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People Are Adopting These Giant Rabbits and Once You See Them, You'll Probably Want One Too

Move over, dogs and cats. There's a new pet that's coming for your crown — and he's almost as big as a Rottweiler (but twice as fluffy).<p>Lately, …

Bear cub locks himself inside car, honks horn alerting owner

Some of you may find this story scary, others will find it adorable.<p>On Thursday, a bear cub in Roanoke, Virginia, locked himself inside a Honda Pilot.<p>…

Bear Cubs

Adorable otters seem OK with unsettling otter spycam

If otters experience the uncanny valley, this otter-like spycam seems just enough like an otter for them to accept, but not enough like an otter for …

Man captures video of being chased by an otter

<b>A forestry worker filmed the moment he was chased by an otter after he discovered it on a road in Dumfries and Galloway.</b><p>Rory MacPherson's video has now been viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook.<p>In it he can be heard laughing as the wild animal tries to bite his feet.<p>But when the …

Cute Animals

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Cat Playing With Vacuum Attachment Keeps Getting Its Mouth Sucked In

This is a short video of Garfield's much more active sister Rijka repeatedly getting her mouth sucked into a vacuum hose attachment while trying to …

RedLipstick Resurrected

It's raining..

This Baby Is A Cat Toy Now

A very expensive cat toy.<p>As you’re probably aware, we’re animal lovers here at HuffPost Weird News. From dogs and cats to monkeys and rebellious squirrels, we adore them all.<p>So even though you won’t find this new cat toy in one of our great gift guides, we can declare with some confidence based on …


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For anyone feeling a bit sad, just remember that jumping spiders sometimes wear water droplets as hats.

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bird dropped his glasses

Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of Cats Sitting In Tiny Chairs

And these chairs are juuuuust right.


Oreo Silk Pie

I’m all about no-bake desserts as the temperature heats up. For today, I’m sharing a silk pie that is based on the chocolate silk pie from BHG.<p>It’s …


Stunning Self Portraits of a Woman Sharing an Eye with Various Animals

Hungarian artist Flra Borsi has a keen talent for creating surreal visuals. We have featured Borso before, with her collection of playful time-travel edits and enchanting urban landscapes, and the self taught artist just continues to improve and impress. Her latest series of skillful photo …

Time Travel