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kvell: to be extraordinarily pleased; especially, to be bursting with pride, as over one's family.


Doomed twin stars found at nebula's heart

<b>At the centre of a mysterious nebula, astronomers have discovered two stars locked in such a tight orbit that they will eventually merge and explode.</b><p>Both stars are white dwarfs - the heaviest such pair ever discovered.<p>To reignite and explode into a supernova, a white dwarf must gain mass, either by …


Heart of Earth's inner core revealed

<b>Scientists say they have gained new insight into what lies at the very centre of the Earth.</b><p>Research from China and the US suggests that the innermost core of our planet has another, distinct region at its centre.<p>The team believes that the structure of the iron crystals there is different from those …

Earth Science

'Alien Earth' is among eight new far-off planets

<b>One of eight new planets spied in distant solar systems has usurped the title of "most Earth-like alien world", astronomers have said.</b><p>All eight were picked out by Nasa's Kepler space telescope, taking its tally of such "exoplanets" past 1,000.<p>Three of the new crop sit within the "habitable zone" of …


Age of stars is pinned to their spin

<b>Astronomers have proved that they can accurately tell the age of a star from how fast it is spinning.</b><p>We know that stars slow down over time, but until recently there was little data to support exact calculations.<p>For the first time, a US team has now measured the spin speed of stars that are more …


Queen Khentakawess III's tomb found in Egypt

<b>Archaeologists in Egypt have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen, Egyptian officials say.</b><p>The tomb was found in Abu-Sir, south-west of Cairo, and is thought to belong to the wife or mother of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago.<p>Egyptian Antiquities Minister Mamdouh el-Damaty …

Ancient History

100 things we didn't know last year

<b>Interesting and unexpected facts can emerge from daily news stories and the Magazine picks out such snippets for its weekly feature, 10 things we didn't know last week. Here's an almanac of the best of 2014.</b><p><b>1. The Pentagon has</b> a plan for combating a zombie apocalypse.<p>Find out more (Foreign</b> …

Sydney Opera House

Your year in pictures

<b>A round-up of the best pictures, taken by you, throughout the year.</b><p>The year started with widespread flooding in the south of England. Stuart McGregor took this photo in January, looking down from the A350 at Spetisbury in Dorset, England.<p>New York in the US also experienced adverse weather …

D Day

Pope Francis sharply criticises Vatican bureaucracy

<b>Pope Francis has sharply criticised the Vatican bureaucracy in a pre-Christmas address to cardinals, complaining of "spiritual Alzheimer's" and "the terrorism of gossip".</b><p>He said the Curia - the administrative pinnacle of the Roman Catholic Church - was suffering from 15 "ailments", which he wanted …


Quantum thinking: Cats to computers

Technology editor, BBC Newsnight<p>This interactive video is a new technology being trialled by the BBC Connected Studio innovation programme and is best viewed with the latest version of Flash. It does not currently work on iOS or Android mobile devices or tablets. You can find a non-interactive …

Quantum Mechanics

The most stunning drone pictures of 2014

<b>Earlier this year we brought you news of a new competition, backed by National Geographic, looking for the most impressive drone photography.</b><p>It was arranged in conjunction with Dronestagram - a website for drone photographers to share and discuss their favourite work.<p>The winner was of a beautiful …


Bat nav: Animals' 3D brain compass found

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/science_environment/1129000/1129148_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1524710919_cda7f48b34c97c4fd84860c92f766b11<p><b>By recording from the brains of bats as they flew and landed, scientists have found that the animals have a "neural compass" - allowing</b> …


Electric eels 'remotely control their prey'

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/science_environment/1129000/1129310_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1524650529_a458c114119e530405033fb629099da8<p><b>A jolt from an electric eel does more than stun its prey, scientists say.</b><p>A study, reported in the journal Science, has now shown that …


Hoverfly 'kissing a thistle' wins photo competition

<b>Photos of flies, fish, snakes, seabirds, a decapitated butterfly and even a decaying zebra have been recognised in the British Ecological Society's annual photo competition.</b><p>More than 200 entries were received - a new record for the competition - showing scenes of the natural world spanning Africa, …


Aussie bees fight 'hive wars'

<b>Bee colonies in Brisbane are waging war for months on end, sending waves of workers who collide, grapple and die.</b><p>A genetic analysis of the battlefield fatalities showed that two different species of stingless bees were fighting for control of a single hive.<p>The attacking swarm eventually took over …


