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Why Dogs Will Eat Anything But Cats Are Fussy as Hell

Anyone who’s watched a cat throwing up after munching on grass knows that our feline friends aren’t natural plant eaters. So you might be surprised …


NASA Just Released A Breathtaking Photo Of Southern India Taken From Space

All that glitters is South India.


Optimize Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

See how a few simple tweaks could turn your bedroom into an oasis of restful sleep and sweet dreams.<p>Did you know that your bedroom can affect your quality of rest? From temperature to light and more, scientific studies and sleep researchers have found that our environments have real and measurable …

Cultivating Happiness In Your Life

There are many people in the world with amazing, magical qualities. I have my own, very special magical gift. I can, for a seemingly endless amount of time, re-play a bad experience over and over in my head . . .<p><b>I Gotta Grudge</b><p>It's almost like a loop tape, screening the same bad memory. Repeatedly. …