pilate heard this request of the Sanhedrists, he said: “I will give you a guard of ten soldiers. Go your way and make the tomb secure.” They went back to the temple, secured ten of their own guards, and then marched out to Joseph’s tomb with these ten Jewish guards and ten Roman soldiers, even on this Sabbath morning, to set them as watchmen before the tomb. These men rolled yet another stone before the tomb and set the seal of Pilate on and around these stones, lest they be disturbed without their knowledge. And these twenty men remained on watch up to the hour of the resurrection, the Jews carrying them their food and drink THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 188, section 2, para 2-3 – Leer GRATIS en Spanish قراءة المجاني باللغة العربية في Available FREE in many languages at

Please share - if you care ☺ Paper 188 – The Time of the Tomb When Joseph and Nicodemus arrived at Golgotha, they found the soldiers taking Jesus down from the cross and the representatives of the Sanhedrin standing by to see that none of Jesus’ followers prevented his body from going to the criminal burial pits. When Joseph presented Pilate’s order for the Master’s body to the centurion, the Jews raised a tumult and clamored for its possession. In their raving they sought violently to take possession of the body, and when they did this, the centurion ordered four of his soldiers to his side, and with drawn swords they stood astride the Master’s body as it lay there on the ground. The centurion ordered the other soldiers to leave the two thieves while they drove back this angry mob of infuriated Jews. When order had been restored, the centurion read the permit from Pilate to the Jews and, stepping aside, said to Joseph: “This body is yours to do with as you see fit. I and my soldiers will stand by to see that no man interferes 188:1.2 A crucified person could not be buried in a Jewish cemetery; there was a strict law against such a procedure. Joseph and Nicodemus knew this law, and on the way out to Golgotha they had decided to bury Jesus in Joseph’s new family tomb, hewn out of solid rock, located a short distance north of Golgotha and across the road leading to Samaria. No one had ever lain in this tomb, and they thought it appropriate that the Master should rest there. Joseph really believed that Jesus would rise from the dead, but Nicodemus was very doubtful. These former members of the Sanhedrin had kept their faith in Jesus more or less of a secret, although their fellow Sanhedrists had long suspected them, even before they withdrew from the council. From now on they were the most outspoken disciples of Jesus in all Jerusalem 188:1.8 Aside from David Zebedee and Joseph of Arimathea, very few of Jesus’ disciples really believed or understood that he was due to arise from the tomb on the third day THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 188, section 1, para 1, 2, 8 – Leer GRATIS en Spanish قراءة المجاني باللغة العربية في Available FREE in many languages at

Please share - if you care ☺ Paper 188 – The Time of the Tomb In the vast court of the resurrection halls of the first mansion world of Satania, there may now be observed a magnificent material-morontia structure known as the “Michael Memorial,” now bearing the seal of Gabriel. This memorial was created shortly after Michael departed from this world, and it bears this inscription: “In commemoration of the mortal transit of Jesus of Nazareth on Urantia THE URANTIA BOOK – Paper 188, section 3, para 11 – Leer GRATIS en Spanish قراءة المجاني باللغة العربية في Available FREE in many languages at