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Hillary Clinton's Victory Prize: Congressional Investigations

If Donald Trump leaves the GOP divided after the election, a Hillary Clinton victory could bring the party back together, as Republicans and Democrats prepare for a flood of potential congressional investigations.<p>The daily drip of hacked emails from Wikileaks, the exposure of Clinton's email server …

Hillary Clinton

Are millennials motivated to turn out to vote on Election Day?

Some polls suggest that Hillary Clinton’s support among millennials may be surging, but there is a lot of anger and disappointment from that huge bloc of voters. In the latest installment of our “Red, White and You” series, NBC’s Ronan Farrow investigates whether efforts to court millennials’ votes …


Hillary Clinton's Potential Governing Nightmare

<i>First Read is a morning briefing from Meet the Press and the NBC Political Unit on the day's most important political stories and why they matter</i><p><b>Hillary's potential governing nightmare</b><p>If Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump on Nov. 8, the good news for her is that she will have won the White House. …

Hillary Clinton

First Read's Morning Clips: Newt Gingrich vs. Megyn Kelly

<b>OFF TO THE RACES: Gingrich vs. Megyn Kelly</b><p>Recordings from a series of 2014 interviews, obtained by the New York Times, show that Trump is largely driven by a fear of losing status. MORE: " in the more than five hours of conversations — the last extensive biographical interviews Mr. Trump granted …


Defense Secretary Ash Carter 'Outraged' Over Reenlistment Bonus Scandal

PARIS — Defense Secretary Ash Carter is blasting the treatment of thousands of soldiers in California who are being asked to return their enlistment bonuses, vowing to take swift action as the Pentagon admitted the issue may affect service members in other states.<p>"Well, of course I am outraged," …


15 years after Chandra Levy’s murder, Gary Condit speaks out to Dr. Phil

The career of Rep. Gary Condit was ended by rumors that he was involved with the disappearance and death of Washington intern Chandra Levy, even though he was quickly dismissed as a suspect. Now Condit is finally speaking out about the case to Dr. Phil McGraw. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY.


Ontario Nurse Charged in Deaths of 8 Nursing Home Residents

TORONTO — A nurse has been charged with the murders of eight elderly people at nursing homes in Ontario over a seven-year period, police said Tuesday.<p>Woodstock Police Chief William Renton said Elizabeth Tracey Mae Wettlaufer, 49, was charged with first-degree murder in the killings that took place …


Self-driving commercial truck delivers 50,000 cans of beer across 120 miles

The Uber-owned transportation company Otto marked a milestone Tuesday, completing the world’s first commercial delivery by self-driving truck, which maneuvered 120 miles across Colorado with no intervention by a driver. TODAY’s Tamron Hall reports from the Orange Room.


T-Mobile Seen as Top Target Following AT&T-Time Warner Deal

T-Mobile is the likeliest acquisition target as media companies seek a wireless partner following AT&T's proposed $85.4 billion takeover of Time Warner, analysts said.<p>AT&T announced the deal late on Saturday, stoking urgency in the telecoms and media sectors, where carriers facing a saturated …


White House Urges Ban on Non-Compete Agreements

The Obama administration on Tuesday called on U.S. states to ban agreements prohibiting many workers from moving to their employers' rivals, saying it would lead to a more competitive labor market and faster wage growth.<p>The administration said so-called non-compete agreements interfere with worker …

The White House

Women Work 39 Days More Than Men per Year

Women around the world work an average of 39 days per year more than men do, which breaks down to a full 50 minutes more per day, according to the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report 2016.<p>Current trends suggest it will take another 170 years before there is global equality of the sexes, …

Women's News

‘Toxic’ fumes investigated after British Airways flight makes emergency landing

An investigation is underway into an emergency landing by a British Airways flight from San Francisco that was forced to divert after its entire crew – but no passengers – reported feeling ill. NBC’s Morgan Radford reports for TODAY.


