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What's Going On In Your Child's Brain When You Read Them A Story?

"I want The Three Bears!"<p>These days parents, caregivers and teachers have lots of options when it comes to fulfilling that request. You can read a picture book, put on a cartoon, play an audiobook, or even ask Alexa.<p>A newly published study gives some insight into what may be happening inside young …

The Brain

Something Is Sucking Iron Out of Earth's Crust, and Scientists Think They Know What

What makes the Red Planet red? The answer, as Sherlock Holmes might say, is elementary. And that element is iron.<p>The continental crust of Mars is so …

Earth Science

Between Mastery and Differentiation How Can Teachers Improve Learning Outcomes in Primary School Maths?

Is it actually possible to improve learning outcomes in numeracy within an inclusive, primary school general education classroom, asks …


A Deadly Heat Wave Is Sweeping Over Pakistan

For the past month, South Asia has been home to some of the most extreme weather on the planet. Pakistan set an all-time world heat record for April, …

Climate Change

Creeping Lava Now Threatens Major Hawaiian Power Plant

Molten lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has entered the grounds of Puna Geothermal Venture, a geothermal power plant that provides about 25 percent …


New 'plastic tax' planned to drive use of unrecyclable material out of existence

Firms who package goods in unrecyclable plastic will be hit with massive costs under plans to drive its use “out of existence”, <i>The Independent</i> can …


Hawaii's erupting Kilauea volcano, in pictures


The Reason Curious Kids Are More Likely to Succeed in School

New research finds curious kids achieve greater success in school, regardless of their socioeconomic status.<p>Plenty of parents will tell you that one …


Deep beneath the Pacific, another active Hawaiian volcano waits to emerge

As Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to spew lava into neighborhoods and eject foreboding plumes of dark ash into the sky, a nearby underwater …


Enormous Wildfires Are Spreading in Siberia

Dry, warm weather has primed Siberia for wildfires this spring. After a moderate outbreak in April, the countryside has lit up in a major way in May. …


Wholeheartedly agree with @NaturalEngland about the importance of outdoor learning for children, I used to do bark rubbings in the park - as good as it gets growing up in inner London! #OutdoorClassroomDay

Almost everything you know about e-waste is wrong

Many of us think we know what electronic waste is because we wonder what to do with devices we no longer want or need.<p>It’s the old cellphone and its …


Primary and secondary teamwork lifts results by 20%

A multi-academy trust says it has boosted its English and maths results by using pupils' former primary school teachers to monitor their performance …


Digimaps for Schools now includes geo-referenced phtos

Are you a teacher? Or a governor? Or have children at school? Then you need to know that the popular Digimap for Schools service has been updated to …

United Kingdom

How to make geography more exciting: practical ideas to bring the subject to life (sponsored article)

Geography is a diverse subject. As geography teachers, we know how powerful it is and the doors it opens for our students in terms of the diverse …


Hawaii on 'Red Alert' After Huge Ash Cloud Bursts From Kilauea Volcano

Hawaii issued an aviation red alert Tuesday after the Kilauea volcano spewed a plume of ash into the air, with authorities warning the volcano could …


Colombia: tens of thousands of ordered to evacuate after floods at dam

600 people already left homeless after heavy floods at hydroelectric dam project, with another wave of flooding feared<p>Tens of thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in western Colombia after heavy floods at Colombia’s largest hydroelectric dam project, which had already …


Geologic evidence confirms existence of 405,000-year Milankovitch cycle

Earth’s rock record preserves evidence of numerous natural processes, from evolution and extinction to catastrophes and climate change, and sometimes …

Climate Change

How Giant Dinosaurs Sat on Their Eggs Without Crushing Them

Fossil nests from oviraptorosaurs show the special strategy these birdlike dinosaurs used to keep their young safe.<p>Imagine a hummingbird sitting on a tiny nest filled with even teenier eggs. Adorable, right? Now picture a dinosaur the size of a fully grown hippopotamus settling onto its eggs—sounds …


"If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it." - David Sobel #eespiration

“Many of our children are not well because we’ve been more focused in education on what is easily quantified rather than what is most important. We have lost sight of what our children need to be happy, healthy, & contributing citizens to the global society. @msoskil @Teaching4IR

India's New Reality: More Frequent and Severe Dust Storms

Scientists point to rising global temperatures as the cause of more intense weather across the region.Indian Hindu devotees walk through a dust storm …

Climate Change

Why do Pupils Become Disengaged, and How Can You Stop It?

Adam Riches outlines four key factors why students switch off in lessons, and ways in which you can keep them engaged and enthused about …


1,000-foot-long fissure opens on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano amid fears of an explosive eruption

Two new fissures cracked open on Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano over the weekend, and magma and rock burst into the air. Local Mark Clawson, who hadn’t …


How Carbon Dioxide Kills Ocean Life

Carbon Dioxide

Paleontologists Investigate a Jurassic Bite

A damaged bone at Dinosaur National Monument reveals the feeding habits of a Jurassic carnivore


Costa Rica Plans to Be the World's First Fossil Fuel-Free Country

If you’re looking for a beacon of climate hope in our dark, wretched world, look to Costa Rica. The country accounts for a fraction of the world’s …

Fossil Fuels

Maasai herders driven off land to make way for luxury safaris, report says

Tanzanian government accused of putting indigenous people at risk in order to grant foreign tourists access to Serengeti wildlife<p>The Tanzanian government is putting foreign safari companies ahead of Maasai herding communities as environmental tensions grow on the fringes of the Serengeti national …


Going Beyond PIE: 5 Ways to Teach Students How to Find the Author’s Purpose

If you teach students about author’s purpose, you probably already know about the acronym PIE (persuade, inform, entertain) and the related cutesy …


Fossils from when Wales and Canada were joined together

<b>In the basement stores of National Museum Wales in Cardiff, Caroline Buttler is giving a private tour.</b><p>As the head of palaeontology, she is in charge of the museum's 300,000 fossil specimens - many not usually seen by the public.<p>Among the drawers and shelves that stretch floor to ceiling - carefully …