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YouTube is now one step closer virtual reality videos

BI Intelligence<p>YouTube launched its first 360-degree video ad yesterday, enabling advertisers to explore a format developed for virtual reality (VR) …

South Asia

NASA Discovers ‘Earth 2.0’ Planet Kepler 452B

NASA announces the discovery of a new planet which they believe is Earth’s closest twin outside the solar system. ITV’s Alok Jha takes a closer look at Kepler 452B.


World's first malaria vaccine approved after 30 years of trials

The European Medicines Agency has approved the world's first malaria vaccine - meaning that it could be administered to children across Africa within the next few years<p>Scientists across Africa are celebrating the news that the world's first vaccine against malaria has been approved by the European …

Too little of this hormone may make you overeat - Futurity

A hormone deficiency in the brain may be a reason why we eat even if we're not hungry.

'Gay genes': science is on the right track, we're born this way. Let’s deal with it.

A recent article argued that sexuality is down to choice, not genetics. But the scientific evidence says otherwise, and points to a strong biological origin<p>In a recent Guardian article , Simon Copland argued that it is very unlikely people are born gay (or presumably any other sexual orientation). …


Nasa releases new photographs from Pluto fly-by – in pictures

Nasa’s New Horizons team on Friday revealed new images and discussed the latest results from the spacecraft’s historic flight through the Pluto system. Earlier in the day they released a new image of the dwarf planet in full ‘false’ color

Solar System

Anti-Drone Systems Are Starting to Take Off

Camera drones have opened a whole new world of possibilities for photographers looking for a way to capture aerial images, but the meteoric rise in …


Flickr Bringing Back Pro: Pay to Get Badge, Analytics, and No Ads

Flickr is bringing back Pro memberships. Today the photo sharing service announced that paid subscription plans are returning for both existing and …


Iran Nuclear Agreement Hearing in Washington

Foreign Policy

Amazon overtakes Walmart to become largest US retailer

Shock profit pushes up shares and gives Amazon a market cap of more than $261bn<p>Amazon overtook Walmart on Thursday night to become the largest US retailer by market capitalisation, after announcing a rare profit.<p>Shares in the online retailer, led by founder Jeff Bezos, jumped more than 16pc in …

There's a 'new normal' in America's job market, and it isn't pretty

Pay is sluggish. Many part-timers can't find full-time work. And a diminished share of Americans either have a job or are looking for one.<p>Yet in the face of global and demographic shifts, this may be what a nearly healthy U.S. job market now looks like.<p>An aging population is sending an outsize …