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McDonald's Serves Up Chocolate-Pumpkin French Fries

Move over pumpkin spice latte. There's a new fall favorite on the McDonald's menu - in Japan.


Red Alert? Election Systems in 20 States Targeted by Hackers

There have been hacking attempts on election systems in more than 20 states — far more than had been previously acknowledged — a senior Department of Homeland Security official told NBC News on Thursday.<p>The "attempted intrusions" targeted online systems like registration databases, and not the …


The Rise of Slow TV: In Jackson Hole, A Street Corner is All the Rage - NBC News


New Flu Shot Requirement Has Officials Worried Children Won't Vaccinate - NBC News


Sources: Intel Has Drawn "Direct Links" to Russia in Election Hackings - NBC News


Clinton Battling Gary Johnson to Win Over Millennials - NBC News

Gary Johnson

S.C. School Shooting: Responding Firefighters Hailed as Heroes - NBC News


Like Other Recent Crashes, N.J. Train Lacked Auto-Braking Technology - NBC News

Donald Trump's Long History of Body Shaming

From calling women fat to making fun of how people eat and dress, here are a few insults Republican nominee Donald Trump has thrown at men and women alike over the years.

Donald Trump

1 Killed, 108 Injured as Train Slams Into New Jersey Terminal Building - NBC News

New Jersey

Zika Might Spread in Sweat and Tears, Doctors Warn

The Zika virus may spread in sweat and tears in some cases, doctors cautioned Thursday.<p>The case of a Utah man who infected his adult son before he died leaves no other alternatives, the team at the University of Utah School of Medicine said.<p>And — more bad news — the 73-year-old patient who died …


Spacecraft Rosetta Ready for Final Mission

ESA project manager Matt Taylor discusses the comet-chasing spacecraft's final mission on Comet 67P.


Month in Space: September 2016

Major lasers, satellites fly, looking down on lightning and more of September's best space pictures.


Red Bull Skydiving Team Goes For Swing Record

Take four skydivers, two hot air balloons, two swings and a lot of courage, throw them all together and you get 'Mega-Swing'. It's Red Bull's attempt at creating the world's longest swing.

South Carolina School Shooting: Six-Year-Old Jacob Hall in 'Fight for His Life'

A six-year-old boy "continues to fight for his life" a day after he was shot at his elementary school in South Carolina, a local fire chief said Thursday, as investigators said they were looking into the possibility that the teen suspect in the shooting may have been bullied.<p>Jacob Hall, a student …

American South

One boy's death is a reminder of how dangerous flu can be

SpongeBob and red Gatorade were the last things little Joseph Marotta and his mom Serese ever talked about.<p>Joseph died in 2009, a victim of the H1N1 swine flu pandemic. Now his parents Joe and Serese are advocates for flu vaccine. It’s a full-time job for Serese.<p>On Thursday Dr. Tom Frieden, …


Watch Giant Panda Cubs Sunbathing, and Falling Over

Young cubs at Chengdu Panda Base have been enjoying their first sunbathing sessions, but they need a bit of help learning to balance.

Giant Panda

The Lid: Measuring the Gary Johnson Effect

<i>Welcome to The Lid, your afternoon dose of the 2016 ethos… Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is doubling down on his foreign policy slip last night, tweeting "It's been almost 24 hours...and I still can't come up with a foreign leader I look up to." It was a bold tweet that could have only been</i> …

Gary Johnson

The 9/11 Victims' Bill Is Now Law — What's Next?

A controversial new law paves the way for American families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over that government's alleged involvement in the deadliest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.<p>And lawyers representing the 9/11 victims say they aren't wasting any time.<p>Jack Quinn, a co-counsel to more than …


Today in Pictures: Sept. 29

Papua New Guinea

Apple's New Ad Showcases Shareable Screen Effects in iOS 10

Get ready for party time, iPhone style.<p>Apple's new commercial for the iPhone 7, which is set to make its primetime debut Thursday night, is spotlighting the new expressive messaging feature in iOS 10.<p>There are plenty of new features to unwrap in the iOS 10 update that was rolled out earlier this …

Apple News

Yosemite Head Retiring Amid Reports of Harassment in Workplace

FRESNO, Calif. — The head of Yosemite National Park is retiring following employee complaints that he created a hostile workplace by allowing bullying, harassment and other misconduct, allegations also raised in other popular national parks, officials said Thursday.<p>Superintendent Don Neubacher …

Human Resources

Iowa Casts First Ballots

Early voting is underway in Iowa, where Hillary Clinton campaigned Thursday. NBC's Brian Mooar reports.

Hillary Clinton

What's 'average'? Size 16 is the new normal for US women

These curves are real — and they're spectacular.<p>That's the message women who struggle with their fashion choices have been sending for years — and a new study offers fresh ammo in the war for more choices.<p>American women have long been told that the average size is 14. Wrong! It's actually a size …


Farewell, Rosetta: Comet-Chasing Spacecraft Ready For Final Act

Rosetta, the comet-chasing spacecraft that traveled four billion miles over the course of a decade, is now ready for its grand finale.<p>After catching up to Comet 67P and spending two years observing the rubber-duck shaped comet and conducting scientific measurements, the European Space Agency's …

Rosetta Mission

23 Cute Giant Panda Cubs Make Mass Public Debut

Due to improvements in breeding technology, newborn numbers have almost doubled this year at the research center in Chengdu, southwest China.

Giant Panda

Clinton's Thoughts Iowa Flood Residents, NJ Train Wreck Victims

Speaking in Des Moines,, Hillary Clinton says her thoughts are with the Residents facing flooding in Iowa and the New Jersey train crash victims.

Hillary Clinton

$41 Million is Chicken Scratch Compared to What Stumpf Earned at Wells Fargo

While $41 million might sound like a lot of money to most Americans, when you're Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf, it's really not. At least not when compared with the size of the rest of the paychecks he collected during his tenure at the head of the disgraced bank.<p>For his past 10 years at Wells Fargo …

Wells Fargo

Conservative Newspapers Breaking Tradition to Abandon Trump

A growing number of conservative newspaper editorial boards are breaking long-standing traditions and endorsing Democrat Hillary Clinton, Libertarian Gary Johnson, or no one at all.<p>The Detroit News on Thursday backed Johnson, marking the first time in the newspaper's 143-year history its' editorial …


Obamas salute Olympians; Athletes Give President Surf Board

President Obama, first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Biden honor the welcome members of the 2016 USA Olympic and Paralympic teams to the White House.

Michelle Obama