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Another lab that we did that was very interesting was the Gummy Bear Lab. I had and idea of what was going to happen, but it was really interesting to see it come to fruition. Looking at the results of a regular gummy bear go to a bloated semi-transparent gummy bear was interesting. Although it might be interesting because I wanted to see if other objects get bloated.

My name is Mitchell Takata and this is my Reflection Project. This project will go over the highlights of my First Semester of Honors Biology. I hope you enjoy and have a nice day!

Creative Writing

He tried again, and failed. And again, and failed. Mitch knew he was going to have to do something different. He didn’t know how he was going to do …

My first Chapter Map has an abysmal score of 38/62. Because of this, I listened to what Mrs. Diver was telling us what had to be in the chapter map. The second time through I had gotten a 46/46. Then, every single Chapter Map after the first one has had all full scores. Because of this, I put my second Chapter Map under “Study Skills and Learning New Information” inside the “Improvement” magazine.

I put this Chemistry of Living Things notes in the “Improvement” magazine for several reasons. However, the best reason why I put this assignment under Improvement was because this was one of the first assignments where I really tried to improve on my Drawings/Examples. With more comprehensible examples I was able to study it more easily.

I put the Cell Structure and Function Diagrams under the “Cell Structure and Function” inside the “Improvement” magazine. I did this because this was one of the first assignments where I got a full score because I fid what was asked and nothing more or less. Others were marked down because they for got to do the 5 questions or label the letters. But, because I listened I had no problems with this assignment.

Before this lab, I didn’t know what Microscopy was. However after this lab, I was highly interested in it. I was really cool to look my own microscope but it was even better to look at other group’s pictures that had better angles. It was also interesting to think that something so small was alive. Because of this I put this assignment under “Microscopy” inside the “Passion” magazine.

The Elodea Photosynthesis Lab was put into the “Achievement” magazine because this was the first lab where not one but both of my hypothesis were correct. Up until that point my hypothesis were plain wrong or just off their mark. However, getting two hypothesis correct, although simple, still made me feel happy and accomplished. I was excited to know that I understood something to the point that I could predict what was going to happen in a real life situation. Because of this, I have put the Elodea Photosynthesis Lab under “Science and Laboratory” inside the “Achievement” magazine.

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I put theYeast Lab Part 2 as an achievement because I really feel like I was in a group that could work very cohesively. So, I thought I I was becoming a better table partner. Throughout this lab, you had to trust that some of your teammates would get their end of the lab done . We all played our parts and succeeded. I felt like I helped in a lab and contributed just as much as everybody else. In other labs I felt like I was doing such a small part or I was doing more than I should’ve. But, with this group, I felt pretty relaxed and confident that my group would not let me down. Because of this, the Yeast Lab Part 2 is under “Collaboration/Teamwork” in the “Achievement” magazine.

Honors Reflection Project