Raqqa Offensive Against ISIS to Begin Within Weeks: Ash Carter

PARIS — The offensive to oust ISIS from its capital will begin within weeks, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told NBC News in an exclusive interview Wednesday.<p>When asked whether the timeline for the assault on the militants' Syrian stronghold of Raqqa would be weeks and not months, he said: "That is …


Why the Black Panthers Are Still a Lightning Rod at 50

When Beyoncé delivered a provocative Super Bowl halftime show performance in January, it was celebrated by some but deemed controversial and even anti-police by others.<p>Although few were able to articulate exactly why, some settled on the fact that she created a subtle homage to the 50th anniversary …

Lightning Rod

Russia Unveils RS-28 Sarmat 'Satan 2' Nuclear Missile

Russia has declassified the first image of its new thermonuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missile.<p>The RS-28 Sarmat could carry a payload capable of wiping a landmass "the size of Texas or France," according to a report by the Kremlin-aligned Sputnik news agency.<p>Known colloquially as "Satan …

Nuclear Power

Watch Neighbor Take Blowtorch to Trump Sign

A Wisconsin couple got a shock from surveillance video after their yard sign was vandalized.


Calais Jungle Migrant Camp Clearance Resumes After Fires, Gas Explosions

The "Jungle" migrant camp near the French port of Calais woke up Wednesday to a third day of clearance work following a night of shelter-burning and some gas-bottle explosions.<p>A Calais prefecture official told France Info radio on Wednesday morning that one person had been slightly injured in his …


Richard Engel Follows Priest Returning to Iraqi Christian Town


Afghan Insurgent Exact 'Revenge' by Kidnapping, Killing 20: Officials

KABUL, Afghanistan — Insurgents have kidnapped and killed at least 20 Afghan civilians, officials said Wednesday.<p>The victims were from a group of 33 taken by the militants in the remote central province of Ghor, according to police official Ziauddin Saqib.<p>The abductions took place while battles …


Mystery Illness Forces British Airways Flight to Make Emergency Stop


Kids Survive Deadly Theme Park Ride Accident: Police

Two children escaped from the Australian theme park accident in which 4 adults died. Robert Ovadia of 7 News Australia reports.

Theme Parks

Watch Bears Predict World Series Winner

These grizzly bears at the Akron Zoo in Ohio have a pretty clear favorite to win this year's World Series.


Pence Suggests Paul Ryan Will Stay House Speaker in Trump Presidency

Mike Pence suggested on Tuesday night that Paul Ryan would hold onto his role as Speaker of the House under a Trump administration despite his running mate's repeated frustrations with the Republican leader over the last month.<p>"We look forward to working with Paul Ryan," Pence said in an interview …

Paul Ryan

Adele Throws Support Behind Hillary Clinton at Miami Concert

During her concert in Miami, Florida, Adele told the audience "don't vote for him."

Hillary Clinton

'Anger Issues': Newt Gingrich, Megyn Kelly Take Off the Gloves on Live TV

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a prominent Donald Trump supporter, and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly got into a seething argument Tuesday night over sex, media bias and anger.<p>The decidedly uncomfortable exchange came during an appearance Tuesday night by Gingrich — whom Fox identifies as a "Fox …


Trump Campaign Pushes Back Against Report It Stopped Fundraising

Donald Trump's campaign is pushing back against a new report that says Trump has all but stopped raising money for the joint fundraising effort with the Republican National Committee, insisting that the campaign is continuing to support the Republican Party.<p>Trump finance chairman Steven Mnuchin …


Parent-Led Treatment Helps Kids With Autism, Researchers Find

A simple treatment that helps parents interact better with very young children with autism pays off years later, British researchers reported Tuesday.<p>The therapy, which involves using videos to give specific feedback to the parents, reduced symptoms in children with severe autism for years — until …


Hotly Anticipated Google Fiber High-Speed Service Put on Hold as CEO Leaves

If you're one of the millions of Americans eagerly awaiting Google's ultra-high-speed Fiber internet service in your town, don't hold your breath.<p>Facing challenges from rivals and faster technologies alike, Alphabet Inc., Google's parent holding company, said Tuesday night that it's "pausing" …


'Not Wanted': Black Applicants Rejected for Trump Housing Speak Out

In 1973, New York City school teacher Annette Gandy Fortt was looking for a decent place to live. A listing for an apartment in a building owned by Donald Trump's father, Fred, caught her eye — but she says the super told her there were no units available.<p>"I was black," Fortt said recently. "I was …


Donald Trump Says He'd 'Love' to Fight 'Mr. Tough Guy' Joe Biden

TALLAHASSEE, Florida — If Vice President Biden was serious about taking Trump "behind the gym," Donald Trump sounds like he's in.<p>Rounding out a full day of rallies in Florida Tuesday night, the GOP nominee went off on a tangent against Biden, calling him "Mr. Tough Guy" for comments the VP made …