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Christian Terrorists Go On Trial In Kansas

March 23, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>They called themselves “The Crusaders”: Trial begins for Christian terrorists accused of plotting to bomb a mosque in …


Report: Austin Bomber Trained With Christian Survivalist Group

March 22, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Guns and Bibles: Austin bomber Mark Anthony Conditt trained with Righteous Invasion of Truth (RIOT) a Christian …

Austin Bombings

The Exodus Debunked: Narrative Sources

March 23, 2018 by Jonathan MS Pearce<p>“It is thus clearer than the sun at noonday that the Pentateuch was not written by Moses, but by someone who …


Faith Healing Parents On Trial For Death Of 2-Year-Old Daughter

March 20, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Faith healing kills: Parents on trial after two-year-old daughter dies because parents treated pneumonia with prayers …


Teacher Charged With Abuse After Stomping on Foot of Child Who Didn’t See Jesus

This happened in Florida. Because of course it did.


Christian Author: Atheists Are the Most “Ignorant and Dangerous People on Earth”

Anthony DeStefano's new anti-atheist book contains a lot of whining but no substance.


Catholics Online Claim Stephen Hawking Experienced Deathbed Conversion

March 19, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Liars for Jesus: In a pathetic attempt to prop up their corrupt religious superstition, some Catholics claim Stephen …


Former Jehovah’s Witnesses Speak Out Against the Cruel Practice of Shunning

There are many reasons you should never become a Jehovah's Witness. The practice of Disfellowshipping should be at the top of the list.


The Exodus Debunked: Coming out of Egypt

March 19, 2018 by Jonathan MS Pearce<p>I will continue my deconstruction of the Exodus accounts by concentrating on the issues surrounding the claims of …

Ancient History

Women Must Break Free from Religion’s Toxic, Sexist Status Quo

Women shouldn't have to put up with men who are sexist or abusive. Yet so many worship a God who's both.

Barnes & Noble

Review: August Greene, 'August Greene'

<i>Note: NPR's First Listen audio comes down after the album is released.</i><p>August Greene is out now via <i>Amazon Music.</i><p>"As we go into the well of the black pool of genius," Common intones during the opening bars of <i>August Greene</i>. It's a fitting incantation for a time in which black culture increasingly …

Rap & Hip-Hop

Kentucky House Passes Prayer Bill (Because Actually Helping People Is Too Hard)

This bill accomplishes nothing, but at least Republicans will feel good about themselves.

Stephen Hawking

Here's All The Black Women Who Actually Started #MeToo | The Rundown With Robin Thede

Women of Color

Texas Lawmaker Mocks Stephen Hawking For Being An Atheist

March 14, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>Stay classy Texas: Conservative Christian lawmaker Briscoe Cain mocks Stephen Hawking for being an atheist only hours …

Stephen Hawking

Ex-Priest Had 2,000 Child Porn Files, and Some Depicted Rape and Torture of Kids

Once again, a man who claimed to represent a divine moral standard failed to measure up to any human one.


Trump Taps Pompeo, Dangerous Christian Extremist, For Secretary Of State

March 13, 2018 by Michael Stone<p>President Donald Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and replaced him with current CIA Director Mike …

Mike Pompeo

A Bunch of Religious People Think Stephen Hawking Is Currently Burning in Hell

You knew this was going to happen.

Stephen Hawking

Congressional Republicans Want to Stop a Humanist from Becoming a Navy Chaplain

GOP members of Congress are trying to thwart the appointment of a chaplain who doesn't share their religious views.


Generation Z Is Less Religious Than Ever, and Evangelicals Don’t Know Why

One evangelical writer said, in complete sincerity, that the way to keep teenagers in the church was to "stop pretending and start living in reality."


The Exodus Debunked: the Hyksos and the Land of Goshen

March 12, 2018 by Jonathan MS Pearce<p>I will continue my deconstruction of the Exodus accounts by concentrating on Moses. The articles so far have been:<p>…

Ancient History

The science of skin - Emma Bryce


Scientists have established a link between brain damage and religious fundamentalism

A study published in the journal Neuropsychologia has shown that religious fundamentalism is, in part, the result of a functional impairment in a …

New York Times

There’s a Problem With Your Religion When It Targets Children Ages 4-14

If targeting children is how you spread your religion, there's something seriously wrong with your beliefs.


Shock: The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem | Christianity

The Crusades: An Arab Perspective <i>is a four-part documentary series telling the dramatic story of the Crusades seen through Arab eyes, from the seizing of Jerusalem under Pope Urban II in 1099, to its recapture by Salah ad-Din (also known as Saladin), Richard the Lionheart's efforts to regain the</i> …

World History

Black Believers Are Abandoning Mostly White Evangelical Churches for Good Reason

The overwhelming white evangelical support of Donald Trump was the final straw.

New York Times

Sade’s new song is here! Her first track in 7 years

The wait is over, the legendary Sade’s new track has been revealed by producer No ID.<br>As we previously reported, the song, ‘Flower of the Universe’ …

New Singles

Humanist Women in History: Alice Walker

<i>March is Women’s History Month in the United States, the UK, and Australia. In commemoration we bring you part two of this year’s four-part series,</i> …


Asked About Her Purpose in Life, Malala Yousafzai Gave a Very Humanistic Answer

March 11, 2018 by Hemant Mehta<p>On the episode of <b>David Letterman</b>‘s Netflix show <i>My Next Guest Needs No Introduction</i> that began streaming on Friday, he …

Malala Yousafzai

Missionaries Who Gave Kids Bible-Based Beatings Receive Only 32 Months in Jail

March 11, 2018 by David G. McAfee<p>A Christian missionary couple gave violent, Bible-inspired beatings to their three adopted children, and they were …


Well That Escalated Quickly – Atheist Kicked off Egyptian TV

Well That Escalated Quickly – Atheist Kicked off Egyptian TV<p>March 10, 2018 by Jonathan MS Pearce<p>This makes me so sad.<p>[facebook video]<p>ATHEIST KICKED …