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8 Added | 1 Magazine | @MustafaBisic | I'm a white-water rafting athlete, rescue worker, and a river guide. I'm an avid reader and a compassionate marketer. I work in a startup called Ninjodo CRM; Australia-based rockstar CRM tool for small and medium sized businesses . This is my personal best reads list in regard to everything startups and entrepreneurship related (including marketing, sales, customer service)

This Bookstore’s Clickbait Headlines on Facebook Are Actually the Plots of Classic Novels

Does the end ever justify a means like clickbait?<p>That’s debatable. But a new contender in the discussion is Dallas bookstore The Wild Detectives, …

Advertising Industry

How to Write Content Both Humans and Search Engines Love

I’m a big fan of Google.<p>That means that every single word that I write has the “mumbo jumbo” that appeals to search engines. In other words, each …

What we learned about Product Hunt after 4 startup launches and more than 4000 upvotes

Hey,<p>Congrats on being featured in the daily top 10 on Product Hunt!<p>We’re doing some research on top products on PH — can you let us know what the …

Product Management

The Anatomy of Charisma - Issue 45: Power

For weeks I had been researching what science has to say about the power of charisma. Why do some people so clearly have it and others don’t? Why do …


10 Super Ninja Ways You Can Find Any Email Address And Avoid Being Pushy At Sales

Let’s think about the major ways to communicate directly with your potential clients for a second. The first way is to cold call them and the second …


World's Largest Startup Company Platform


A Look At The Most Consistent Content Used To Drive Sales

You have several formats to choose from when building your content marketing strategy, including blogs, whitepapers, case studies, eBooks, and …


How to Create More Content (In Less Time) QTT #15

How to Create More Content (In Less Time) QTT #15<p><p>article