Day in pictures: 21 October

South Africa

Week in pictures: 4-10 October 2014

Our selection of some of the best news photographs taken around the world this week.<p>A total lunar eclipse was visible across much of the Americas and Asia, resulting in a dramatic Blood Moon. Here the Moon is seen above Kathmandu in Nepal.<p>A freight train derailed in Canada on Tuesday causing some …

North Sea

Korea: Student protesters build crisp packet boat

<b>A group of four South Korean friends fed up with crisp packets that seem to contain more air than food decided to take their complaints to the manufacturer in an unusual way - by boat.</b><p>"We often feel ripped off when we find out how small the amounts are inside the inflated containers," one of the …


Hungry US bullfrog invasion spreads

<b>Scientists are reporting an invasion of hungry American bullfrogs along the Yellowstone River in the US state of Montana.</b><p>The bullfrogs are said to eat nearly anything, including other bullfrogs, and pose a threat to native species.<p>The number of the animal's breeding sites has nearly quadrupled …

North Dakota

Moon's hidden valley system revealed

<b>Scientists have identified a huge rectangular feature on the Moon that is buried just below the surface.</b><p>The 2,500km-wide structure is believed to be the remains of old rift valleys that later became filled with lava.<p>Centred on the Moon's Procellarum region, the feature is really only evident in …


Satellites detect 'thousands' of new ocean-bottom mountains

<b>It is not every day you can announce the discovery of thousands of new mountains on Earth, but that is what a US-European research team has done.</b><p>What is more, these peaks are all at least 1.5km high.<p>The reason they have gone unrecognised until now is because they are at the bottom of the ocean.<p>Dave …

Earth Science

Top 10 tips for being a best-selling author

<b>Sophie Kinsella is the bestselling author of the Shopaholic series, Can You Keep a Secret?, The Undomestic Goddess and Wedding Night.</b><p>Her novels have been translated into more than 40 languages, and Confessions of a Shopaholic, has been made into a film starring Isla Fisher.<p>Here are Kinsella's top …


Chimps with tools: Wild ape culture caught on camera

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/science_environment/1112000/1112362_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1524710919_6f31b749bdfbac36449cd7d262586c52<p><b>Researchers have captured the spread of a new type of tool use in a wild population of chimps.</b><p>They say this is the first clear evidence …


Brain repair 'may be boosted by curry spice'

<b>A spice commonly found in curries may boost the brain's ability to heal itself, according to a report in the journal Stem Cell Research and Therapy.</b><p>The German study suggests a compound found in turmeric could encourage the growth of nerve cells thought to be part of the brain's repair …

Alzheimer's Disease

New wave of artists offer a fresh view of China

http://vod-pro-ww-live.akamaized.net/mps_h264_hi/public/news/entertainment/1111000/1111439_h264_1500k.mp4?__gda__=1524710919_1daec72c93fcc33a6201f48a62c1938c<p><b>There is more to Chinese art than Ai Weiwei - that is the message from the organisers of the UK's largest ever exhibition of contemporary art</b> …


Day in pictures: 26 September

Rory McIlroy

10 things we didn't know last week

<b>1. The most effective</b> office regime is to work for 52 consecutive minutes and then have a 17-minute break.<p>Find out more (the Atlantic)<p><b>2. The modern European</b> gene pool was formed when blue-eyed, swarthy hunters mingled with brown-eyed, pale-skinned farmers and a mysterious population with Siberian …

London Public Transport

Week in pictures: 13-19 September 2014

Our weekly selection of some of the best news photographs taken around the world this week.<p>England's Paul Casey on the fairway at the ISPS Handa Welsh Open at Celtic Manor, Newport in Wales.


William Golding Flies classic holds true 60 years on

<b>It's 60 years this month since the publication of William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies. To mark the anniversary his family are giving his literary archive on loan to the University of Exeter - including the very different original version of his famous tale of boys fending for themselves on a</b> …


The PoW who built a multi-million dollar business

<b>The 1987 Vietnam War movie The Hanoi Hilton can be gruelling to watch.</b><p>It tells the true story of the American prisoners of war (PoWs) captured by the North Vietnamese. For years the imprisoned US servicemen were mentally and physically tortured.<p>Everett Alvarez, a former US Navy pilot who was held …

Vietnam War