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How this cute puppy was saved by gene mutation | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis

A golden retriever named Ringo was supposed to be suffering from a deadly muscle wasting disease called 'Duchenne muscular dystrophy' and not …

Insanely cute video of nine golden retriever pups swimming for the first time

‘Come on puppy, puppy, puppies…’<p>This is a video of nine golden retriever puppies learning to swim for the very first time, at just five weeks …

Cute Animals

Peek A Boo—I C U

Wednesday is always a good day ANY dat is a good day for a great selection of Little Goober Kittehs from Cat House On The Kings!<br>Sent in by Harvie S.; …


Look At This Adorable Police Dog Learning To Rappel Down Walls

In our hearts, we truly all are Niko the police dog.<p>View this post on Facebook

Injured Plover Receives Care at Taronga Zoo

A young Plover named Grover was found injured and alone on the side of a busy road and brought to the Wildlife Hospital at Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, …

New Guinea

Teddy Zen AKA Rule Of Cuteness #48 Revisited

Nancy K. of Pembroke, New Hampsha sure nose her Rules. We have the Nose in here, some Tiny Tongue Action, some Whiskerlets (s that a word?) and of …


Penguin Chick's Name May Stick Like Glue

A Black-footed Penguin chick hatched at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas was named for the glue used to repair its shell, which cracked during …


A Moose And His Girl

And let’s just get this out of the way right up front, since SOMEONE will undoubtedly put this reference in the Comments ANYWAY—— nice rack.<br>Another …


This Cute Cat Makes It Hard To Leave The House

Nothing is harder than this!

Crafty Little Vancie

I've been busy preparing for a big craft sale that's coming up next weekend and have taken over a good percentage of the dining room table for making …


Bunny Has Discovered the Possibilities of the Sofa

Thanks, Pam and bunny Atticus! Pam writes, “Atticus is a very curious bun! He has just figured out that he can jump into the couch for extra …


Watch: Adorable Cat Patiently Lets Owner Dress It Up In Animal Paper Masks

<b>Maru the cat</b> may just be the best pet to play dress up with.<p><b>In this video,</b> Maru is seen very patiently lending his adorable face to his owner, who …

San Diego Zoo Welcomes Pygmy Hippo

The San Diego Zoo recently released a photo of a tiny Pygmy Hippo, nestled in straw a day after his birth. The calf was born November 11th and is an …


Cute Animals - Cute pictures, pics, photos & images of the cutest animals around.

Pink Sweater, Its Cold Outside,Sleepy Kitty, Lazy Sunday<p>Baby Kitty, Tabby Cats, Kittens Meowing<p>“Hello! May I come in?” – Tigris, my cat, peeking …

Cute Animals

THIS One Is Dog Tired

“Charlie- too tired to get up on the couch fully (He sleeps like this a lot.)” -Liza O.<br>Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: doggehs, Sleppy

15 Funny Old Pictures of Cute Kids With Their Lovely Pets

When kids and their pets were a couple buddies.<p>Little help from my friends<p>No dog biscuits today<p>Pandagrapher<p>Sing together<p>Strictly no elephants<p>The best …

Bunny Stands Guard at His Castle’s Entrance

Thanks, Moira, Giovanni, and bunny Giorgio!


This Is Not Possible

Be careful with this one. It’ll steal your soul <i>and won’t think twice about it.</i><br>Thanks to Leanne from Canberra, Australia.<br>Filed under: Uncategorized …


Penny the Miniature Schnauzer

Awesome Funny Pictures of Cute Puppy

Here are awesome fun pictures of funny little puppy. Do you want this funny puppy? Every one want it as it’s so cute.

Kitten sucking his paws is the cutest thing ever, today

I am completely deactivated for the duration of this video.<p>Previously.

They're Home! They're Crazy!

I picked up four groggy little kittens from the shelter at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. They slept during the whole car ride, and when we got them home …


Baby Giraffe Born at Dallas Zoo Now Has a Name

As the royal baby name game continues to leave us guessing, we can all sleep a little more soundly knowing at least one adorable newborn finally has …

13 Mini Horses Who Hardly Even Look Real

The Dodo Archive<p>1. Like, for instance, this cutie-pie discovering his tongue.<p>2. This horse that is just much too fluffy.<p>3. This tiny fellow who's …

Horse Racing

Superstar Clouded Leopard Reaches Another Milestone

‘Mowgli’, the Clouded Leopard cub born March 7th, at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, has reached the “terrible twos” (two-months, that is). Mowgli, named …

Big Cats

U.S. Department of the Interior

Here's a cute video to end the day -- two baby bears wrestling at Yosemite National Park in California. Jeff Molyneaux captured this amazing video …

Baby Orangutan Climbs and Explores at Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

What does a six-month-old Sumatran Orangutan like to do? Climb, explore, and climb some more!Asmara the Sumatran Orangutan was born at the Fort Wayne …

12 Baby Animals Who Are Waiting For Your Arrival In SW Florida

And they couldn't be more excited to see you. Visit The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel for sunshine, happiness...and baby animals, of course!

Baby Koala Hugs Unconscious Mom During Life-Saving Surgery

This 6-month-old joey named Phantom stayed by his mother’s side during life-saving surgery. Mother koala Lizzy was hit by a car on Warrego Highway in …