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It's not just for recreation. Companies flocking to Chicago River too.

The Chicago River has emerged as one of the city’s top recreational destinations, where activities such as outdoor dining, kayaking, water taxis and architecture boat tours have boomed in recent years. Demand for riverfront office space has reached a high-water mark too.<p>Vacancies in office towers …

Real Estate

Amazing Timelapse of an Incredibly Steep Downhill Ride on a Cable Train From High in the Swiss Alps

Swiss photographer Raphaël Sandoz captured an incredible timelapse of the gorgeous downhill ride on Gelmer Funicular, a cable-traction train that …

Time-lapse Photography

The 16 Best True Crime Books Of All Time

It seems like everyone is obsessing over all things true crime lately — from binging <i>Making a Murderer</i> on Netflix, to tuning in to the latest <i>S-Town</i> …


This 150-inch projector makes ‘cinema-quality’ images—and it’s cheaper than you think

The price of 4K TVs has plummeted in recent years, but you might want to look at home laser projectors before springing for one.<p>The Xiaomi Mi Laser …

Set-Top Boxes

How to tell if your iPhone battery needs replacing

Apple is now offering to swap the battery in older iPhone's for $29, but will having this done speed up your device?<p><i>Video: How to check if your</i> …

" لا تطمح أن تكون أفضل من الآخرين .. اطمح أن تكون أفضل من نفسك سابقاً .. فالعقول تصغر عندما تنشغل بالأخرين .. وتكبر عندما تنشغل بذاتها "

Here's How to Turn off Siri App Suggestions on iOS and Mac

Siri can be a helpful virtual assistant when you need, but if its suggestions are beginning to bother you, you can shut them off completely. …


Crater Lake on a wide angle

Sunrise & Fog Val D'Orcia Tuscany ITALY - Dick Stannard

Creative bench outside Benjamin’s Barbers in Edinburgh

Beautiful Venetian light via Pinterest

Recycling in the United States is in serious trouble. How does it work?

You probably have no idea how recycling works.<p>Most Americans — who recycle nearly 87 million tons of waste each year — likely think that the plastic …


Bristol museum explores the questions of identity and belonging among Somalis in the UK

In multi-cultural Bristol, Somalis were marginalized, which effectively hampered the integration of one of the UK city's fastest-growing communities, …


بحر البلطيق | شمال أوروبا

Scientists may have uncovered exactly how eating certain vegetables can prevent colon cancer

Newsflash: Vegetables are good for you! OK, so this may not exactly be news, but a new study from a team of researchers at Imperial College London …


Only 1% of people can get full marks in this tricky grammar test

Can you pass?<p>If you like to think of yourself as a bit of a grammar whiz, then prepare to put your knowledge to the test with this tricky quiz from …

Trump Attacks Constitutional Freedoms as He Ratchets Up Authoritarian Corruption

The Constitution is in trouble. Its destruction has become quite a show, while the country is being looted.<p>I’m no fan of John Brennan—or of James …

Donald Trump

Delicious Dutch Oven Recipes

Stovetop success, every time.<p>Although Dutch ovens are useful all year long, we tend to use them more during the cooler months. Once fall and winter …


Q&A: What can I do to prevent kidney stones?

<b>Q: What can I do to prevent kidney stones?</b><p><b>A:</b> Kidney stones are crystallized compounds that occur within the urinary tract when calcium combines with …


Kickstart Your Vintage Watch Habit With These Three Affordable Pieces

Vintage watch collecting tends to focus itself on owning the rarest, most obscure and most valuable pieces, but it’s the cheap, ubiquitous pieces …

Stainless Steel

The Six Month Rule for Passports You Probably Don't Know About

Getting excited for a trip to Europe? You may want to check your passport.<p>As a cautionary tale posted yesterday on Business Insider explained, it's …

U.S. Department of State

How to Make Your Own Barn Wood

It’s easy to do, looks authentic and saves 
you a fortune!<p>There are a few essential tools for this project. The first is an angle grinder. It doesn’t …


هكذا تبدو مقصورة القيادة في الطائرة !

The 7 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on The Planet

Not all food is made the same, and there are many myths about different foods. While some foods are incredibly high in nutrients, others are just …


10 Best Pilot Watches Inspired by Aviation

Since their innovative beginnings, the best pilot’s watches have delivered the top tier of legibility, durability, and accuracy to both the military …


The secret nighttime paintings of Dr. Seuss

“Secret” and “nighttime” might not be words most often associated with Dr. Seuss, but they are at the forefront of a new exhibition at Narrative Gallery in Laguna Beach titled “The Art of Dr. Seuss Collection,” which includes some never before seen pieces.<p>Theodor Seuss Geisel wrote and illustrated …