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15 Minutes to Better Posture

The Routine<p>The five easy exercises that follow—from Calgary, Alberta, yoga instructor Susi Hately (—can release tension, build …


Is it possible to unclog your arteries?

A person's arteries can become clogged by a buildup of a substance called plaque. There are no quick fixes for melting away plaque, but people can …

Holistic Medicine

Systematic Review Shows How to Maintain Sexual Desire in a Relationship

Maintaining sexual desire – the drive to engage in sexual activity – between partners is often integral to a successful, long-term monogamous …

Dan Savage

Don't Ask for a Raise If You Fall Into 1 of These 3 Categories

As with everything else in life, when you're requesting a raise, timing is everything.<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>Whether I'm with friends, family or co-workers, the topics of fair compensation and raises come up at least a week. Understanding <i>when</i> it’s an …


This 1 Job Interview Tip Makes You Sound More Well-Spoken

Simplify your answers with this 3-step approach.<p>Interviews aren't easy. Trying to make a good impression in a condensed period of time while under pressure to perform makes us all nervous. That's why preparing for interviews is so vital today. Now more than ever, hiring managers have very high …


This Laptop Will Leave You Speechless (and Make Apple Jealous)

The Dell XPS 13 is one of my favorite laptops, even if I'm still adjusting to the rose gold color.<p>Apple hasn't really kept pace with the incredible innovations on laptops lately. The most beloved (and sometimes hated) Big Tech company in history has chosen to focus attention mostly on the iPhone …

Consumer Tech

Yoga, Sustainability, Politics, Spirituality.


Silicon Valley billionaire, 32, pays company $10,000 to KILL him and preserve his brain then upload it to a computer

A Silicon Valley billionaire is paying $10,000 to be killed so that his brain can be preserved in the hope that it will one day be uploaded to a …

Silicon Valley

Stay Calm During a Tough Conversation by Grounding Yourself

Having a tense conversation brings up a lot of negative emotions, leaving you feeling like an active volcano. To prevent an outburst and stay in control of your emotions, physically ground yourself in your environment. One of the best ways to do this is to stand up and walk around, which activates …


How I Make a Full-Time Income in My Spare Time -- And How You Can, Too

Affiliate marketing is simple, but it's not easy.<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>As a young man, I learned how to make money online, initially to pay off my mother’s debt. I’ve used these same skills to create a lifestyle that many dream about, flying 96 times just this …


5 Breakfast Recipes You Can Eat Any Time of Day

One of the most important things to me in choosing recipes to fill my meal plan is versatility. And really, when it comes down to it, eggs — in all …


10 Brutal Lessons You Need to Learn Before Getting Rich

You'll never have enough billions to buy a new personality, so start improving the one you got for free.<p>6 min read<p>Opinions expressed by <i>Entrepreneur</i> contributors are their own.<p>There is a common perception that upon obtaining wealth, the positive and negative qualities in people become more …


This Amazing Map Depicts The 13,000 Hidden Wonders Of The World That You Need To Visit

Consider this your source of travel inspo for life.<p><i>This post was translated from Spanish.</i>

Los Angeles

18 Best Oud Colognes for The Man of Luxury

If you’ve never heard of oud before, you’re not alone. Despite long being popular in the Middle East, oud, which is also known as […]


Should We Open Some Sealed Moon Samples?

Between 1969 and 1972, Apollo astronauts brought back to Earth a total of nine containers of moon material that were sealed on the lunar surface.<p>Two …

Space Science

This Chef Lost 50 Pounds And Reversed Prediabetes With A Digital Program

People who are diagnosed with prediabetes can delay or prevent the disease if they change their lifestyle and lose a significant amount of weight. But here's the challenge: How can people be motivated to eat healthier and move more? Increasingly, the answer might include digital medicine.<p>"Just …


Let Stephen Hawking blow your mind with what happened before the Big Bang

Stephen Hawking is a smart guy.<p>The famed cosmologist has reinvented the way we understand the universe, from black holes to the dawn of time.<p>He also …


The best way to lose weight boils down to these three things

The evidence shows that there isn’t one better way to lose weight, but diets that work all have these things in common.<p>Call it what you will: An eating plan, a lifestyle, a diet, a philosophy, but few things garner such heated debate as how to lose weight. The truth is, whether you’re on a low-carb …


Alien hunters spot ‘crash-landed UFO’ on remote British island near Antarctica

A bizarre ‘UFO’ has been observed on a remote British-owned island near Antarctica.<p>The strange object appears to have crash-landed into snow and ice, …


The settings you should change immediately after buying a new TV

It's finally a good time to make the jump to a 4K TV. Prices have come down, HDR is up to snuff, and there are a bevy of great models to choose from. But once you bring your new TV home, you may want to take a trip through its settings and tweak a few in order to get the best possible picture.<p>If …


Eat yourself to sleep: the foods that can help get a good night’s rest

According to one study, eating kiwi fruit before bed helps deep sleep. But which other foodstuffs may aid a long and peaceful slumber?<p>Ahead of World Sleep Day next week – an awareness-raising exercise that should surely be renamed World Sleep Night – there has been increased focus on how much sleep …


People are dying because we misunderstand how those with addiction think

A philosopher explains why addiction isn’t a moral failure.<p>The American opioid epidemic claimed 42,300 lives in 2016 alone. While the public policy challenge is daunting, the problem isn’t that we lack any effective treatment options. The data shows that we could save many lives by expanding …

Drug Addiction

How To Use Meditation To Stop Your Negative Thoughts In Their Tracks

As a student of meditation and innovative psychology, I've found that when you're working to change inner energy, there is a profound marriage …


The Gone World is a brilliant, complicated novel about the consequences of time travel

How do you solve a murder by jumping back and forth in time?<p>In his debut novel, author Tom Sweterlitsch constructed a fascinating mystery with <i>Tomorrow and Tomorrow</i>, set in a virtual version of Pittsburg after a terrorist attack leveled the city. In <i>The Gone World</i><i>,</i> he introduces an even more …

Penguin Random House

Pooping on a mountain is even more complicated than it sounds

Our guide to evacuating ethically in the wilderness.<p>Even most casual hikers know to “pack out” their garbage—burying paper products on the trail in the hopes they'll biodegrade and not cause harm is a naive act. Slightly-less-casual hikers will reluctantly admit that this extends even to used …

Mount Everest

This chicken salad recipe will satisfy your hunger — and boost your metabolism!

If you feel like you have a sluggish metabolism, here's one small thing you can do this weekend to give your system a boost: Make my fiery chicken salad. It works because this recipe is packed with protein and spice!<p>While eating any food will slightly raise your metabolic rate since digestion …


Five rad and random items to entertain your kids

The end-of-week dispatch from PopSci's commerce editor. Vol. 39.<p>My job is to find cool stuff. Throughout the week I spend hours scouring the web for things that are useful or fun or ridiculously cheap. Often times, these choices coalesce into a guide of like items—for example the ultimate guide to …


3 common clothes dryer problems and how to fix them

A broken clothes dryer can devastate your laundry routine. But here are three common problems and how to fix them yourself.<p>A clothes dryer is no doubt one of the most used (and most power-hungry) appliances in your home. It's also essential for making sure you have clean clothes for work or school. …

Home Improvement

5 Basic Fermented Food Recipes for Better Gut Health

If you find yourself in a veggie rut (because the day will come when you can’t possibly sauté another bunch of spinach), you may be tempted to …

Healthy Eating

Can This Pill Keep You From Ageing? Science Thinks So

We’re well versed in taking probiotics to keep our gut healthy and happy, but when we heard that popping them daily could improve our skin as well as …