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Asian Americans don't get treated for alcoholism. This group wants to change that for South Asians.

Breaking News Emails<p>Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings.<p>SUBSCRIBE<p>Each Thursday, a group gathers around a candle at a church in Iselin, New Jersey, to talk about their struggles with alcoholism.<p>Like many other Alcoholics …


First Read’s Morning Clips: Tax bill hits a roadblock

<b>TRUMP AGENDA: Tax bill hits a roadblock in the Senate</b><p>The big question in Washington: Will the tax bill have the votes? From NBC’s Benjy Sarlin: “Just days before an expected vote, the sweeping Republican tax bill's fate was up in the air Thursday, with few details confirmed and key senators …

Blake Farenthold

Meet the teen who overcame anxiety to become a beauty pageant winner

Sarah Pennington was 11 when she began experiencing trichotillomania, a body-focused repetitive behavior that compelled her to pull out her own hair. Now she’s Miss Maryland USA Ambassador, and she joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to raise awareness about her condition. “I was in this deep, dark little …

Megyn Kelly

How this mom's 'terrifying' postpartum depression turned her into an activist

Two years ago, Nicole Zimmerman was a new mom who should have been basking in the joys of first-time motherhood and cuddling her newborn son.<p>That wasn't the case, to her dismay.<p>"I had postpartum depression after the birth of my son," she told Megyn Kelly TODAY. "It was a terrifying experience. …

Mental Health

'Star Wars’ fans flock to Hollywood for first screenings of 'The Last Jedi'

As moviegoers waited for the opening show, a memorial plaque was unveiled to Carrie Fisher by her brother, Todd.

Star Wars

Democrats have figured out how to raise lots of money off Trump

WASHINGTON — House Democrats made a bet on Donald Trump that just paid off — bigly.<p>With two weeks to spare, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has raised twice as much money online this year as it did in 2015, officials said. Online donors gave $40.46 million in 2017 as of Thursday …


Skateboarding tot becomes viral sensation

Little Cash Rowley hit the slopes near Boise, Idaho, two days before her first birthday. Dean Johnson of KTVB reports.


Net neutrality supporters vow a reboot after FCC pulls plug

A broad coalition of public officials, activists and content producers vowed to hit Control-Alt-Delete on the Federal Communications Commission's vote Thursday to end "net neutrality" rules intended to make sure that all internet traffic is treated equally.<p>The FCC's party-line 3-2 vote after a …

Net Neutrality

Joy to the world: Santa visits preemies in NICU for early Christmas gift

April Neal should have been happy when she gave birth to her first baby, Wyatt, in early November. But instead, she was filled with worry — Wyatt arrived 13 weeks early.<p>“It is so overwhelming,” Neal told TODAY. “It is incredibly challenging to see your baby like that.”<p>Neal had preeclampsia and …


N.Y. police open preliminary investigation into sexual assault allegations against Russell Simmons

New York City police have opened a preliminary investigation into sexual assault allegations against hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, two sources familiar with the matter said on Thursday.<p>Simmons has been publicly accused of sexual misconduct by at least five women — including three who told The New …

Russell Simmons

FCC scraps net neutrality rules regulating Internet access - NBC News

The five members of the FCC voted 3-2 to scrap Obama-era net neutrality rules. The decision affects everything from streaming video services to how quickly websites load, and even what websites you see.


Female ‘Tiny Tim’ is a 10-year-old miracle - NBC News

Paris Strickland struggles to walk after overcoming a rare cancer, but became the first girl to play “Tiny Tim” in the Charles Dickens classic, “A Christmas Carol,” at Chicago’s Goodman Theater.

Charles Dickens

Simmons, Smiley on offense after sexual misconduct allegations - NBC News

Russell Simmons and Tavis Smiley are taking on accusations of inappropriate behavior, both defending themselves on social media. Meanwhile, Matt Lauer faces new accusations of an affair.

Russell Simmons

Justine Damond killing: Prosecutor says not enough evidence yet to charge officer who shot bride-to-be

County attorneys do not yet have enough evidence to file charges against a Minneapolis police officer who mistakenly shot and killed an Australian bride-to-be in July, according to the prosecutor handling the case.<p>Officer Mohamed Noor fatally shot Justine Damond, 40, on July 15 after she called …


Omarosa's exit raises questions about White House diversity - NBC News

The announcement that the controversial aide was leaving her White House post has brought with it new questions about diversity — or lack of it — in the Trump White House.


