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Recognizing Complex Trauma

Treating trauma is a task most therapists can expect to undertake in their career. In today’s social and political climate, in which soldiers are …

Mental Health

A psychologist explains how to beat social anxiety

The problem isn’t your social skills<p>It is rarely helpful to tell a shy person to “just be yourself!” Riffing on that frustrating exchange, clinical psychologist Ellen Hendriksen has written a book that she hopes will answer the question the anxious person usually asks in return: How?<p>Hendriksen …


10 Reasons Why Some of Us Are So Vulnerable to Depression

Source: Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock<p>People’s thoughts and attitudes explain why some develop depression following stressful life events. The …


Treating Eating Disorders - Philosophy and Approaches to Treating Eating Disorders - Articles - Eating Disorders

Page 2 of 5<p>Psychodynamic therapy can offer a lot to eating disordered individuals and may be an important factor in treatment, but a strict …

Mental Health

What It Really Means to Love Yourself: 3 Aspects of a Deeper Self-Care

We often hear that it’s important to love yourself. Sounds good, right? But what does it actually mean to love and care for yourself?<p>For some people, …


The Family Dynamics of Patients With Borderline Personality

In my last post, I discussed how children act out certain roles in their family of origin in order to try to emotionally stabilize parents who are …


Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Massage Therapy

CBT Strategies for Anxious and Depressed Children and Adolescents

CBT Strategies for Anxious and Depressed Children and Adolescents: A ...<p>By Eduardo L. Bunge, Javier Mandil, Mart¡n Gomar, Andr s J. Consoli

Cognitive Science

Evidence-Based CBT for Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents

Evidence-Based CBT for Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents: A ...<p>By Elizabeth S. Sburlati, Heidi J. Lyneham, Carolyn A. Schniering, …


Cognitive Therapy with Children and Adolescents, Third Edition

Cognitive Science

I Went to Space and Floated Above Earth Thanks to This Immersive Helmet

At the theater event Wednesday (March 14), National Geographic offered a preview of the new series with a special presentation of video footage that …

Space Exploration

It Turns Out Elizabeth Holmes Was a Massive Fraud, and We Helped Create Her

How the media helped create the legend of Elizabeth Holmes, and enabled her fraud in the process.<p>Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has been charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with defrauding investors of $700 million. As a part of her settlement, Holmes will step away from the …

Elizabeth Holmes

How to Succeed as an Introvert When Your Job Relies on Communication

It's about making sure that people know what you have to offer.<p><i>What are some tips for introverts that can help them succeed in communication-heavy roles? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the</b> …

Sheryl Sandberg

She Was Told 'No' 100 Times. Now This 30-Year-Old Female Founder Runs a $1 Billion Business.

Melanie Perkins, the co-founder and CEO of popular design platform Canva, and her team are constantly chasing big goals.<p><i>Editor's Note: Entrepreneur's</i> <i>"20 Questions"</i> <i>series features both established and up-and-coming entrepreneurs and asks them a number of questions about what makes them tick, their</i> …

South-east Asia

13 Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics | Dr. Janet G. Woititz | Bloomfield, NJ

The 13 Characteristics of Adult Children of Alcoholics<p>"Adult Children of Alcoholics was originally written with only children of alcoholics in mind. …


'I was raped and pimped out to VIP sex parties at 20 and kept my dark secret for 38 years'

Tony Daly stood amid the traffic on Charing Cross Road, breathing in the smoggy London air and feeling bewildered by the noise and colour surrounding …

Oxford Street

Why Ravens and Crows Are Earth’s Smartest Birds

Their brains may be tiny, but birds have been known to outsmart children and apes.<p>Until the 21st century, birds were largely dismissed as simpletons. How smart can you be with a brain the size of a nut?<p>And yet the more we study bird intelligence, the more those assumptions are breaking down. …


A Lump in the Throat

31 Unexpected Hacks For Coping With Social Anxiety, According To Reddit

We all get nervous in social settings from time to time, whether that comes in the form of fretting over a first date or worrying about a work …


Psychologists Have Found Where All the Top Entrepreneurs Live (and It's Not Where You Think)

Hardwired entrepreneurs live among one another in clustered populations<p>Entrepreneurship isn't for anyone and everyone. There's a only a select few who actually possess the drive to become a founder. Let alone succeed as one.<p>This isn't mere hyperbole. There's mounting scientific evidence to show …

San Francisco

3 Ways to Live a Beautiful Successful Life According to Stephen Hawking

Words we can all live by.<p>Stephen Hawking was an iconic man and inspirational to all. The famed theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author died yesterday of a progressive neurodegenerative disease at the age of 76.<p>What struck me the most about Hawking was his ability to provide such powerful …


Stephen Hawking’s Beautiful Mind

<b>A brief history of Stephen Hawking</b><p>Stephen Hawking spent his scientific life exploring some of the deepest questions a human caught in the Einsteinian opera of space and time could ask.<p>Although Einstein himself never really accepted it, his general theory of relativity predicted that if enough mass …


Stephen Hawking's final Reddit post was an ominous warning about the future of humanity and capitalism

Cancan Chu/Getty Images<p><b>Stephen Hawking's final Reddit post was an ominous warning about the future of humanity.</b>• <b><br>Technological automation could result in a utopia, the late physicist said — or it could send inequality skyrocketing and leave most people "miserably poor."</b>• <b><br>"The trend seems to be toward</b> …


Play Therapy Feeling Cookie Technique

<i>Play Therapy Technique | The Feeling Cookie</i><p><i>Express Your Emotions Creatively with this fun play therapy technique!</i><p>In this fun play therapy activity / …


10 forbidden places that no one is allowed to visit

Andaman and Nicobar

11 Seemingly Innocent Habits That Can Actually Make Someone A Toxic Person

For people who are struggling to maintain healthy relationships with their friends, family, and partners, it can help to look at any toxic …



Children's drawings drawings may be interpreted in a variety of ways. Tests such as the Bender-Gestalt and the House-Tree-Person provide information …