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The Science of Swearing: Your Filthy Mouth Helps You Make Friends

Swearing actually serves a valuable social function, research shows.<p>Science has good news for the potty-mouthed.<p>Whatever your mother used to tell you, recent research actually shows that those with a broad knowledge of profanity, actually tend to have a larger vocabulary than those who never utter …


Peeple, the 'Yelp for people' review app, launches in North America on Monday


Yahoo cutting workforce by 15% after announcing $4.4bn loss

CEO Marissa Mayer announces a ‘strategic plan’ that includes cutting 1,700 jobs and is expected to lead to the sale of parts of its business<p>Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer has announced plans to cut the company’s workforce by 15% and close five foreign offices by the end of 2016.<p>The struggling …

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Kickstarter project of the week: dokiWatch smartwatch for kids

The CES craze had us going nuts with content, so it was a bit hard to bring you our ‘Kickstarter project of the week” articles for a while, but we are back in the game and today we are showing off a funding campaign for a product we know plenty of parents and kiddos will love.<p>Today we are talking …

Wear OS

Tuition Fee Calculator

Murdoch introduced unit-based fees for all International courses in 2014. Previously, an annual course fee was charged. The Unit fees broadly reflect …

Vietnam veteran makes emotional journey to return belongings of soldier he shot and killed to family

After years of searching, an Australian Vietnam veteran has tracked down the family of a Vietnamese soldier he shot and killed, to return belongings …

North Korea

The most Aussie bloke ever could go to jail for growing too many potatoes

<i>Tony Galati has lost part of his battle with the Potato Marketing Corporation (PMC), the "potato regulator" mentioned in this story, according to ABC</i> …

Western Australia

Tall vs short: Which is it better to be?

Is bigger better, or do the best things really come in small packages?<p>Your height is a simple biological fact that you can do little to change, yet it may be influencing your destiny in ways you didn’t realise. BBC Future combed through the evidence to size up its impact on everything from your …

Hackers stole 5.6 million government fingerprints - more than estimated

It's becoming painfully clear that the massive theft of federal personnel records is worse than previously thought.<p>On Wednesday, the Office of Personnel Management said hackers stole 5.6 million fingerprints it had on file. That's significantly higher than the agency's original estimate of 1.1 …

Xi Jinping

Giving Birth in Different Worlds

The photographs in the series “Hundred Times the Difference,” by the photographer Moa Karlberg, capture, in closeup, the faces of women in the final stages of giving birth. Across the images, there is a range of expressions: grit and sensuality, trepidation and expectation, pain and elation. But in …

Who is Martin Shkreli - 'the most hated man in America'?

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/world/1195000/1195251_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1518393760_0940d9af041a896920c4b52d2401c5a2<p><b>Judging by social media, Martin Shkreli, the 32-year-old chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals, may be the most hated man in America right …


Donald Trump's Phone Call with Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton
Shinzo Abe

Jeb Bush wants Margaret Thatcher on $10 note

<b>US Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has picked the UK's former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, as his choice for the face of the $10 bill.</b><p>The former Florida governor made the surprise suggestion during a televised debate for the top Republicans vying for the presidential nomination.<p>All …

Ahmed Mohamed, Teen Cuffed Over Homemade Clock, Eyes MIT

After encouragement from the likes of President Barack Obama and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, a Muslim high school student in Texas who was arrested after he brought in a homemade clock said Wednesday he wants to transfer to another school.<p>"I guess everyone knows: I’m the person who built a …

Mark Zuckerberg

Vietnam latest news

Thank you readers, contributors and friends!<p>From September 15, 2016, the website is no longer updated. All the articles we have published can still …

Shaping the festival: How Hanoi craftsmen create mooncake molds

With the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, many families are buying mooncakes to celebrate.<p>But some still prefer making the cake themselves, with …

Marine population halved since 1970 - report

<b>Populations of marine mammals, birds, fish and reptiles have declined by 49% since 1970, a report says.</b><p>The study says some species people rely on for food are faring even worse, noting a 74% drop in the populations of tuna and mackerel.<p>In addition to human activity such as overfishing, the report …

World Wildlife Fund

The Truth about the Vietnam War

Vietnam War

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09 - GMO Documentary Genetic Roulette 17 minute trailer (Phụ đề Việt)

Hands on with the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus: 3D Touch is for real

Apple's tagline for the new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus is "the only thing that's changed is everything."<p>And as much as I would like to reject that …

Syrian refugees: Which countries welcome them, which ones don't

<b>(CNN) —</b> The expanding Syrian refugee crisis highlights the differences among countries that welcome desperate migrants and those that don't.<p>Some 4.1 million Syrians are fleeing a homeland riven by more than four years of civil war. Some countries have taken in so many migrants it's caused a …