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Report: Iranian-backed Syrian militias change uniforms, head toward Golan

Syrian rebel sources claim up to 500 Iranian-backed militia and members of Hezbollah changed uniforms and are digging in near the Golan in …

Middle East

Top 10 Israeli Startups Leading the Race in Self-Driving Technology

The US, China, Singapore, Greece and Japan – All have been gunning autonomous vehicles since years now. Now Israel is another country to join the …


The "Hitler Of South Africa" Tells White People, He Won't Kill Them...Yet!

Fri, 06/15/2018 - 20:25<p>Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of other …

South Africa

Gaza protesters launch balloon bombs into Israel

Intensified protests resumed Friday along the Gaza border as Muslims celebrated the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan. …


California University Encourages Parents To Let Kids Watch Porn

One of California's top universities, UC Santa Barbara, is now encouraging parents to let their children watch porn because it is "generally …

Santa Barbara

IG Revelations On Agent/Journo Gift-Giving Could Be Federal Crimes

10:28 PM 06/14/2018<p>A bombshell inspector general report released Thursday revealed that several FBI employees improperly received gifts from …

New Jersey

Shell-Shocked FBI Employees On Trump's 2016 Win: Trump Voters Are 'Poor, Lazy Pieces of S**t'


U of Chicago becomes first elite institution to go SAT/ACT optional

Dive Brief:<p>Before national college admissions tests, like the SAT and ACT, were required for admission to the University of Chicago, the institution …

College & University

Trump's forecast of 4% GDP growth close to coming true as Americans spend tax-bill proceeds

Armed with new-found proceeds from the tax bill, American consumers went shopping in May, driving retail sales — and economic growth — sharply higher.<p>…


FBI agent's text disclosed by Justice watchdog: 'We'll stop' Trump from becoming president

An FBI agent who worked on the special counsel's Russia probe texted another investigator in August 2016 that "We'll stop" Donald Trump from getting …

Donald Trump

How Trump, Israel and the Gulf States plan to fight Iran

Gulf States

Astronomers see distant eruption as black hole destroys star

For the first time, astronomers have directly imaged the formation and expansion of a fast-moving jet of material ejected when the powerful gravity …


IQ Scores Are Falling in "Worrying" Reversal of 20th Century Intelligence Boom

Are we getting dumber?<p>A defining trend in human intelligence tests that saw people steadily obtaining higher IQ scores through the 20th century has …

The Brain

Pangea buys Israeli co NIP Global for $30m

Herzliya-based NIP Global develops electronic infrastructure for population registries and issuing biometric documents.

Police: Explosion in E.J'lem caused while preparing bomb

Breaking news. (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)<p>The explosion in Shua'fat Refugee Camp in east Jerusalem Wednesday night happened during an attempt to …


FIFA opens disciplinary proceeding against Palestinian soccer head over canceled Israel-Argentina match


The Rampage: Supersonic missile developed to destroy high quality targets

Share on facebook Share on twitter<p>Rampage missile fired from a fighter jet. (photo credit: IAI)<p>With tensions still high between Israel and Iran, a …

Middle East

President Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Norwegian Lawmakers

U.S. President Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in reaching an agreement to work toward de-nuclearization of the …

Nobel Prize

Food Stamp Enrollment Dips to Lowest Level in 8 Years | Breitbart

Overall enrollment in the nation’s food stamp program has dipped to its lowest level in eight years, according to the latest statistics released by …

Health Care

Donald Trump was right. The rest of the G7 were wrong

He gets almost everything wrong. But last weekend Donald Trump got something right. To the horror of the other leaders of the rich world, he defended democracy against its detractors. Perhaps predictably, he has been universally condemned for it.<p>Trump may seek separate Nafta talks with Canada and …


Miss Iraq and Miss Israel reunited after selfie controversy


Elbit unit Beyeonics Surgical raises $11.5m


Israel thwarted hundreds of terror attacks, some with the help of big data, Shin Bet says


STUNNING: Trudeau Follows Trump's Lead, Votes To Denounce Iran Regime

On Tuesday, in a stunning scene in the Canadian Parliament, the Liberal party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, suddenly reversed it position …


Another video of liberal college students who look like IDIOTS after a simple question

In another edition of “wow liberals can’t answer very simple questions about their idiotic beliefs,” Campus Reform tripped up these idiots at George …

College & University

Jared Kushner set to travel to Middle East to hone peace plan

Middle East

Warren Buffett raises millions in Israel bonds investments

Warren Buffett

Proof Obama sent your money to defeat Bibi in Israel election


PA blames Hamas for the situation in Gaza


Why Is The SPLC Going After PragerU? [VIDEO]

2:36 PM 06/12/2018<p><b>The left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center targeted PragerU with a misleading article that portrayed the conservative nonprofit as</b> …

Rights & Freedoms