Haley displays missile as evidence Iran is violating UN resolutions - NBC News

The Trump administration accused Iran of violating United Nations resolutions, unveiling what officials said was proof that Iran is exporting missiles and other military hardware to a rebel group in Yemen.


Putin praises Trump, dismisses Russia collusion claims - NBC News

In a wide-ranging press conference Thursday, the Russian president addressed everything from the U.S. presidential election to his own election challengers.


GOP seeks to eliminate Obamacare’s individual mandate - NBC News

Unable to kill Obamacare, Republicans are instead trying to undermine it, using the tax plan to eliminate an Obama-era mandate that requires every American to have health insurance.


Republicans scramble to lock down tax votes - NBC News

With Sens. Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and Bob Corker not yet pledging support, and Sens. McCain and Cochran out for health reasons, the GOP could fall short of the 50 votes needed to pass its tax bill.

Bob Corker

Four children killed, 11 injured after train hits French school bus

PARIS — A regional train hit a school bus on a crossing in southern France on Thursday, killing four children and critically injuring 11 other people on the bus, the French interior ministry said.<p>Photos from the scene tweeted by a local television station showed the train derailed and the bus shorn …


From the Disney-Fox deal to Trump: 4 times ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the future

The writers behind "The Simpsons" must have one powerful crystal ball.<p>The long-running animated sitcom predicted that The Walt Disney Company would buy 21st Century Fox — almost two decades ago.<p>It's not the first time the Emmy-winning comedy accurately looked into the future. Here's a round-up of …

The Simpsons

Trump cuts red tape at White House event touting deregulation

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump, posing beside tall stacks of paper meant to represent regulations holding back American industry, touted his administration's deregulatory efforts Thursday and said there's more to come.<p>"In 1960, there were approximately 20,000 pages in the code of federal …

Roosevelt Room

Sanctions trial: Will Turkish banker Hakan Atilla take stand?

For seven days, Turkish banker Hakan Atilla sat in a wood-paneled New York courtroom and listened as a playboy gold trader portrayed him as the architect of a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions.<p>Now Atilla has to decide whether to take the stand in his own defense.<p>His attorneys indicated Thursday that …


Camille Grammer reveals she underwent surgery for skin cancer

Camille Grammer has revealed she's been treated for cancer again.<p>The 49-year-old former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" cast member shared the news in an upbeat Instagram post that included a photo of her smiling in her hospital bed next to her oncologist, Dr. Beth Karlan.<p>Grammer, the ex-wife of …


What not to do at your office holiday party

Better<p>What not to do at your office holiday party<p>03:24<p>Here's a better way to shower, according to dermatologists<p>01:05<p>What I learned from living with a faster brain<p>03:06<p>How to Tell if Someone Is Lying to You<p>02:11<p>We tried Tom Brady’s diet at a bar<p>04:47<p>Holiday stress? Chill out with these three …

Tom Brady

How many 'likes' does it take to build a dystopia? We're about to find out.

We cannot be dependent on Facebook’s benevolence for protection from government surveillance.<p>Dec.14.2017 / 10:12 PM ET<p>Collect the data and they will come. They, in the case of Facebook and other social media sites, being mainly advertisers. Oh, and also the government. Most social media sites are …


Tax bill kills health insurance mandate. Who will pay more?

The final tax bill being hammered out among Republicans in Congress thoroughly kills one of the most controversial provisions of the Affordable Care Act — the mandate.<p>The mandate requires just about everyone to have some form of health insurance or pay a fine. The Supreme Court calls it a tax.<p>It …

Health Care

Google helps NASA's Kepler telescope find eighth exoplanet around star

Machine learning pinpoints a sizzling-hot, rocky planet called Kepler-90i.<p>NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope has discovered more than 2,300 exoplanets since its 2009 launch. Now, with the help of machine learning technology from Google, the space agency says it has spotted an eighth planet orbiting a …


Sen. Rubio could vote 'no' on tax bill

The Florida Republican says he can't support the GOP-led tax reform bill unless it has a child tax credit.


Rubio comes out against GOP tax bill, passage uncertain

WASHINGTON — Just days before an expected vote, the sweeping Republican tax bill's fate was up in the air Thursday, with few details confirmed and key senators withholding support unless changes were made.<p>Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., announced he would oppose the bill unless it expanded a child tax …

Richard Blumenthal