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7 Genius Brain Boosters to Try Before Work

To help you tackle the tasks of your day and sharpen your brain for years to come, add these simple brain boosters to your early-morning routine.<p>So …


21 Tricks to Lose Weight While Sitting Down

We've all heard the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle (and if you haven't, they include obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular …

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7 Ways to Get Things Done When You “Don’t Feel Like It”

You're reading 7 Ways to Get Things Done When You “Don’t Feel Like It”, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If …

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11 Super Inspiring Muhammad Ali Quotes |

Throughout his career, Muhammad Ali--the late heavyweight-boxing champion, Olympic gold medalist, and civil rights activist--garnered a reputation for his positive and motivational outlook on life. While he never went into business himself, quite a business empire was built around his athletic …


Top 10: the best London hotels near Oxford Street

An expert guide to the top London hotels near Oxford Street — eight minutes' walk or less — including the best hotels for top-notch spas, funky cocktail bars, family-friendly services and budget accommodation, in locations near to Oxford Circus, Selfridges, Soho, Marylebone and Tottenham Court Road.<p>…

Muhammad Ali: A Life in Pictures


Universe is expanding up to 9% faster than we thought, say scientists

Measurements taken by Hubble space telescope conflict with studies of radiation left over from Big Bang – fuelling theories of ‘dark energy’ and mystery particles<p>The universe is expanding faster than anyone had previously measured or calculated from theory. This is a discovery that could test part …